Birth and dis-communicationEdit

Born in the Northern Dune Sea of Tatooine in the dwindling Dst'clod Tribe, Jektzur Dst'clod was the first born son of a Sand Crawler and droid Mechanic, Tzurjek Dst'clod. He grew up with tools in his hand, and an eye on the nearby city of Mos Espa where the Dst'Clod tribe would trade scavenged refreshed droids and other mechanical items for supplies. As he grew older, his skills as a mechanic turned to talent, it was one thing to refurbish a machine, it was something completely different to make it better, stronger and more efficient. This lead to much recourse within the tribe as the way of the Jawa was to simply rebuild, get the droid working and sell it for profit as quickly as possible and move onto the next project, Jektzur was taking too long with his complete rebuilds and it was seen within the tribe as unprofitable. He was soon dis-communicated from his tribe and sent into the city with the other cast off Jawas.

Mos EspaEdit

At first Jektzur went to the nearby town of Mos Espa, where his skills found him employ with local pod racers. He labored there for a couple years making a name for himself as a mechanic, and that lead occasional jobs working at the local space docks on various star ships. Again, his skills showed through and he was making enough money to support himself without pan handling, along with a few luxuries like a place to stay at night. Occasionally he would run into old Dst'clod Tribe members but they always treated him as an outsider, regardless of how hard he tried to impress them and the donations he made to the well being of his tribe. Finally, feeling totally unwanted by his family he changed his name to Jektzur No-Tribe, dropping his tribe name and moved to Mos Entha.


It was in Mos Entha that everything changed for Jek. While freelancing as a star ship mechanic he met on-the-run Falleen con-artist Jo-nah Kerr. She invited him onto her ship, the Violet Recoil to calibrate the drive system, and while his back was turned stunned and shanghied him. Now Jektzur was trapped in space with no way to get home. At first, he was opposed to being kidnapped, but as he worked on the ship he started to realize that perhaps this was his calling, and indeed, the Violet Recoil soon became a passion for him. Jo-nah wasn't a bad captain and took good care of his basic needs, although he wasn't allowed to leave the ship he was never hungry and had a place to sleep and call home.

it's a... baby girl?Edit

BGnJek 001
Jektzur, or Jek as he was called by, was always looking for ways to upgrade the Violet Recoil, it was his passion. So once by chance when they were in the Kessel System they received a distress call from a luxury cruiser that had been boarded by pirates and was in the process of imploding, arriving before the authorities Jo-nah boarded the ship to try to scavange the ships hard drives, and instead returned with an infant human child, the sole survivor, a baby girl no more then 3 years old.

Death and liberationEdit

Jo-nah was rarely on-board the Violet Recoil, except when she was on the run from someone, leaving the care and raising of the child she called Baby Girl to Jek and the live on droid, ZeroSeven. Not really having any love for the captain of the Violet Recoil, and feeling some what orphaned himself Jek took to the child and taught her everything he knew about mechanics, and piloting, and soon Baby Girl was a skilled pilot and mechanic. As the years passed he watched her grow up and began to love her like his own child that he knew he would never have. Then, when the child was in her late teens came the news that Jo-nah had been murdered and they were free.. but to do what? Alone and together they started to wander the galaxy looking for a place to fit in and call home. After a couple years, and out of desperation due to dwindling resources they came to Nar Shaddaa. Jek watched as his 'daughter' flourished there, in the company of other humanoids, and he was happy for her, electing to stay behind on the Violet Recoil and let her find her destiny.

Kessel Rock and the endEdit

Then, one day Baby Girl returned to the Violet Recoil distraught, she told Jek that she was setting him free and marooned him back on Mos Entha with enough money to open a Jawa Shop, and she left. It was a very hard time for Jek as he struggled to survive, watching the night sky for the return of his 'daughter', but she didn't return. To keep his mind off his loss and broken heart he took to pod racing in nearby Mos Espa, and tried to look up his old tribe only to find out they had moved on and left no clue as to where they were going. So he started to take odd repair jobs and in the night watching the skies for the return of the Violet Recoil. It was a very dark and lonely time for Jek. He constructed armor out of old droid parts, but couldn't fill the empty space he felt in his heart. And then one day as suddenly as it ended, Baby Girl returned. She had sold the Violet Recoil and set up a home in the Kessel System named Kessel Rock, and needed Jek back to help maintain it. And he did. From a distance on Kessel Rock he watched Baby Girl, now known as Kaelinn X chase her dreams and succseed. He was never more proud or content in his whole life. Even ZeroSeven had returned from her mission in deep space and to him it seemed like a perfect happy ending. And then Jek got the word that Baby Girl was shot down in the streets of Nar Shaddaa. He took her to Kessel Medical but she slipped into a coma and died, leaving him alone once more.

From the ashesEdit

Jek was with Baby Girl when she died, and the last person to see her alive. He was asleep in the waiting room when he got the message that she had passed on, distraught and depressed, he left Kessel. But the ship he was on, Baby Girl's new ship, the Capitol Venture's auto-nav wasn't properly programmed and he ended up on a dust ball farming planet in the outer rim where he met Sweetheart Lordhunter, daughter of a farmer. She was quick to understand his native tongue and helped him recalibrate the Venture's navcore. Impressed by her talent at deductive reasoning and language skills, and seeing a bit of his 'daughter' in her, Jek offered her a chance to leave behind her mundane life of nerf herding and join him back on Kessel Rock. Sweets, as she was known, saw it as a chance to make a better future and agreed, joining him back in the Kessel System.

Jawa iShop, Mos Espa and the futureEdit

Jektzur and Sweets lived very briefly on Kessel Rock, but shortly after Baby Girl's death it was repossessed by the banks and with only his little savings and broken heart he was forced to start his life over again. Along with Sweets he moved back to Mos Espa and set up a small Jawa iShop in hopes of making enough money to support himself and give Sweets the better life he had promised her when he took her from her home. The fate of the Capitol Venture is yet unknown.


Sweetheart paints her hover craft with bright pink on the fins and races about the neighbourhood of Mos Espa. In the process she is injured and receives treatment at the local medbay. And then awaits Jek' return from his trips. She knows he is still deeply disturbed by the death of Baby Girl but does not know the tact he will take. However she is content and fiddles with fixing things at the shop...