"Why Do We Fight?" the second volume of a journal written by the clone trooper known as Cory Toonie, of the Grand Army of the Republic.

Why Do We Fight?Edit


Entry 45: I awake around 19:00 Hours.. the Gunship is coming into the landing zone on Agirus.. I jump off the ship and link up with Welshfireman Ard, Lieutenant Michan Moonlight, Corporal tiwat Ohtobide and a few other privates. Lasia and her companion stayed in the briefing room guarded by Anatine and Bluecoat. I spoke with welsh who was now a very esteemed ARC Trooper in the Grand Army, and Drill Sergeant. We spoke of the events, then Moonlight got on comm. and stated.. " movement on the bridge..not of GAR personel. " I un-sling my rifle, we were not expecting any company...

Lt. Moonlight was going to handle the situation with some of his troops. Welsh and I made sure Lasia was secure. Moonlight and his men were seen the moment they ran outside the building. The troops took cover on a nearby wall. The lt. used some macro-binoculars to detect the targets position. One private made a move across the street without orders provided by his Lt. He was picked off by a sniper...

The situation outside seemed quiet. Moonlight on Comm with me step by step. The sniper was proned Westward on the bridge. Knowing our HQ well Michan's squad maneuvered to the opposite side of HQ and while the remaining troops fired upon the sniper from their current position. The flanking squad nearby took out the sniper. The other contact was never found.

Lasia spoke with us, and thanked us for our help. Though she needed to get back to her Jedi. They left ASAP. I hope what we did today will effect our future positively. Things seem quiet.. guess I'll grab some brandy.

(Two hours later...)

By the time I was relaxed.. there was another disturbance. I ran outside the Cantina.. staying sharp I crouched behind a crate nearby. Using my Macros I zoomed in torwards the 501st building . Lt. Moonlight was on Comm. and stated seeing a Mandalorian within the building. I sent Michan the coordinates. Backup arrived to check it out. With us was Aeonite Silvera, and privates KAZUMA, Jia, Allen " captainamerica ", and Hudson. The mandalorian fired at the troops nearby the Lt. and 501st building. He then flew torwards my position. He peeked over the corner to see where the others were. At that moment I fired my rifle un-flinched. The mando dropped before my feet. His armor looks familiar.. it was the same Bitch from Tatooine..I took off his helmet smiled at his laying body.. got on Comm. " Everything is clear Lt.. I delt with the mandalorian.. personally" I took his armor.. put it into a crate and had it shipped to Kamino.. to be stored... for... future use...


Entry 46: Another week had passed. I am still on Agirus...and the 501st are still on Telos IV.. I have been keeping up with the situation there as best as possible. The Mandalorian wars had seemed to be over... but this Cold War still continues amongst the few remaining clans, and bounty hunters. 501st Trooper Mitch Griswold was Dishonorably discharged. He was conspiring against GAR at Telos. Speaking with mandalorian, making deals. This seemed to spark a bit of conflict with the Telos Council.

Things have stirred up on Telos IV again. One of the 501st were speaking with a Mandalorian. Seems the clone said something that ticked the Mando off. So our Cold War is heating up a bit once again. The Mando attacked. I am being sent to Telos to control the action. So i board the gunship that picked me up... time for me to end this before it starts...

The Battle of Telos IVEdit

15 minutes before arrival the comm. picked up. Sergeant Marcel Dowding was hit by a nearby exploding proxy mine. He isn't in critical condition but he is wounded. I arrived and Commander Yuri was already with some troops in the docking station. We made some attack plans. The situation was too volatile for discussion. The Telos IV council and these Mandalorians were not happy. We approach the central room. standing inside are some civilians, Mandalorian, and by the looks Jedi. Commander Yuri spoke with a man standing nearby. He made threats torwards the GAR. Complaining about our security tasks. Yuri ordered to fire upon him and the Mandalorian nearby.

Why did Yuri issue a fire order? We were not attacked. Before I even pondered the order the man drew a light saber. He was a sith. Before me.. Mandalorians and sith. The two groups I had faced in many battles, in wars. Against us. This will not end well...though the Jedi are right near us.

I fired my rifle at the sith. Yuri backed up in fear of getting his head handed to him by the saber. The sith pounced torwards me with his saber. I am a dead man..the Jedi nearby were not jedi at all.. they were Dark jedi.. supporting the sith. Commander Yuri's forces handled the Mandalorians quite well. But our troops were slaughtered.

The sith dis-armed me. Then force pushed me into a nearby wall. I had one last chance.. I pull out a thermal detonator..clutch it in my hands.. the sith sees it... and smiles. It was the same menacing look Magnus gave me.. the sith striked..everything goes dark..

My eyes open... I blink... I hear sabers clashing..blaster fire.. whats happening... what the fuck is happening.. I try to stand but I fall again..I then see two people running my way. I don't move in fear they will kill me. To my luck they ran over me and engaged whoever they were fighting.. I was in a hallway.. just outside the central room.. what in hells name is happening... I see my DC-15a in front of me.. I grab it... and crawl torwards the door to the central room.. straining every muscle in my body.. trying to stay awake.. I reach the room.. to find a sight I hoped to never imagine..

The room was filled with clone bodies... pile on pile... alongside every sith and Mandalorian in the area.. it was a blood bath.. but how did I live? I get light-headed and pass eyes open sometime later... and I see GAR troopers running nearby... everything goes black again... "sir"... "sir everything will be fine..."

I wake in a ship.. alongside me are Aeonite, Welsh, Trevor, and Nukl. I see another gunship flying alongside us.. Commander Yuri is standing on the other one. "W-what happened..?" Apparently as the battle took place the Dark Jedi and sith had a disagreement. Resulting in them killing eachother as well as our troops. The Mandalorian either fought till the death or took off. But how did I survive?

Everything was explained. When I was holding the thermal det I never activated it. The sith knocked me out, but before he final strike he was attacked by a dark jedi. One of the corporal in the action managed to drag my body to the hall nearvy.. but was confronted by a Mandalorian and I was dropped there. The corporal however did not survive.. I owe him my life..problem is.. he lost his already..we had won the battle.. but GAR is no longer welcome as the Telos IV security...

2007-03-23 - 2007-04-18

Entry 47: The next day I met Private Dickie Congrejo.. a fairly decent trooper. Anyways I attended a council meeting for a couple of hours. After the meeting I sat in my chair just to think.. to rest.. the past month dealing with Telos was a bit stressful. I put my helmet on then stand up..SHIT!! The council chambers were inflamed, a bomb went off on the building. I went flying through the window then landed on the city floor below.. gah... aching in shards laying beneath me..I struggle and stand up.. only thought in my mind.. where is Commander Yuri, is he ok?? I limp torwards to CEX.. to find Yuri unconcious.. ARC Trooper bowty was attacked previous to the bombing while on HQ and found me. ARC Trooper Airhead assisted. Airhead fired at the bomber, he was spotted on a nearby rooftop. Bowty dragged Yuri into the CEX.. he passed me a bacta shot.. I shoved the syringe into my shoulder..this is the last time I get knocked out and leave my men to fight solo.. I grab my rifle. The ARCs are keeping the bounty hunter suppressed on the roof. I enter the building. Using all my strength. Climb to the top. Open the hatch quietly. There the bounty hunter lays wounded a bit. Staying down from the shots being fired below. I walk over, grab the weapon form his hand and throw it off the building. Take him by the neck..and do something a bit drastic. After a minute of trying to find out who he was working for he refused to tell. So i threw his body off the building.. jumped off after he hit the ground. Then landed with my combat boots on his stomach. I almost broke both my legs.. the man spit up blood in a matter of 2 seconds.. and layed there dead.. the ARCs were disgusted in my way to kill the man.. I smiled with satisfaction under my helmet..but inside... what I have just done.. what was wrong with me..I look at the ARCs.. then walk away..

