Ka'ra Kata (born Zack Vel) is a middle aged Kiffar, husband of Kira Vel, Former Jedi Council Master of the New Order of the Jedi and a Mandalorian Warrior of the Kata clan. His genetic family consists of his daughter, Daralis Vel and his estranged brother, Seifer Vizsla (though the pair have fought almost to the point of death many times). His long time wife, Nehutyc Kata (Born Kira Kelley), along with his daughter, are his direct family, though he is now a member of the Kata family. During his time he has been known as a brutal Sith Lord, an ace pilot and a Jedi Guardian.

Biography Edit

Childhood/Early life Edit

Born as the only son to a pair of fairly prosperous traders on Rishi, Zack began life by learning his parents trade. Started early, he quickly became accomplished in the arts of mechanical repair and weapons construction. He also learned to operate the ship his parents used to transport goods, an ancient and outwardly battered Gizer L-6 (though it had been fully restored inside), and keep it in working condition.

One weekend around the time of his tenth year, he returned from the Rishi spaceport to find the door of his home battered down and smoke trailing from the open portal. On entering the domicile he found the remains of his parents, odd cauterised slashes visible on their bodies for which he had no explanation. After making this discovery, not much is known of the events that followed until a group of smugglers stopping to refuel found the child wandering the ruins of the home, very nearly starved to death.

Enquiries were made but no one came forward to take the child into care. In a moment of compassion, the smugglers took him to their craft where he was adopted by a family aboard. Not much of the next few years is recorded, nor does Zack discuss it with anyone. The only thing that can be confirmed was that his repair, martial and piloting skills advanced under the tutelage of the smugglers. It was also confirmed that he often claimed the walls "talked" to him, telling him stories.

Sometime around his 17th year alive the smugglers left him on the sentient planet Zonama Sekot, fearing his sanity had finally departed. There he became close with the inhabitants, developing friendships. He often dissapeared from the planet with no explanation, though it later transpired he had found an abandoned cruiser and was repairing it. Sometime during these frequent trips to a space station, a small mercenary band known as the "peacekeeper corps" was formed with Zack at their head. These men and women fought for many years until Grey master Wan Takaaki discovered the young soldier at the age of 19.

Discovery of a force user Edit

At the young age of 19, the young soldiers force skills were discovered by a master in an order known as "The Elders of the Force". Trained in the ways of the Force rather sparingly by the master who found him, the young soldier was quickly ascended to the approximate rank of Master. This came as something as a surprise to everyone involved as the newfound Master had neither the training nor the knowledge to cope with the rank. For a year after the rank was handed to him, Master Vel fought alongside his newfound brothers in many engagements. Many injuries were dealt to Vel by his opponents but his rank inflated his sense of self to proportions not matching his rather low level of skill. As such, he began to travel the galaxy to bring "help" to others. It was during one of these travels to the Jedi planet of Yavin IV that a change occured. As he observed the aggressive tendencies of a Jedi master (who later was named as Master Monsoo) he decided to side with the dark siders in their attempts to slay the woman.

Several months later, during another exploration trip to the planet of Thule, he once again encountered the New Order of the jedi. This time, he openly stood alongside the Cult of Ragnos against the Jedi invaders, his view of the situation becoming somewhat warped by the power and energy of the planet. As the battle broke out, several other lightside or grey factions entered the fray. After he cut down an old friend and his master, he fled the battle, travelling to the Sith world of Byss.

The fallen Edit

On his arrival at Byss, the young Master Vel was drawn towards a large building encased in clouds and storms. As he cautiously entered the building, he ran headlong into Dread Lord Nihilus who claimed to be the Grand master of the order which resided in the building. Nihilus took in the young master and inducted him into the order, renaming him Terminus. Within the Prophets of the Dark Side, the newly reborn Terminus became immersed in the Dark Side of the Force, quickly becoming a violent and unpredictable individual. As he moved up through the ranks, he crashed through every wall in his path without grace. Soon after his arrival, a storm of force energy destroyed the Prophets home on byss, taking Nihilus with it. It transpired that Nihilus himself had decided to destroy the order and its home out of spite. No other reason for the damage was evident.

Lord of destruction Edit

After the fall of the order, several of the prophets travelled to Sith Space, seeking out Sith Lord Sinuous and his order. Taking an unorthodox step, Sinuous allowed the former Prophets to join the Obsidian Dominion under their current approximate ranks. Thus, Terminus was granted the title Darth Terminus, a sith lord of the Obsidian Dominion. Through months of gruelling training, Darth Terminus worked hard at enhancing his control over both a lightsaber and the force.

