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Biography Edit

Vitari previously known as Jen Krath, believed himself born to a Kiffar Father and a Human Mother, who were both Imperial Diplomats on an outreach program on Gamorr. He is in fact the result of an undisclosed Nagai Sith Lord's alchemy experiment to create a being from the essence of two others. Jen was given false memories and sent to live in the galaxy ignorant of his true purpose until his master saw fit. &nbsp

Early lifeEdit

Jen was created in a hidden Sith temple on the planet of Haruun Kal by an undisclosed Nagai Sith Lord who wished to create an apprentice from the cells of two other people he considered great. The "father" was a Kiffar warrior the Sith Lord had recruited when he was searching for potential templates, he set the Kiffar a series of complex missions to test his ability, when the Sith Lord was sure the Kiffar was suitable he murdered him by using the force to drain him of his life, capturing it in a specially crafted Sith Amulet. {C Jen's "mother" was a scientist with a brilliant mind. The Sith Lord hired her to create a cloning system which would allow him to grow an adult human clone in as little as a year. Again when the master was sure the woman was what he required he carried out the same spell on her capturing her life force within an amulet. Jen's body was created from the corpses of his "parents", then the master used alchemy to infuse their spirits within him. After which Jen was programmed with a series of memories to he would believe himself to be the son of the templates who lived on Gamorr.


Jen was programmed to believe he grew up on the Gamorean home world of Gamorr within a small Imperial community created there by the empire on an outreach program to try and civilize the Gamoreans. Jen was also programmed to believe the camp had a Mandalorian guard who also helped to raise him.

Start in LifeEdit

Jen was sent to the planet of Zonama Sekot to begin his training, he believed he had crash landed here in truth however he was programmed to go here. Upon arrival on the planet Jen met with the Potentium Followers, and after a short time became the apprentice of Flint Mokeev. Jen studied hard keen to learn the nature of the force and turned out to be a quick study, his training on Zonama Sekot however would be a short one. During his training Jen often left to visit other planets normally under the watchful eye of a Master or one of the Zonama rangers, however when Jen travelled to Haruun Kal he was alone.

Self DiscoveryEdit

Jen's Subconscious guided him to the temple where he was created, it was there his true purpose became clear to him, as his false memories (that had served him well in his early training) faded away, and he saw the truth. His masters spirit came to him in a vision and unlocked the knowledge he had stored within the boys mind.

Once his master was sure the boy had everything he needed he sent the boy out into the galaxy claiming him a gift to the force.

""You are Vitari, a gift to the darkside and to the Force itself. You will embody all I set about to achieve in life and in death. You are a true incarnation of my will, You will not make my mistakes and will achieve all I wished to Achieve.""

-Unknown Nagai Sith Lord

With his mission complete the Sith Lord then departed this realm and Jen, now claiming the name Vitari was left in the empty temple with just the darkside and the tattered robes he was wearing. Vitari then set about searching the temple for any tools, holocrons, texts or weapons that may assist him in his quest, in his masters burial chamber he found one of his masters lightsabers and a Nagai knife. Vitari claimed both as his own and wears them upon his belt as a mark of honour he also wears his original lightsaber on his belt but felt he should create a new blade as he has started down a new path.

Shortly after this Vitari sensed another within the temple, a dark jedi who had been lured into the temple by its dark side aura. Vitari stalked the trespasser for a while watching from the shadows, after a short time the Dark Jedi had found his way into the lower temple and into the burial chamber. As the intruder was about to open the sarcophagus Vitari stepped from the shadows to confront the Dark Jedi. The two battled and Vitari struggled to fend off the attacks of the Dark Jedi and it wasn't long before his attacker managed to knock Vitari's blade from his hands. It was at this point Vitari heard his masters voice within his head, "transform your fear into hate, use your rage and destroy him!".

With his creators words ringing in his head, Vitari snatched his masters lightsaber from his belt and blocked an attack that would have dislodged his head. The battle continued only this time it was Vitari who had the upper hand his rage focused into every powerful swing of his masters lightsaber. It wasn't long before Vitari saw an opening in his opponents defence and struck, with a quick flick of his wrist he preformed a perfect Cho Mai removing his opponents weapon hand, as he turned into the attack vitari reached for the Nagai blade on his hip with his left hand, bringing it around to neck height as he turned to face his victim again. The blade severed the Dark Jedi's neck with little difficulty and blood filled the air. When the dying Jedi finally stopped twitching, Vitari collected his own lightsaber and then that of the now dead attacker, clipping it to his belt as a reminder of his first true step on the true path.

Starting down the True PathEdit

Vitari set about his work instantly by researching Sith Lore and the Sith History. It wasn't long before Vitari saw that the Sith could never truly be revived, he believed the Sith named had been tainted by too many "fail-sith", the true way of the Sith had been lost. So he set about creating a new force order, one that wasn't built on betrail,self indulgence and arrogance. It was during the initial stages of this that Vitari began to see his masters vision and the reason for his being, the clues had all been there but he had been too blinded my servitude to see it. Vitari created a laboritory on Nar Shaddaa, he gathered ancient texts of Sith Magic and alchemy and spent many months chasing down the secrets of the Krath. After a lot of hard work the cogs were in place and it was time for the machine to begin. A new order was born, this was his destiny. Not following some ambiguous Sith Emperor, or some code that meant nothing to him. His creator hadn't shown him the way, he'd just given him rough directions.