(A couple of weeks later...)

I was still in pain from the explosion.. and my legs were fucked up bad.. I walked over to the balcony.. to watch HQ.. I didn't want to I stayed perfectly still.. I was watching this private linger around near the cantina..things were quiet.. too quiet to my liking..a shot was fired! The private hit the ground in the matter of 3 seconds.. he was dead..SNIPER! Some ran out of the cantina and barraks. The sniper was picking them off. I couldn't see where it was coming from. ARC Trooper bowty spotted him nearby and hit him in the shoulder.. the prick was wounded.. I had all my men advance and lay waste to every peice of flesh of the bastard..I was becoming very violent.. my troops however did not mind.. I need to change my influence..I am getting to numbed from hatred and gore lately..I guess i'll check on Yuri in the Med lab...

2007-04-18 - 2007-05-05

Entry 48: Commander Yuri was feeling better. It took a while to revive his condition to a decent one. I am feeling a bit better. Still a bit sore but I can walk easily now. We went to the control tower. After checking up on some of our men on planets around the outer rim we picked up a transmission from Tatooine. There was a high ammount of Imperial precense there. A rebel Alliance was planning an attack and requested the GARs assistance. They couldn't do it without us. Commander Yuri looked at me. I know what I must do. The days to come will not be fun..have they ever been? I get onto a gunship with Daric Anatine, Commander Yuri, Trevor55 Bluecoat, and a few others. The other gunships are carrying troops as well but I am not sure who. Tatooine here I come, except this time I shall be fighting for the city of Mos Eisley.

(Many days later...)

I finally arrive on Tatooine.. we are in the outskirts at a tusken I sit here in the hot desert awaiting the hell to come..the rebels nearby all stare at me.. they are un-easy.. we are clones in fact.. some of us 501st legion.. Vader's Fist..the rebels give us dirty looks and whisper amongst themselves.. their General trusts GAR.. they must think he is a fool.. I un-pack my things near a command tent..and watch the dust in my visor fill up..

Ahead a rebel noticed an odd droid approaching the camp.. I grabbed my rifle knowing this cannot be good.. I walked to the hill where a post is held to watch for "visiters". The droid instantly fired upon the camp! It fired multiple shots at a fast rate and ran most of us into the desert. After concentrating our fire it was destroyed.. but many of our allies were wounded..I wipe the dust from my visor.. I could tell this will not be an easy task.. one of the rebels overheard me.. he stated: " When is war ever easy?" I simply nodded and linked back up with the camp.

It was around noon. We arrived early this morning. I heard some artillary shells in the distance.. the Imperial forces must be trying to bomb us. Or maybe scare us off so that they may take us out easily. We all just sit around watching eachother.. and eat what small food supply we have with us..some time later one of the rebels were looking around with some Macro-binoculars. The mountains North of our location seemed to bear two snipers. One was in Mandalorian armor by the looks of it..looked a bit familiar.. but I nevermind it. Commander Yuri was a bit stressed at the armor.. he doesn't like Mandalorian.. I mean why would you if you fought them in a war that caused many genetic issues. Anyways we were told they were Rebel friendlies.

More time passed, a squad of clones including myself and Commander Yuri were patrolling a bit far from the camp. A woman was standing nearby. We approach her cautiously. She speaks with the commander and asks us to follow her. We all agreed not to trust her, but followed her instructions. We arrived at a moisture farm. She had a ship landed nearby it. We boarded the ship, I did not like the feeling of this. What was Yuri thinking..she told us we are headed to the orbit station. The ship arrived and we got off. The station was huge. Another woman approached us. The station "master". She wanted to see if we were of "use". She questioned us. After she found out we were Republic Clones she simply asked us to leave. We were useless to her. I was a bit offended.. and curious to why she wanted non-republic clones..however I grabbed some pictures of the station and the woman there. We were brought down to the outskirts of Eisley. Yuri asked her name. She said Thanatos ( Candy Herouin ). It was getting late so we returned to our camp.

2007-05-05 - 2007-05-19

Entry 49: A week goes time here has calmed me down.. the terrain.. the feeling to this place is nothing like Hughes was.. I was always used to the cold.. its a bit hard handling this desert heat..I simply stayed in the South Tower.. played some pazzak with some troops, and spoke with Trev. While watching these free-minded rebels loath around. Overhearing their whispers.. one even said: " If these guys are our so called backup, we are scrued. " All i know is I am finishing this campaign, whether the rebels care or not. So I sit here, awaiting the battle when the two suns rise. The morning to come will be hell. I can hardly rest. The Rebel General has a plan.. Commander Yuri seems to be ok with it.. so I guess we will just have to wait and see who will win..I stay up a bit later then I should.. I cannot sleep.. I head back to my tent and remove my helmet.. then sleep..

The Battle for Mos EisleyEdit

My eyes open.. my helmet next to me is vibrating. I shake the sleepiness off and put my helmet on. First thing I hear are tanks and blaster fire. It was so loud I could barely hear. I walked out of my tent dazed, and went over the hill. I saw tanks and rebel troops moving torwards the city. It was a beautiful and horrific sight all together. I stood there in amazement. The passing rebels just stared at me. I saw a battalion of clones nearby awaiting their attack wave. I ran torwards them and prepped for combat.

By the time I linked up with them we were already in Eisley. Our objective was to take the Imperial compound within the city. We bum-rushed it at all possible sides. Jet troopers took the roof. I was happy to have brought the one I took from Hughes so long ago with me. Once we breached what we could it seemed empty. Sergeant Bluecoat ran to a rebel officer and requested a tank to blow open the compound. The rebels worked fast.. too fast. What in the name of the republic just happened?! I get to my feet. Something knocked me down, I can't hear. The tanks fired a few rounds at the compound while I was on its roof still. The building began to crumble. My jetpack was malfunctioning. So i ran as fast as I could and jumped off the side of the roof. The second I was in the air I saw Imperial troops retreating into the desert nearby. I hit the ground..

Still deaf I look around. There is a dust storm. Trevor is there trying to tell me to move. He points torwards the cantina. Doesn't this bring up memories from at the Wheyr home. I'm sure I'll save Trev's ass someday soon. So we run to the cantina, and wait inside. I still hear tanks and fireing. After a few minutes Eisley was over run by GAR and rebel forces. We won? The imperials and their so called Govenor retreated from Eisley for good. We saved the city! While everyone had some booze I looked outside. The city was order to protect the people who live here.. we destroyed their homes.. what have we GAR brethren all happy yell " Coorz! " then I proceed to the gunship. Then don't look back. Only thing I have gained from my time here was long hair which I had to braid and a nickname.. " Coorz " as in my so called name and the fact I drink more then anyone in the GAR. Why does this sound familiar..

