"There is no dark, as long you have a lighter" Master Vandyke


John grew up on the planet of Bakura, a small pastoral planet on the outskirts of Known Space just outside the Moddell Sector. He never knew his parents, and up until he was 10 years old he lived in an orphanage, having to work in the repulsor-lift industry. On his 10'th birthday, a very friendly family gave him a home. This family was that of Derek and Lyn Vandyke. They were the first ones to ever give him love. They weren't able to have children, so they treated him like their own son. Around this time, they mentioned that there was something special about him. He saw things before they happened and he reacted to things faster than others. Sometimes hecould hear what others were thinking. When he turned 17 years old, his foster parents and many others in his village died because of a strange fever, and he was all alone again. This is when he took the opportunity to leave the Outer Rim on a cargo ship. From then on he jumped from planet to planet, having many different jobs. he worked in pubs, factories, farms, and many other things.

On his travels, he heard a lot of old stories about the Force, the Clone Wars, etc.. After hearing all those stories, he was sure that it was in his deepest commitment to become a Jedi.

Jedi Padawan On Yavin IVEdit

He had joined the Jedi of the New Order of the Jedi and learnt the ways of the force. But soon he left Yavin IV because he felt it was time for him to share his knowledge with others outside the order.

Master Claire and me

John and his Master Claire Pascale

John als padawan

Padawan John

Jedi Knight And Master On NabooEdit


Naboo, City of Theed

He became a Master at The Knights Academy on Naboo, and from then on he taught many young adepts in the ways of the Jedi.

As time went by, the academy grew and he met many honourable people. The people of Naboo elected him as their Senator on Coruscant. Though he had to leave Naboo, he continued to teach young padawans on Coruscant and tried to work for peace in the Galaxy.

Jedi Master On CoruscantEdit

Mayas knighting

Knighting of Lady Lockjaw

John and R2
Jedi Master on Coruscant

Coruscant, Jedi Temple

The Invasion Of CoruscantEdit

In 222 ABY, New Imperial forces lead by the evil Darth Malphas and Admiral Voren Radek invaded Coruscant, occupying the planet for some years. During the invasion, the Jedi, and allies to the Praxeum were greatly outmatched. They chosed to gather the Padawans and Younglings and escape the battle in the sewers beneath the city.

Malphas and Evalyone

Darth Malphas and his Moff Evalyone

An order went out from the empire that all Jedi were to be captured or killed. The Praxeum Order went into hiding after the invasion, seeking refuge on Kashyyyk for the duration of the occupation. During this time the NOJ had been displaced from Yavin IV and were in need of a home. The Praxeum, with the cooperation of the Wookiee Tribe, brought the entirety of that order to Kashyyyk, where they stayed until they were able to relocate to Ruusan. Efforts were made to stop the Imperial forces. Master Grebe created storm trooper armor so that a small group could disguise themselves and gain access to the Imperial stronghold on Coruscant. Master Brody was placed in charge of the operation and asked Master Blessed to assist him. They along with two other volunteers wore the storm trooper armor and Padawan Larcen Blackadder pretended to be their prisoner. Together they made their way into the stronghold and gathered intel for the rebellion.

Master Mass Questi was chosen to be the leader, appointed High General of the United Rebel Alliance. Thanks to his history with the Grand Army, he successfully orchestrated raids and missions deep within Imperial controlled Coruscant.

Jedi, Potentium Knights, bounty hunters, commandos and clones wore away the Imperial defenses. Eventually the war was ended from internal turmoil.

The cost of the war was high as the temple district layed ruins, The jedi prepared for a longer stay in Kashyyk.

Coruscant at war


After the destruction of the Jedi Temple on Coruscant, it was decided that Praxeum needed a suitable home. The Wookiees open their arms and welcomed Praxeum into their fold. Praxeum moved to Village of Northyak on Kashyyyk, Cade Renard and Qinelenlea Watanabe went to great length to prepare a remarkable training, mediation, and medial center in the village. Much of the training took place on Kashyyyk with some trip to Dagobah and Naboo. They studied lightsaber technics, flight, and increased their knowledge of the Force. Master Vandyke also began searching for new members throughout the galaxy as many of Praxeum's members were either killed or scatter during the Coruscant War. This was a difficult time for him because he felt the burden of responsibility solely on his shoulders. As stressful as it may have been he always felt welcomed by the wookiees.

Refugees on kashyyk
Kashyyyk Wookiee Home World


The Jedi OrderEdit

Eventually the debris of the temple on Coruscant was cleared away leaving an vacant area in the heart of Coruscant. Master Vandyke visited the site and he knew that if it was left vacant it would only serve as a reminder of what the Empire did to Coruscant.He knew it was his duty to rebuild the Jedi Temple. Masters Brody and Blessed agree to help rebuild. The Knights Academy and Praxeum merged together to share resources and to rebuild The Jedi Order. With the addition of several respectable past NOJ Jedi Masters, Praxeum and The Jedi Order grew larger than ever before. Much work went into rebuilding the order and the temple. Jedi Master Undala Oceanlane, Jedi Knight Kenny Nostram and Cade showed Master Vandyke construction plans for the new temple, it was amazing. Not only did it cover where the old temple once stood but it covered the entire area of Coruscant that the Empire had damaged. Dorms were built, the archives and all it's knowledge restored and the Jedi Temple itself was slowly rebuilt. Once again the temple had life flowing though it's halls. The dorms were filled and new younglings were brought to the temple everyday. Master Vandyke remembered how much he enjoyed his time as a padawan and hoped that others could experience that same joy.

The Jedi Order CouncilEdit

WIth the growth of the order it was decided that an organized Jedi council was once again needed.

The Jedi Order Council consisted of Master Blessed, Master Daehlie, Master Questi, Master Brody, Master Vandyke, Master Upshaw and Master Oceanlane. Each man bringing his own experience and talents to the council to make curve a future for The Jedi Order.

Moving ForwardEdit

"I saw the rise of a Dark Empire. I saw many of my friends die. I discovered that the Dark Emperor Malphas, who had caused all of this, was in fact my father and I almost left the Jedi Order on Coruscant because of this. These last years were very difficult, but in the end I came back to Coruscant. I would leave again though, for soon darksiders would take over Coruscant. I would leave and go into Exile for many years on Dagobah. Now is the end of that exile, and I feel it is time to come back and teach once again."