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Just Crime is a book for poetry, wrotten by the crimlord Arise Macbeth and published by the reporter Daana Kira.

Benevolent Butchery Edit

And who but you could find me here this pen still in my hand,
And who but you each wilting year would cross my line of sand.
My eyes would fall upon your dead, to thine own self be true,
your nature was to hold her dear and slowly stab her through.
By self same creed I part butchers flesh, to MY own self I'm true,
and though we walk the same cold path, still now, I come for you.
I set myself aside from you as man denounces beast,
Revolted by your cannibalism as on your flesh I feast

History History Edit

History, history
repeat yourself, your blacks. your reds your blues.
History history
repeat yourself, so my granddaughter may hear you too.
History history,
repeat yourself, between the womb and tomb
History history,
repeat yourself, repeat my story through

The way of the Dark Edit

Heavy lies the onus head on pillows of woven burden, shackle bound in frozen steel to those she bid referal.
The mask sewn to your visage, the nails anchor ed in skull.
It's eyes are not for seeing. That window hides lifes soul.
In darkness one is drawn to, the smallest point of light.
But in halls aglow with candour. Shadows melt in Light

The way of the Light Edit

The Way of the Light
To be enlightened lighten up.
Be the water that fills the cup for water won't be broken.
To be enlightened lighten up,
Be the child, whom light of heart, has not yet learned of malice.
To be enlightened lighten up,
Be the flame that draws the moth, whose wings are wide and open
To be enlightened lighten up,
Let your truth be spoken

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