2007-05-20 - 2007-05-27

Entry 50: Four days go by, we will be reaching Agirus soon. I can't wait to get back there. The desert and all the destruction was on my mind. I hope I never need to feel like that again. Like on Hughes when I returned to find the HQ in ruin by sith forces. What could be a worse sight then having your home demolished. Those poor citizens of Eisley. We approach Agirus.. its rather foggy near our HQ.. thats odd. I jump off the drop ship..NO.. Oh my Lord.. NO..this cannot be happening... I drop to my knees.. remove my helmet..and stare..its gone..

Agirus was destroyed... in ruins.. the fog was smoke.. it was bombed.. it was FUCKING BOMBED.. I am infuriated. Charma in the force exists, that I am sure of now. All that I've done.. all these events forshadowed this day.. this couldn't be that so called vision I had could it.. all these poor troops dead.. Shinigami.. where, what happened to him..WHO DID THIS??

Nodster Tardis, our Engineering Head was fed up with the troops dis-respecting his work. The woman we met on Eisley, she contacted him. He agreed to assist her in exchange for some help.. Nodster Destroyed Agirus. That TRAITOR! We used the drop ships for emergency evac. Some clones managed to survive the bombing.. but most are dead.. its gone.. you don't know what it is you have.. until its fucking gone.. GONE..

This isn't the first time GAR had to go through this shit.. in fact its the third time.. after saving every living clone on HQ and what was left we took off.. we are now heading back to Kamino.. our first.. and only home..I can't say this is the end of GAR.. for every time we fell.. we raised back up stronger then ever.. so today begins the new era of the GAR!



Entry 51: Some of our Higher ranking Troops went to a planet named Rausch. To stay hidden for the times ahead. Dino Salome, Trevor55 Bluecoat, ARC Troopers Bowty and AIrhead, Welsh, and Nukl. While Commander Yuri, Myself, and Seargent Hedges headed to Rakata. Some single-sexed Wasp humanoid named Charrak Tokhs spoke with us. Saying we could stay on Ailon in exchange for security.. sure.. why not..

Back at Kamino Yuri was having new armor created for the GAR, in the future to come we will need it. Our armor now isn't that effective. Seargent was standing around nearby. Looking into space..he was being rather strict that day..reminds me of Hughes.. Indy made him a private office.. Seargent is the only remaining Shock from that time so long ago..I am going to head to Telos IV.. see how things are going there.. Nodster could have made an influence.. as well as Neil Nacon.. and those Ordo Clan assholes.

(Days later...)

I arrive on Telos IV.. after walking amongst the Citadel City I noticed some signs. They had battle droids on them. Strange. I walked down a long hallway. A droid was nearby. What the hell is going on here? Sneaking about I found a factory..after the clones pulled out of Telos IV Security.. and Telos all together..they were using droids as their key security force now!! Those cold, un-feeling bastards..I bowed my head and left Telos.. knowing we aren't welcomed here peacefully anymore.. back to Ailon I go..

After assisting Yuri with some tasks I ponder amongst myself. Sitting at my post.. hoping for a better future..God hope there will be one..only I can make it happen..

2007-06-01 - 2007-06-22

Entry 52: Days later Yuri sent the 501st to Tatooine.. to help rebuild the city of Mos Eisly.. part of me wanted to go.. but I did not.. I stayed on Ailon to assist Commander Fonzarelli...other troops from the first battalion were sent to Telos IV.. things there were volatile.. GAR wasn't the only target on the Telos IV Council's mind. Anyways I walk around Ailon.. I notice a clone nearby. I speak with him.. it was Joel Jimenez!! My first recruit on Hughes so long ago..aside from speaking to Joel.. welsh.. my first mentee and one of the greatest clones we've had was stepping down as Shock Trooper.. I was dissapointed.. maybe one day he will become a Shock again when we need him..

Days pass and pass.. Security Head Officer of the 501st Legion, my 2nd mentee was around Ailon. We talked and hung out for a while. Shit was so fucked up right now.. it almost seemed impossible to get back on our feet..might as well write a bit about things that happened in the past of Bluecoat.. he was born as a clone pilot.. after time his engineering skills improved.. he was a regular sky jockey.. but he never felt complete in his work.. later on he joined 501st Telos IV security.. after making sergeant.. Daric Anatine head of the 501st was being irrational. He happened to make Trev 501st 2nd in command after Telos IV dropped us out of security. Anyways Anatine.. though he served well was becoming corrupt.. he was discharged evenutally and Trev was offered 501st Lead. The past of the 501st was always confusing with me..

I told stories to Trev about Hughes, after a bit he asked me if we could head there. I was startled.. this is the first time in a long while I had "free time" So Trev being a pilot when he needs to be.. flew us to Hughes..once there Trev began using the old scrap there to rebuild a small building.. we actually managed to make it into an outpost..I looked around.. feels like home.. maybe there is hope in the future..I believe..

2007-06-22 - 2007-07-17

Entry 53: I return to Ailon a week later. Trev and I exhausted from our work at Hughes. Yuri was sick of being on Ailon. So we decided to venture to a new place. To get back on our feet for a while. We headed to a world named Woraskan. Our engineers began work. Aeonite and Thunder worked hard on the new outpost. Some clones picked up transmissions from Yavin. The NOJ are requesting assistance. Some sith may be planning to attack. Where would sith even come from. I know some exist, but I doubt any from Byss or Korriban were able to establish a whole new order so quickly.

The next morning I was curious to what was going on. So I checked the radio very frequently. A transmission from Tatooine came through. It was not of the 501st.. couldn't be. They returned to Woraskan a while ago. The transmission was from someone who had a familiar voice. Somehow even like my own. I took a ship on my own, and headed to Tatooine.. this one even had hyper-space.

Once at Tatooine, I wandered to the Outer Rim Cartel. Obviously thinking this can't be good. I say the password given to me on the comm. "Alliance", then proceed inside. Walk up a flight of stairs..and before me I see a man.. he is wearing clone armor..sure the hell not one of the GAR troopers. His armor isn't even of ours. He spoke. He was the advisor of the New Republic Army. I can't believe this.. the Mandalorian and Sith wars resulted with our DNA being captured by that Manda'lor. Who knows who could have gotten a hold of it.

I speak more with my so called clone brother.. he mentions a battle in 3 days.. at Yavin. I asked him why he was serving the NOJ.. he said they created me to serve the Jedi. The NOJ have our DNA.. I am somewhat angered by this thought.. but how could I resist a battle where we may get some recognition. I tell him I shall sleep on it.. the NOJ Council wishes to contact us soon.. I nod and return to HQ.

Commander Yuri speaks with me. I tell him the events that took place. He nods and we discuss what we are going to do. We are going to fight.. I prepare my troops. Many eager to go, others skeptical on if we should be assisting. Regardless my decison was final. I then took a ship to Yavin I should be there by morning..