Seeking help from old friendsEdit

Vitari's experiments were cut short by the strange occurrences on Nar Shaddaa and the growth of the strange Tentacle plants. Hearing Rumors that the plants may be of Yuuzhan Vong origin Vitari Donned a Bounty Hunter garb and travelled back to Zonama Sekot to seek assistance from the Potentium, in discovering what these plants were and how to stop them before they destroyed his work.

It was at this time Vitari came to see the beauty and wonder of Zonama Sekot. As issues on Nar Shaddaa grew Vitari transfered his Opperation into the lower city and relocated himself to Zonama Sekot, something about the planet felt strangely familiar to him, he felt empowered and at home on the planet.

It didn't take long for Vitari to mix in with the locals and even assist them fight of various threats.

Rebirth Of The KrathEdit

Vitari's love of Zonama Sekot lead to to setting up a home there as well as a small temple where he created the Jen'Krath Taral. A rebirth of the Krath who are no longer pawns of the Sith but now an independant body of force users with their own views and morals. Vitari hopes to alter peoples perception of the force as a simple black and white entity and instead show they the grey area and help them understand that its not the path one walks that matters but where it leads to.

Corruption In The Chaos RealmEdit

Shortly after Vitari created the Jen'Krath Taral he assisted the Potentium in defeating one of the Chaos Underlords who had created portals to this realm on Zonama Sekot. While battling the Chaos Underload Vitari was blasted into a lake of chaotic acid. This "acid" greatly damaged Vitari's body, it also corroded the Sith Amulets Vitari had created. However instead of exploding outwardly and killing him they imploded merging with his body. The event greatly disfigured Vitari but granted him an incredible presence within the force making him more powerful then ever before.

Reloation To DathomirEdit

As their numbers grew Vitari decided it was time to leave the planet of Zonama Sekot and instead head for a lesser travelled system with greater natural interests. It was this train of thought that lead Vitari and his followers to Dathomir. It did not take long for the Krath to become established there, however things would not go as smooth as Vitari had hoped. The galaxy was unwelcoming of the Krath, too wrapped up in prejudice and stereotype to actually give the Krath a chance, finding allies was hard, as was finding new followers. Over the following months followers grew despondent, Vitari's dismay was finally overwhelmed when his right hand Kraai'ta was murdered while investigating the planet of Onderon. Unable to find any motivation to restrengthen the Krath, and seeing little purpose in its existance, Vitari disbanded the order dismissing those who had originally followed him.

Service to the SovereignEdit

After leaving the Krath and Dathomir behind, Vitari travelled around the galaxy intending to visit all the systems he had heard of but had not yet had time to see. Whilst on Taanab, Vitari ran into a member of the Sovereign Knights. The name struck a chord with Vitari, his creator and master had spoken of them in his holocron. Vitari knowing of his creators past with the group decided to join up with them. His hope was to learn more of his creator and possibly walk in his foot steps a little.

Failure of the SovereignEdit

Vitari's time with the Sovereign was short lived, the group were in disarray and he saw no way to bring them back to their former glory. The galaxy was no longer suited to this kind of group, feeling yet another failure racing towards him Vitari set off for isolation.

Time awayEdit

In a form of self imposed exile, Vitari traveled to the far edges of the galaxy and settled upon a planet within the Unknown Regions. There he started a career as a gladiator briefly before civil war broke out upon the planet, with no where else to go and nothing else to do Vitari joined the fray in the hopes that war would cleanse him of his past failures. The war was long and took its toll upon the ex-Saarai Kaar leaving him scarred and bruised, however it was the loss of his lightsaber that took the heaviest toll upon Vitari. Over time his feeling of failure and disappointment along with the loss of his lightsaber, Vitari started to loose his connection to the force, loosing the only thing he believed made him what he was. With nothing but his own senses, his anger and a Kiffar War blade at his side Vitari fought on in the war. Despite his side being victorious Vitari still didn't feel the release he had been hoping for. After much contemplation Vitari came to the conclusion that he would have to return to the galaxy and find himself again, build back up all that he had taken from himself with his stupid acts of selfishness and cowardess. And so to Uvena Prime he will travell to track down an old friend who may be able to help him.


Vitari is a polite man, although sometimes is inadvertently aggressive or offensive in his speech. He often makes light of situations or people, and rarely beats about the bush. He is very straight and too the point. Being inquisitive in his nature he likes to learn about people and also likes to toy with them to a certain extent.

Vitari has a deep set respect for the dead, and will not disfigure or generally disturb a dead body. He believes those who have died in battle, or those who cannot defend themselves should not be attacked or taken advantage of. He also wont kill unless there is a reason to do it, killing for the sake of killing seems pathetic and like a waste of energy to him.