Jes'tula Tor'dok is a star wars roleplay character, who has a long spanning career of Piracy and Terrorist activities towards many groups (Especially Hutts). He has gained a lot of respect over the many years he has flown under the pirate flag.


This is a novelized version of the life of this character. The beginning is the background and has not been roleplayed in the world. Parts of the rest may have been slightly changed to ensure a global consistence.

Early LifeEdit

Jes'tula Tor'dok was born in slavery, his mother being a slave to a semi-powerful Crime Lord in his estate on Ryloth. As soon as he could walk and talk as all sentients, he was put to work, namely being a cleaning boy or an errand runner.

Jes'tula bore no ill will to the Crime Lord. He was well treated for and never was abused, seeing him as more of a father figure than anything. Eventually Jes'tula became of an age where he and his mother were transported to Mos Entha where they did the exact same jobs as they usually did. One day, at the age of 16, Jes'tula was accompanying his Master's Personal Barge as it went through the streets of the Desert Space Port. One of his Master's enemies just decided to lay an attack on the Barge, killing the Crime Lord. Jes'tula survived. And now had no idea what to do.

He was stuck on the streets, forced to learn how to take care of himself for once. It was very difficult. Many of his scars are from these days. Mistakes were made, gangs were joined, and he got into a bad sort of crowd. He would not see his mother for long spans of time. At first she thought he was dead, but when another Man who claimed the ex-Crime Lord's assets sent her on some Errands, she discovered otherwise. Every time, Jes'tula would have some change in his life, new gang, new scars.

Eventually the city would get too hot for him, and a man gave him a way out. Offered a Drink at the age of 20, Jes'tula was drugged and shanghaied aboard a Pirate Ship.

Becoming a PirateEdit

He'd awake aboard a vessel, already far from his home and was set to work immediately. Starting as just someone who cleans the Starship and learns the trade of Piloting, Mechanics, and many other Star Traveling skills that he could.

Raiding, stealing, plundering, scavenging, he'd learn quick. Wasn't much of a change from his old life on the streets, but this time he didn't have to worry about stepping on many toes deep out in space. Or so he thought...

The Twi'lek's Captain raided a few Merchant ships in Sith Space. Got a good haul of information and supplies from them, which the Republic would buy off them. And suddenly, the Sith Empire was upon them. a Capital Class Ship jumps in near them and declares they Surrender and prepare for boarding. The crew waited for the Imperial Troopers to board their vessel and then Ambushed them. It was the Captain's plan, as he waited aboard the bridge. It didn't work, so the Captain hid on the ship. The High Authority of the ship that boarded the Pirate Vessel was Darth Rowe. Jes'tula was aboard the bridge, ready to pilot this thing away and she came on, immediately grabbed him with the force and slammed him down away from the piloting controls. She'd stand over him, ignited saber close to his face and demand where to know where the Captain was. At first he'd claim he didn't know and she'd burn out his eye. In his screams, he'd reveal to her what she wanted to know and then would be left there as she went off in pursuit. The Lethan would crawl his way over to a Emergency Pod and would eject himself. During the time of him crawling away, the Empire took what they wanted and undocked from the ship. Jes'tula was barely in time to eject from the ship when the Empire takes shots at the Pirate Vessel, blowing it up.

He'd send out an Distress Beacon and lie in wait for the next Passing Ship to pick him up. Lucky for the Pirate, it was a Merchant Vessel. He immediately thanked them and offered his services aboard the vessel. Over time, he became friendly and a leader to the crew and started a Mutiny, gaining him his first ship he was captain aboard, at the age of 25. Over the course of the next six years, the Captain would grow in reputation and infamy, new experiences, scars, women, enemies, allies, deals. It'd shape him.

Jes'tula New Picture

Jes'tula after his Cybernetics

He'd return to Mos Entha every now and then. Getting into trouble more and more to his home-city. One instance got him almost eaten by the famous Sarlacc, but instead he resisted against it's tendrils and he lost his arms in the process. A traveling Grey Jedi saved his life, at the expense of Tor'dok's pain. He'd cut at the stubs that were once the Lethan's arms and even them out with his torso, as well as have the Lightsaber immediately cauterize the wound to prevent him from bleeding out. He'd then drop him off by a Hospital. Unable to pay for cloned limbs, Jes'tula went ahead and paid for Cybernetics.

Another experience was when he crossed the Hutt, Tiro the Hutt, by preying upon the Hutt's shipment of spice. A bounty was set out on the Pirate by the Hutt which was collected by the Pirate himself, regardless of how hard the hunters pursued him. It was during this time he allied himself with Sihivus Verne, Captain Alex Kardel, Kabriel Le'Sanit, and Wing. With their help, contacts and influence, the Hutt Council overlooked his death sentence and made it a simple fine, but not after Tiro himself demanded for his lek'ku, in which he promptly ate. Luckily, the wily lethan made a deal with the hunters, and offered the skin of his lek'ku. Alex Kardel helped Jes'tula acquire a prosthetic replacement to encase his brain. This event was the reason the Pirate Lord began to dislike Hutts.

Pirate Lord Edit

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Jes'tula Tor'dok assiting the Revenant Armada on Uvena Prime

With his new contacts, the lethan formed the "Pirate Council". He took the role of Lord without any complaints from his fellow Council Members and immediately went to work. Over the next few years he did many deeds which he would have been unable to do in normal circumstances in the past. More scars, more women, abductions, instances with the Tetan Empire and The Grand Army of the Republic, Alliances with the Revenant Armada, and much more. The Pirate Lord would gain business deals in the major trade of Ryll, Weapons, Ships, and slaves. He would not, however, accept Twi'lek slaves.