I arrive at Yavin, it is rather early and the battle is not to take place for hours to come. The rest of GAR will show up in time. I wander around Yavin to scope out the battle field. Look for nice positions for our scouts and field operation specialists. As i walk around Yavin I met a clone from the NRA. He salutes and calls me sir. As well as some other privates in the NRA nearby. They are thrilled to see me. Smiling under there helmets...knowing I am here to lead them and fight. If only that was the case..

Commander Yuri pulls into the station with half the 501st legion. Including Tevor55 Bluecoat and private Jace Moller. I proceeded and showed them around Yavin. The NRA Troops showed me some locations that will help greatly. The med bay and watch outpost. Yuri and I proceed to speak with Cindy Kellner. While the 501st moniters visiters. So we speak, discuss terms amongst our new Alliance with the NOJ. Cindy also brings up how the NRA are not proving effective, and that is why she wishes our alliance. We are far more skilled. However we are also Independant. So it was clear. After the battle takes place the NRA will be dis-banned from serving as the NOJ Military. That is when it hit me.. those poor privates in the NRA were going to die for nothing..they may be hated by us.. but they are still our brethren..

(Hours later...)

The Battle of Yavin IVEdit

The 501st detected incoming ships. They were the sith from the looks. I geared up and ran to the hangar. Boarded an NRA gunship.. and awaited the battle to come. Upon dropoff the pilot had an issue resulting in some turbulence. he hit a "bump" and I was out cold. I smacked the back of my head against the ship...

I wake.. I can hear blaster fire in the distant.. the ship had crashed.. all the passengers were gone.. except for the dead pilot.. I took my rifle and ran.. hoping it wasn't too late. I arrived too find Jedi and Sith in lightsaber combat. I look to the ground.. the NRA soldiers were dead.. had they failed?.. I then looked over and saw that private I met this morning laying there. Armor battle-scarred.. he was dead..I then watched the sabers clash in the distance...

I link up with GAR. We won. The battle was a success and the Jedi took care of the sith as well. I asked what happened.. Trev told me about that battle a bit.. I then proceeded to the field. I found the trooper's body again. On him was a datapad.. it read

Entry #13: Today I am to fight for the Republic, for Yavin, and the people of the Galaxy. Our enemy are ruthless, but I am not afraid. For we have full support of the Jedi and the GAR... I met my superior today. His name was Shock Trooper G-4178. I showed him the ropes. I am so thankful he is assisting us. After the battle is won I hope the NRA may serve years to come. End log.

I bowed my head in shame.. and proceeded back to the outpost. A wounded NRA Trooper was in the Med lab. I spoke with him.. he was dieing.. "What happened Private?" I asked.

"Well sir it all started when I was dispatched.. I landed on the ground and got moving with my sergeant. The sith troopers had us locked down under heavy fire from their position. The sergeant requested I keep my radio safe, before my own life. It is our only way out of here, and contact with the GAR for backup. Sith troops were advancing on our current position. The sergeant wanted me to plant a beacon in the center of the field. Our main gunner set an MG on a rooftop nearby. The sith troops fell back and I had my chance. Under covering fire I planted the beacon and ran back.. I was shot in the leg however. Things were going well.. that changed when I heard the sabers.. sith lords ran through our post like madmen. The sergeant tried to fight them off.. he was decaptitated. I hit the dirt and stay hidden under one of my brethren's body.. the sith held our post for over an hour.. I feared for my life..but NOJand GAR showed up eventually.. I made my escape.. so sir.. do I get a medal?"

I left without a word. The struggles of these troops were for nothing.. I could not hide my shame.. what I really didn't understand is why GAR and NOJ were treating the NRA this way.. for Jedi and Soldiers of peace.. we sure brought harm to these men..I have decided to never leave a man behind.. no matter how worthless, evil, or stupid the situation may seem. It may not be the best way.. but I need to regain my inner self.. why do we fight?

2007-07-18 - 2007-07-24

Entry 54: I return to Kamino ASAP. The next day we picked up a call coming from NRA Advisor Kirashami Munro. He requests backup.. his situation is critical..his men failed at a rescue attempt to save a young jedi kidnapped when the battle took place last night. Commander Yuri contacts the NOJ. They send one of their knights.. we pick the Jedi up.. Yuri chose specific clones for this job.. "Where are we headed sir? " I ask. The Jedi cuts in and says.. Ziost home of the sith.. I clench my teeth.. GAR could handle Korriban, and Byss.. then GAR can handle Ziost I thought to myself.. boy was I in for a suprise..

The Battle of ZiostEdit

We all arrive on Ziost by dropship quietly as possible. The sun is going down slightly.. we hope to be out of here by nightfall. With us we have Sergeant Sazuka, some Mandalorian from Clan Fett who is fond of GAR, ARC Trooper Nuklhed Hauptmann (on the verge of re-establishing his position of Shock Trooper ) and of course Commander Yuri. We walk the dark forest of Ziost.. this place may be even scarier then Byss and Korriban..then again.. they all gave me chills down my spine..we move on.. a figure is approaching...

It was a man.. a sith.. he warns us not to wander Ziost.. we question him on the young Jedi.. he claims she is not here..he then leaves us with a threat..obviously we are known to be here.. so we continue our search regardless.. to find the missing clones and Jedi. Our squad goes one way. While the Mandalorian and Jedi go the other. I run through this evil forest.. through mucky water.. hearing each splash from my steps.. I have a bad feeling about this.. this may be how the 41st felt on Felucia..

We find a temple.. something about Dark Jedi.. it is empty so we move on.. im starting to feel cold.. I am not sure if its the spirits that wander Ziost.. or the arctic mountains we are heading torwards..the jedi and Mandalorian continue there search in the forest.. we are going to climb..on our way up the mountain.. Nukl goes " I feel like a mountain goat " I chuckled a bit.. he might be nervous.. we all are.. but anxious... we path throug a tunnel.. and see two huge sith statue.. after following commander Yuri up the path some more we approach a huge temple.. the area in that moment of time felt just like Hughes..the moment I saw our HQ destoyed by sith.. I know I bring it up ever so often.. but Hughes leaves bad memory of sith..

The temple doors are breached quietly.. and we proceed inside.. we move quickly down stairs.. after a few floors we find the NRA Advisor injured badly in the hallway.. we had him leave ASAP through the back to inform the Jedi and Mando.. so we may escape in one piece with the girl. We continue up the stairs with the girl.. Yuri put me in charge of her safety. We were almost out of there. Yuri already celebrating " No blood shed today clones, great work" he was wrong..

The final blast door opened and we were to make our exit form the temple. Standing before us was a menacing looking sith. She stares at us. Just before she speaks we tear her to shreds with our rifles. Some one above yelled " The sith are inside! " Fuck, I thought to myself. We began to run out of the building before more show up. Yuri then points out the Jedi was not wiht us. " Cory save the goddamn jedi! " I was scared shitless. " Yes sir! " I found the jedi hiding and made a hand gesture to follow me. She wasn't far behind. " It will be alrite " I said. So I escort the jedi through the blast doors. " GET DOWN! " Sith and Mandalorian Troops open fire. While the dark lords bum rush us. THings look hopeless. Then I thought to myself.. I am not gonna let those glow sticks stop me from saving this child. At that moment everything went gray..

I stood there.. looking around.. clones and Jedi fighting out of their minds.. hatred flowing through us all.. the passion of the situation.. I stand there..everything was quiet.. Jedi and sith being murdered.. sliced in half.. heads off.. blaster shots to the face.. Mandalorian ripping their blades through Jedi body..I had the thousand yard stare.. yet the temple door was not far..

As I began to move a sith attacks me.. melting my shoulder pauldron..I was furious.. I shoved my rifle into the sith's mouth after bashing him in the head.. then blew his head into chunks... I got so caught up in the battle.. killing these pricks.. I had lost the girl again! I took cover behind a pillar. On comm. nukl was injured badly..I sprint torwards the gate.. the room was filled with hostiles we had no choice.." Get your asses out of there now! We need to move! " I yelled. Sazuka and the other Jedi we came here with run outside. We attempt to hold the outside temple gate. Sazuka is hurt badly.. I am still fighitng but slightly sign of Yuri..

I run to Sazuka saying we need to fall back. Before she responded a Mandalorian comes out of no where and knocks us off the cliff of the mountain..we fall struggling to grab something..however we have no luck and hit the sides of the mountain as we tumble downward. I hit the ground hard.. my visor is cracked.. I look up.. Sazuka smiling slightly under her helmet.. "Kick his ass Coorz".. Dazed form the fall I stand up.. the Mandalorian fires..hit the side of my helmet..the impact knocked me down.. he missed my im just laying here.. trying to aplly bacta to Sazuka.. minutes later Yuri gets on comm... what happened..

Yuri on comm. " We did it! We Won, Cory you and Sazuka still alive out there? " I struggle to respond.. "Barely sir.." an emergency evac picks Sazuka and I up.. Nukl is on board already.. we made it.. the battle of Ziost ends.. but.. what of.. the gi-...I pass out..

We return to Yavin.. Yuri explained the whole thing to us.. when the sith attacked me the girl ran.. Yuri managed to carry her out on his shoulder, un-armed. He managed to leave the temple and get a transport.. amazed I was staring at Yuri.. he just laughed and mentioned soemthing about how the NRA are pathetic. We won lets go Yuri said. Everyoen took a transport and left.. I stayed back. Took off my damaged helmet. Then looked at the young jedi.. I made a difference in this one's life..but I could have prevented the pain.. what was I thinking back there.. more concerned with killing, rather then the objective..Kira thanks me for assisting.. and made sure the jedi was in stable condition..I then said..

" Un-like the others... I respect you Kira.. youve reminded me why I fight.. to protect others.. not to cause war, and obliterate my enemy" " Tis the life of a soldier i suppose.. " he said. " Your right.. those 2 years might have numbed me until just now.. my emotions have been full of anger, venegeance, and control over myself"

I left and sat upon the top of the Yavin temple.. watched the sun come up.. I looked at my helmet..destroyed from war.. the new armor shipment is coming in a few days..I better put this in my section with that Mandalorian armor I took a couple months ago.. as well as Q-4514's armor.. so ends this era of my service.. once we re-establish HQ and receive our new armor.. things will look up.. "I was trying to fight for my piece of the galaxy, when all I wanted was to find my peace. "

2007-07-25 - 2007-07-26

Entry 55: A few days later I stayed up late as I could to wait for my new armor..the shipment should arrive very soon.. but I fell asleep.. I had a dream about my times on Korriban.. I remember findng an underwater tunnel leading to an underground complex. It was a laboratory. The sith were puttign dark attributes into a Rancor.. it was sickening.. I wander what ever happened to it.. I woke form my memory relapse. Dino was nearby. he was the first one to receive the new armor.. I suppose he had earned it.. my service could not add up to his influence.. the sun had rised.. something about watching it makes me forget the cold times I suffered...

Days later I focused on helping new trainee. Bowty was around as a Drill sergeant now. A clone named Charlie Shore shows up via transport. I have not seen him for 7 months. I wonder what duties he had performed. He attends training with Otty Ling, Jindra Homewood, Nicholi Lundquist, and Jace Moller.. clones I know will change the future and make something out of thereselves..

A bit over a week passes.. another new trainee Leela Mayo.. she is another female trooper.. this genetic experiment may prove well in the future. Though that means newly designed armor. Still on Woraskan. We might be here for sometime.. Trev has done his duties.. he is no longer my mentee.. I have full confidence in him.. he doesn't need my guidance any longer.. same with welsh.. I am proud to have raised them. They are even better then I. For now I began to perosnally train Zarl Kayo, a corporal. He advanced rather quickly.

I go to Yavin.. my time there might be more beneficial.. things are too quiet lately.. days have been passing.. on Yavin I did speak with a young boy I met a while back..our convo was:

gregore Rau: greetings

Cory Toonie: you seem to be growing quite a bit i see

gregore Rau smiles

gregore Rau: im well fed

Cory Toonie nods

Cory Toonie: very good.

gregore Rau: still a kid inside though

Cory Toonie: Im sure you will serve the NOJ as a respected knight soon. Give it time like

they most likley taught you... patience and dedication is key.

gregore Rau smiles

gregore Rau: you sound like a master

gregore Rau smiles

gregore Rau: try to tell a sith that

I have been spending all my time on Yavin.. until GAR relocates I shall be here.. assisting in Jedi affairs.. so far only issue I have is the fact they established the GANO ( Grand Army of the New Order ) using our DNA to raise their own army.. our brethren will fall.. otherwise I have been so caught up in things.. its hard to remember to write.. I'll try and keep posted

2007-07-26 - 2007-09-10

Entry 56: On Yavin I overhear Jedi speaking. There is trouble stirring up on Kashyyyk. The Jedi proceeded to the planet. I boarded their ship.. most likely noticed but they did not speak to me..we arrive and the NOJ searches around. They spoke with a man who lived their. He told them that Trandoshan Slave Traders established a HQ there in the Great Tree. Using Wookiees as sales. I wished to assist but part of me could not.. and the NOJ were plenty capable of helping.. they looked at me and continued to leave Kashyyyk to prepare.. I watched them depart..

While wandering Kashyyyk I noticed a crashed ship. Must have been a Trandoshan one. Nearby an enraged wookiee confronts me. I calm him down and he tells me of what the Trando have done. He swears to slaughter them all. I might as well return to Yavin.. I am of no use here..

At Yavin I meet a GANO clone named Elias Back. He speaks to me on how horrid other Clone Organizations treat their troopers. I tell him of GAR and he joins willingly on his own. Later on back at our current post I train Elias and Zarl a bit.

Before I left Yavin I did stumble upon some Archives on the Master Jedi of NOJ at the time...A couple days later I am back on Yavin. I hear argueing. I go to the Med Center and find some poor bastard making fun of some youngling. This angered me. I watched hoping the man would leave, but he did not. Before I made a move the youngling pulled a knife out, and placed it to the man's throat. I had grabbed my carbine tightly in case things went wrong.. which of course they did..