Over time the Pirate Lord met a young lethan Medic\Spice Dealer named Tay'lyn Vox, whom was under the employment of the Baron Le'Sanit. In time he grew to enjoy her company enough that the two began dating, closing the door to the Pirate's Womanizing life for the time being.


Jes'tula during the conflict on Fondor.

Time went by and Jes'tula's dating life ended. Tay'lyn Vox moved on away from the Pirate Lord and Jes'tula moved on to different endeavors. For awhile, he 

went and stayed upon Onderon, acting as a privateer and mercenary for the Queen, Valara Drayen-Kira, fought as a Gunslinger for both sides at the Battle of Fondor, and then dropped off the scene entirely.

The First ReturnEdit

In Jes'tula's absence, things went on as they usually do. The Bounty Hunter's Guild went to Sihivus Verne, the Pirate Cou ncil went to Vurr Vizsla, the Death Watch Overlord, and Jes'tula's legacy died down.

Jes'tula was in Zeltros space, having been captured and held by an unidentified group. The lethan escpaed, however, and returned to the scene on Nar Shaddaa during Sihivus Verne's take over of the Hutt moon. He did his part during this conflict, taking down his fair share of Hutt-alligned individuals, before it was all over. After this, the pirate assisted Verne in moving her pperations to Coruscant before once again going dark from the scene, taking in retirement.

The Second ReturnEdit

Jes'tula came back upon the scene slowly, many many years later, showing up on Coruscant to find that Sihivus Verne now runs the Black Sun, Cayce Urriah runs the Bounty Hunter's Guild, and the Exchange criminal organization is gaining power. He'd do the occasional job, gaining crew steadily, and regaining credits spent on his lengthy retirement, keep his head under the radar, and then Dathomir happened.

During wartime, Jes'tula makes most of his money. So the lethan hopped on immediately to help out both sides within this conflict, his ship being one of the first to get the Republic forces past the Sith's defensive fleet, and to get them planetside. This allowed Jes'tula to gain a little bit of trust by the Republic forces, making it so they'll buy his smuggled/stolen goods that he gets past the Sith defenses. However, it wasn't only the Republic that Jes'tula has helped. Immediately he began to help out the Sith and Nightsisters with feeding them information, helping them out with certain missions that wouldn't compromise his relations with the Republic. When the Mandalorians came into the conflict, Jes'tula also jumped up to help them smuggle their goods onto the world. The pirate was keeping himself quite busy during this Conflict, and the credits kept flowing in.

Jes Silas4lyf

Jes'tula and Silas Ward battling.

One of the more notable accomplishments has been when he rescued the Jedi Knight Shorya Rivas from the Sith's base using very unconventional methods to do so. There are many different stories of how the pirate did it, and only he and the Jedi Knight know the full extent of the craziness that ensued. Apparently, due to his continued relations with the Sith, it did not incur the wrath of their faction, however it did increase the trust given to the pirate by the Jedi Order.

Later on in the day that he rescued the Jedi Knight, as he was jetting off from the Republic base in a shuttle, the Legendary Bounty Hunter Silas Ward stowed aboard the ship to collect the bounty he has had on Jes'tula since Sihivus Verne gave it to him over two decades ago. During the struggle, both of the men fell out of the ship while it was still in the atmosphere, and were plummeting down towards the Republic Camp. The bounty hunter got the better of the pirate, and knocked him out in mid-air, and both of the men were saved from becoming craters in the middle of the camp by a collection of jedi lead by Holt Mo'in, a Master within the Jedi Order, who sensed their decent. Upon landing, some of the jedi objected to Silas Ward taking Jes'tula, due to his help with saving one of their own, but the Bounty Hunter had his papers and documents, which allowed him to have every legal right to do so. The Jedi conceded and allowed Jes'tula to be taken in for a bounty.

Personality and TraitsEdit

Jes'tula has many traits in which define him as a unique individual in the galaxy.

  • Jes'tula has an accent which he has collected over his years of traveling the Galaxy. A blend between mid-equator Ryloth and Tatooine. (Think Hondo Ohnaka.)
  • Although he is more chaotically inclined, Jes'tula Tor'dok seemed to believe in a vague but consistent form of honor and respect for certain people. He doesn't hurt innocents, but doesn't play fair when push comes to shove. This morality, however, can be lessened with the proper amount of credits.
  • People say Jes'tula has a high sense of humor and likes to show off his jovial side. But he can switch at the drop of a hat when it is needed.
  • Jes'tula is a self-taught tactician, but he prides himself in actually having logic when it comes to his endeavors, rather than going on the 'point and shoot' methods that certain other groups adopt.
  • Jes'tula's tattoos all have a story to them. The bulk of the tattoo that encompasses his body was put on him by the Witches of Dathomir. One tattoo on his back was burned into him by the sith Lady Malice.
  • Jes'tula also had a passion for antiquities, trophies, and relics, personally going after most of his collections himself. His hat is his main prize, given to him by a father figure of sorts. He sports an Archaic Lightsaber at times too, even through it can't hold a charge very well. He also has a few old musical instruments, which he taught himself to play.


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Current Status Edit

Jes'tula Tor'dok is currently running many operations. Namely around Ord Antalaha, Coruscant, Mandalorian space, and Sith space.