The man ignore the knife and hit the youngling, he became very violent. When the man pulled a weapon I blew his head clean off.. single shot right between the eyes..the youngling runs and Master Jedi Mantis Grebe spoke with me.. as well as the youngling of the event..after the stories were heard the child was going to be withheld from a master.. when the event occurred the youngling seemed angry.. he may have stumbled right to the path of the Darkside. I was set free due to my deceiving personality.. I am a great manipulater and Jedi have trouble reading my feelings. I am not proud of what I just did.. but at least I took out that bitch..

Commander Yuri arrives on Yavin some time later. Ive been here for days. THunder and Aeonite have been working on our HQ. Anyways COmmander Yuri and I discuss our veiws on the Jedi at NOJ.. in our helmet comm.. the Jedi have been listening. GANO comm links are similiar. So when the NOJ overheard us talking negative about them Commander Yuri was asked to leave. he wasn't welcoem here.. neither was I.. we will resolve the issue.. or hope it passes over..I need to return with Yuri.. we have discovered a new planet.. we might make our stay there..


Entry 57: I stay upon one of our fleet ships, it carries the entire GAR.. we are stuck here for about 1 month until we reach the new planet.. named Bakura, Cakhmaim. I arrive on Bakura.. Thunder our new Head Engineer due to Aeonite retiring has begun work.. all we have to start off with is an abandoned city with sewage problems.. but we can make it shine...

While on Bakura I picked up another transmission from Yavin. Our only friendly Mandalorian Allies, the Fett Clan were planning a raid on the NOJ temple. I am deeply involved in the Fett clan myself.. I plan to fight with them to destroy the Ordo Clan.. they are the best clan.. they are the only survivors of the Mandalorian Wars.. some even former Shock Troopers in GAR.. but I am loyal to the NOJ and the Jedi. We made an alliance months ago.. but they still dislike GAR after the comm situation.. so I decided to keep GAR out of this conflict.. it fear of riskign both friendships.. and with Dazzo Street dead, or missing a new Manda'lor has been appointed.. leading the Fett Clan.. the Ordo abandoned their culture for power. The Manda'lor's name is Shuyin Nakamura.

Four days later Bakura was on the verge of being complete. Thunder also modded a dropship for me. I payed him in credits. Indy had an ARC-170 for his personal use long ago.. I may need this dropship in the future.. you never know when I might need to bring some clones somewhere quickly on my own. I still hold some piloting skills from my time on Hughes.. though I have never been an official pilot.

Four more days later Bakura was officially set up and ready for our troops to arrive and serve. As i watched the clones step from the ship I noticed a Captain. Vaguely familiar.. I spoke to him. His name was Captain Rineren Patton of Purple Legion. He recalls me as a sergeant on Hughes. That was very long ago. He must be suprised ot see me around still as a Shock. I was suprised he was a captain. Not sure where he has been located at in his time.

Five days pass.. I am spending my time on Bakura. Many ive served with have died, retired, or have been discharged. Shock Trooper Welsh has retired from Shock today.. I believe he has taught me more then I taught him as a mentor. Welsh will always srve GAR loyally.. he may be re-admitted to Shock someday when he wishes.

A couple days later I began to reminess. I remember all the pain.. suffering.. war.. people Ive grown to know die before my eyes.. then many people I met as a friend.. then later killed to fufill my duties.. people I betrayed in order to help GAR.. all my deceiving and killing.. to claw my way to the top.. just so that GAR may have a better future.. what am I doing..I need to clear my head..I am going to Mos EIsley.. to see Satbrumane.. my very close Jawa eyeta.. it has been months since I have seen him..

9/18/07 - 10/28/07

Entry 58: A few days pass.. while on Tatooine I was having some drinks at the Cantina with Hippi and Sat. I got a call on my comm. link. It was Trev. He told me something about Yuri being fired upon by a former clone I once knew named Yoshi. Anyways that was earlier today and not the problem at hand. Trev speaks and informs me he has been captured on Talus by some clones..what does that mean.. damn it.. our DNA is spreading.. why is this happening.. that fucking Manda'lor.. those Mando wars have scarred our future.. I guess her final move would torture GAR till the day we fall.. and she was right..

Our new cloned brethren are corrupted.. altered to serve under people.. I ask Sat and Hippi for assistance.. I cannot do this alone.. they smile under their hoods.. a jawaling shows up with them.. lets give this fight all we got.. Gomjam Par'jila Utini! We board my drop ship.. didn't think Id have my jawa eyeta on this.. my jawa friends have experienced much.. and may have changed GARs future dramatically in th past.. as well as today time to head to Talus.. and save Trevs ass for a change.

The Battle of Talus IEdit

We arrive on Telos. Trev gives us instructions through his comm. link. We locate the first gate located on the planet. Hippi sets some explosives and blows the gate open. We run down a hallway and clear the rooms. We locate a hidden cell in the hangar. Sat hacks the doors. Trev and Zarl are set free.We began our escape though a vent like hall. Standing inside was one of our evil brothers...I bashed him over the head with my carbine and let Trev, Zarl, Hippi, and Sat make mince meat out of him.

The vent shaft had 2 halls. We were pursueing the one leading these evil clones. We cornered him in one of the dead ends. He told us his name.. Jedi Foden. Before we arrested him for answers he kicks down the back wall of the shaft and jumped. I jumped after him.. what was I doin..

I wake up..shit wtf happened... Trev found me unconcious on the ground.. applied some bacta for me.. then Zarl escorted me to the Med Bay. We had Foden held in the Cantina for questioning..he stated Bounty Hunters and Scoundrels have been saying GAR is planning a full scale invasion of all Clone securitized planets. Which as tempting as that sounds it was not true. After some harsh questioning, and Trev basing Foden over the head a few times..Foden's son arrives...

He is a former GANO member, before GANO fell that is. He ran in spite of his possible death by our hand.. I was so pissed.. I would have killed his son just to end things quickly.. but it is not our way..I fear this may turn into a war. A Clone War. I spoke with Foden.. he merely anted peace.. his clones were only serving as security on Talus..he assumed GAR was here to spy when Trevor and Zarl explored the planet. Sounds odd.. why would we spy.. and if we were why did he want his clones kept secret?..we decide to leave Foden to suffer on Talus.. if issues start up.. we will not hesitate to kill all our brethren.. him.. and his son.

2007-10-28 - 2007-11-02

Entry 59: Days later, Trev handling issues on Talus Commander Yuri contacted me. He will be working in another section of the Galaxy and wants Nukl and I to serve as Diplomats.. and Commanders. In his absense we are in charge of the entire Grand Army! So now I am running things quite well. However.. War with the clones of Jedi Foden is quite near. Private Ca1eb Auer had a bit of dicipline issues, but I fixed it.. he was to be shipped to Talus to serve.

I await on Talus with many troops ready. Trevor has informed me the ATR.. Army of the Republic clones have begun conflict with us. I wait nearby a crashed ship on Talus with Chewwy Daniels, Trevor55 Bluecoat, Ca1eb Auer, UnlivedPhalax Beck, Dominick Carter, Jindra Homewood, and a few new privates I have not met persoanlly yet. There was one however with me named WOLFMASTER Raymaker.. he he not to bright..

The Battle of Talus IIEdit

It is a foggy morning.. my men are restless.. Commander Yuri arrives by Gunship with Nukl. That gunship may be our only way off this rock. The ATR have a ship located in the sky.. so leaving now may result in the death of us all. We will have to fight the ATR Clones and destroy their ship. For now all we can do is wait.. I position many clones on the fallen ship.. it is rather large.. all in prone waiting for the battle to come.. I put my Macro-Binoculars down.. get my Carbine rifle ready.. take a shot of vodka.. and wait for the Clone War.

An ATR ship is detected.. I clench my teeth.. and have my men stay down..the ship drops off many of our evil brethren.. and stays landed.. Jedi Foden walks out of the ship..we have no sniper to kill Foden here and now.. but we still need to find out who he got our DNA from.. most likely his son in GANO got a copy from the Jedi while serving for them.. as the ATR walks torwards our position we take aim.. we have the element of suprise..

I take one last look at my brothers on both sides of the battle field.. what has war come to.. killing our own brothers to gain peace.. where is the peace in all this.. the ATR approach my men cock their rifles.. Yuri: " FIRE! NO MERCY! " we open fire and drop the first wave of ATR troopers.. we get out of prone.. Foden leads another wave.. we stay behind the ship.. our numbers are not as high and we don't have any contact to get us out of here..

I watch my brothers fall.. a few privates are hit and yell.. sir help me! they scream in pain.. I want to save them.. but Commander Yuri says to leave them be.. its suicide to run into the field.. I think to myself.. then why did we have those privates do so..? I think about my past.. my officers were as cold-hearted as this.. I was lucky to have survived Hughes.. the battle at the AN HQ.. so on.. I cannot let this trooper die..

After we took out the second wave I ran.. sprinted as fast as I could to save the trooper when I reached him he was dead.. I hit the ground with my hand as hard as I could..I failed my brother.. I failed.. in spite of anger I ran torwards the ATR ship.. Yuri and NUkl saying Cory wtf are you doing?? I ignored my comm.. bum rushed the ATR ship.. lobbed a thermal det in to the ramp.. and took off it landing legs.. I then calmed down.. what was I doing.. ATR troops fired at me.. I ran.. one had a MERSONN PLX Missile Launcher!.. GAR Troops were in the distant running torwards the ATR troops at an opposite flank.. the missile was fired at me.. I hit the dirt.. am I dead?

I wake.. dazed.. trying to stand but I could not.. I lay on my back and listen to the blastef fire.. Nukl finds me and drags me torwards a nearby water source.. we get on comm. The ATR are falling back.. and have very limited troops. Trev has lead a squad to take out their cloning facilities.. Yuri picked us all up after we completed our objectives.. I watch the ground below as we lift off.. and see the white body lay there.. in a pool of eachothers blood.. rest easy my brothers.. rest..

2007-11-15 - 2007-11-16

Entry 60: Yuri established a new division of Recon Commando. It was a good time to form our own.. Koshi-squad has split up long ago.. Kenji still resides out there somewhere.. regardless the Commando Units were being trained.. so myself being an ARC Trooper, as well as Nukl, and of course the 501sts best Trev volunteered to take down ATR once and for all.. We enlisted into their ranks to begin our spying procedures.. their cloning banks were destroyed on the 2nd battle of Talus.. they were in the perfect position for defeat. We spend days training form their various commanders.. the commanders were rather impressed by our skill. We did not have the time to pursue future careers here though..I laugh a bit in my mind.. After we were officially welcomed into a legion we went to a meeting hosted by Foden. He spoke of ATR troops being enlisted into GAR ranks to spy.. and take us down from the inside.. Nukl, Trev and I could not hold back our laughter in our helmets..we had them where we wanted them.. after feeding the convo back to Grand Army Communications we killed the inside men upon our ranks.. Foden never found out we were spys.. He was infuriated.. as one of his men I told him false info.. and as myself in a meeting with ATR i told him false info again.. he was so confused thinking his Army was infested with GAR units he gave up.. and left Talus.. GAR took over the planet.. killed every ATR clone.. and left in peace.. Foden is still out there I think.. but ATR has fallen.. I am still not proud of what I did.. but I have done my duty.. For the Republic!


Entry 61: Tired from my long days adventures on Talus I took a nap..I woke later around 15:00 hours.. I was on a Gunship.. with Nukl and two Trainee.. the ship was piloted by Thunder.. his co-pilot was Gruntbuddy Martineck.. after I cleared my thoughts a bit I noticed a Mandalorian woman was on board.. who was this? she said " Hey Coorz long time no see " It was Sazuka??

Sazuka had retired from GAR to form her own Mandalorian Clan. The Sanguine Syndicate has been growing on Eisley for months now.. Under Elmore and Wamba the Hutt. Wamba took power after Loorga the Hutt's death. that was when Sanguine was friendly.. and against the Exchange.. Regardless GAR was on its way to Mos Eisley. to remove Sanguine frpm the city.. they are causing too much harm to it. so begins the Second Battle for Eisley.

The Battle for Mos Eisley IIEdit

We land in the city was an impressive ammount of Soldiers. Over 4 Gunships filled with them.Sergeant Marcel Dowding, Commander Yuri Fonzarelli, UnlivedPhalax Beck, Michan Moonlight, Dominick Carter we on a nearby ship. Also pvt Sniperfox Mills, Eazy a Mandalorian from Sazuka's clan, Archangel Zhangsun, and Trevor55 Bluecoat. Many others as well but I did not locate who they were. We take Sanguine's Palace rather quickly.. our over-whelming forces took out all threats. Wamaba wasn't here.. nukl and I waited outside for GAR to come out of the palace.. Yuri split us into small fireteams. I waited on a rooftop with one of the troops and we spoke. A colonel of Sanguine was spotted ahead.. After hours of running the city and killing many Sanguine soldiers the Govenors of Eisley had kicked Sanguine out for good.. the Sanguine mentioned a coupel things to us however.. they will be at Ord Mantell.. a slums they shall operate in.. and that GAR is considered an begins a small War.. The Sanguine Sundicate Wars. Eisley was in bad shape from our encounters here.. I feel bad for the destruction of the city.. however the Govenor are relocating it soon.. that will be a sight to see..


Entry 62: I spent the next day training privates supertifa Alfa, Lauren, WOLFMASTER, and Gulliver Carpool. It was a long day.. at least ATR is no longer an issue. No more clones outside GAR exist.. but there may be a few GANO Troopers still out there..and the Jedi hold our DNA as well..

Days later Sanguine officially announced War witht he GAR.. Jessica Katsu showed up on our HQ.. Sanguine has posted a wanted poster for her and her group.. Wamba is displeased with.. however she may be a benefit to GAR if she doesn't attack us. Regardless I am not worried.. the Sanguien can form an Army but they will never win. Both our organizations will never fall.. we both reinforced them too much to let that happen.

Two weeks go by.. Kenji showed up after months of not seeing him.. he noticed GAR formed the Verda-Squad Republic Commando Division. I did not speak with Kenji.. we held to many stories.. and had concerns of our own.. he just stood there.. and lit another ciggerette. The next day A young Jedi Padawan named Vander updated me on some events..

Vander Inshan: well let me give you a short briefing then,

Vander Inshan: we are receiving too many Sith visitors, they are recruiting young padawans to their ranks. Also a strange group is pursuing several Jedi and kidnapping / attacking them

Vander Inshan: on the other hand, there is a strange creature that appears inside the Coruscant temple. So far I have not heard of anyone being killed by it, but it infects people.

Vander Inshan: the two "safehouses" of the Jedi order are not so safe at this time. We are vigilant and welcoming any help.

Afterwards I wondered Yavin and spoke with Private E-3351 " Sledge Clawtooth ".. an excellant private.. he was recruited by Marcel.. who is now in GANO.. Sledge however is very respectful.. he also is writing his own log journal. Im takin him as my mentee.

Three days later I take a look at the faces of my new men. I relize that i am in fact a Senior Officer.. A veteran of the GAR.. Thunder has made Shock Trooper.. I respect that man beyond words.. he supports GAR so much.. he deserves the position..but the GAR is getting cocky.. many men have been acting up.. I am afriad without my influence they will give GAR an even worse reputation then we may already have..

On Yavin an ewok was chcuking rocks at them.. the ewok was slain by GAR's troops and thrown into a river.. that behavior is a war crime.. I understand the ewok attacked and it was out of defense.. but killing it and throwing it into a Yavin river was not neccesary.. a nearby jawa anmed Downs.. nicknamed the hu-jawa by Sat and his Ayafa because he was raised by humans lectured us.. sayign how evil we are.. he does not know me as an individual.. so it hurt me inside... I remained quiet as my men departed to Bakura.. I stay on Yavin.. what has the GAR come too.. the hu-jawa spoke of us destorying homes on Tatooine.. I fought with him on how we were helping.. but he was right.. I have destroyed many worlds in order to save them..I hang my head in shame..

2007-11-19 - 2007-12-16

Entry 63: A week later Commander Yuri contacts me.. he wants me to establish the 127th Galactic Security Division.. we are currently being stationed on Coruscantl.. the Jedi expect us to be as elite GAR claims to be.. so I shall use my most trusted and respected troopers.. Sledge Clawtooth, Masterchief Boomhauer, Sniperfox Mills, and Elias Back. After 5 days on Coruscant I visit Yavin for a change.. met a few new people..Ashranach Masala was one in particular. He showed an interest in this journal. Anyways things quiet.. but the Ragnos Sith cult are trying to find relics of Ragnos.. which we cannot allow to happen.. this may result in the 2nd sith war.. and god do I dread the thought. So I write in this Journal of my service in the GAR.. adventures still lay ahead.. and I will be ready. I will serve GAR till the day I die.. For the Republic.. I know now why I choose to fight.. I fight for the men who die trying to save the Galaxy.. I do not fight for power, the sake of combat, and not just to do my duty. I fight to make a name for myself, for respect, and the good will of others.. that is why I fight.. that is why GAR fights..I rest on my couch on Coruscant..sleep.. I wake up.. it has been quite a while since my last sleep..

2007-12-16 - 2007-12-27

Entry 64: I take a trip to Yavin, the NOJ are changing some of their traditions. There I see Darktoorper Amat. The GANO Commander. Darktoorper Amat: so Hows GAR doing? You: Things are going well. Darktoorper Amat: Good to hear You: hmm good day, and apoligies for everything and anything GAR has done to you and GANO.. some of us are insecure about other clones.. I happen to relize now we are still all brothers serving for the same purpose Darktoorper Amat: yes Darktoorper Amat: we both support the security of everyone, and everything. You: Shock Trooper G-4178 Salutes Darktoorper Amat GANO General Salutes After walking to the hangar of the station I see a clone who looks awfully familiar. It was Captain Rybus Zuhal! He fought in the Mandalorian Wars with me on Agirus. I recall him being a major pain in the ass but he was quite the soldier. I hope to speak with him more soon to catch up on things. He was remembering a time when he lead some recruits of his to raid the Mandalorian camp.. I wonder if it was that same raid I was in.


Entry 65: I await the New Year on Bakura.. many trainee who joined recently are wondering around with Corporal Raymaker.. an unfit corporal.. I might add. After the New Year began many celebrated.. Id usually be drinking on such an occasion but I had other thoughts on my mind.. I sat outside the cantina in the neon colored lights.. and bowed my head..I think I am the only one to see the dark times ahead..we have five hostile forces against us.. and much of the higher GAR command is missing..I am afraid these enemy may destroy us..

I might as well go through who they are.. there are these battle droids forming their own army.. I have no source to who they are following may be the Telos IV council, or Clan Ordo.. Telos was the last place I had seen droids..speaking of Telos.. that brings up the next hostile force.. Mandalorian.. they seemed to have left GAR be after the Mandalorian Wars, but they show their issue would be other clone organizations.. some are even being formed to combat GAR..the final two are the real threat.. the threat I fear.. and despise.

Forces under the Sith Empire, and the Cult of Ragnos. The sith wars we had barely won.. and we had support of the Jedi mainly.. however.. back then we only had to deal with powerful sith lords.. Ragnos and the Empire have soldier, Mandalorian, Dark Jedi, possible Droid, and other forms of Dark side followers. The GARs only Allie are the NOJ.. and they have not helped us since our alliance.. I have had reports of GAR members being killed in Jedi presense and they did nothing.. what seems to be as of now.. may be the spawn of the Second Sith Wars..

The Strike on BakuraEdit

By the time I stood up.. I noticed things were quiet.. too quiet on Bakura.. I saw a trainee run my way.. curious.. by the time I was to address him something happened to him.. his body hit the floor hard.. and a Dark figure leaped onto his back and ignited a saber through his head.. My eyes were wide.. usually I would fire at the sith and kill it.. this time I stayed calm.. and spoke with him..knowing all to well the trainee here are too weak to fight off sith..and knowing the sith.. this one can't be alone.

On comm. I heard the corporal ordering troops to fire at the sith who had landed upon Bakura. I was furious but had to keep my cool with the Lord in front of me.. he spoke as though he wished for me to attack him..two other sith stood behind him. As I heard my trainee get slaughtered on comm.. I asked the man why the sith are attacking.. he merely changed the subject.. after many of the trainee were slaughtered the sith just left.. but they left us with a threat..

I scolded the corporal briefly.. and one of his privates tried to defend him.. but I made the decison to demote him.. and promote a private I trust far more as a corporal.. I was told I was almost heartless..but you know what.. they were probably right.. I really do not give a fuck.. that is just the way I am.. I am tired of worrying about people who serve no real purpose but to fuck things up.. so after I decided to depart from Bakura.. I need to do some cooling down and cope with the events..I will leave in about 5 days..

2007-12-31 - 2008-01-08

Entry 66: I arrive on Dromund Kass, the Massassi Sith Order.. whether i'll be here for a fight to my learn something.. or even befriend someone is just a thing to be decided.. I find some old documents on Padar and the Dark Lords of the Sith.. talking about the events on Korriban.. Why exactly did we fight..?

To be Continued...

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