During sparring sessions within the sith space dojo, Terminus' prowess with a blade became apparant when he bit every member of the order who came before him. With this in mind, he was named as the joint top sparrer in the order, equal to Lord Sinuous himself who beat Terminus as often as he lost to him.


Darth Terminus in the Sith Space sparring arena

With this in mind, he set out to subjugate planets to the will of the sith. Amassing an invasion force from many Sith orders, he began with Kashyyk, attacking the jedi and wookies who lived there at the time. Though these first attacks ended in either defeat or a stalemate, he was not dissuaded from his cause. For a while, things quietened down until the sith made one final push on Kashyyk, amassing a huge invading army. To this end, the sith won the battle but were unable to subjugate the planet and therefore left, biding their time.

Over the next few months, many skirmishes were fought on the planet of Ruusan with the Jedi winning each battle. Finally the sith amassed a small but powerful army and moved in to ruusan, RVing on top of one of the housing complexes of the planet. Before the Jedi noticed the army, they leapt from the roof and gathered in a small meeting square to confront their mortal enemies. A vicious battle ensued in which many fell on both sides, though the jedi took more casualties than the Sith. The Sith touted this as a victory for themselves though the view was not shared by the Jedi order.

Soon after the battle the area was demolished though the Sith weren't sure why. The Jedi relocated to other planets across the galaxy while awaiting a new home to be found. It was on their former planet of Yavin IV that the sith caught up with them once more. A brutal battle ensued in which Terminus finally succeeded in striking down his nemesis, a jedi knight named Meryn Barry. Several weeks later, a second battle followed the first in an attempt to force the NOJ into hiding. Terminus was struck down by the Jedi knight Meryn and captured.

It was during this capture that another change took place. Meryn managed to convince Terminus of his mistakes, showing him the brutality of his ways. Considering this, Terminus no longer took part in the brutal attacks against Jedi forces across the galaxy. He sat in his star destroyer (The operator) and considered the revelations.

The LightEdit

Life as a padawanEdit


A young Zack Vel

Vel's padawanship started somewhat roughly. His training under Jedi Knight Meryn Barry began with multiple attempts on his life from the weaker of the Sith brood. Though many were beaten back both by himself and by others, this was by no means the end of his trials. An interesting point about his training should be noted. Due to the darkness blinding him to the truth, he chose to no longer trust his eyes and donned a single blindfold throughout his long recouperation from Dark Lord to Jedi Knight. He joined his Master on many missions though his personal changes took place mostly at home on ruusan. He lectured on the nature of the darkness and threw himself into his former love, starfighter piloting.

A knight is bornEdit

The young Zack Vel seemed a fairly insignificant Knight. At least, he rarely went running around and engaging in flashy displays of lightsaber shennanigans like most Knights seemed to. Where they were happy engaging with law breakers, Vel sat in a workship, tinkering with droids and starfighters. That's until the day he met his Padawan, Tyrav Whitewing. He spent many a day sitting in the trees, slowly working with his padawan. Despite Tyravs inately difficult nature, he finally succeeded in passing the trials. With his transition to knighthood, Vel was elevated to the rank of Jedi Master

Master Of The JediEdit

Zack Vel

Master Vel on the Ruusan Academy

Throughout his years as a Jedi Master, Vel managed to keep mostly to himself. He was known for his piloting skills and his development of the Jedi Ace course within the NOJ curriculum. Around this time, Master Vel watched a lot of friends come and go within the Order and he almost seemed to become introverted, very rarely socialising within the order. It seemed he was becoming something of a hermit. Only one person ever managed to crack that duracrete facade that the aging Kiffar had managed to build in front of himself. A padawan by the name Of Kira Kelley. By her own species standards, she was an adult but biologically she appeared to be a late-teenage human. The pair were eventually married after Kira passed her trials.

Years later, through many missions and trials, his wife was named a Jedi Master and soon after, a Council Master. The pair both held their seats on the council for quite some time, though Master Vel had held his for several years longer than his wife. It was around this time that the pair began to become disillusioned with the way of the usual Jedi.

Eventually they would part ways with the New Order of the Jedi and move away to form their own academy on the planet of Qiilura

A new beginningEdit

Qiilura. Homeworld of the Gurlanins. Abandoned for centuries after the culmination of the Clone Wars.

This backwards, rural planet in the mid-rim became the home of the Vels and soon after, their daughter, Daralis Vel. The planet became the home of the Crystal Academy, a time when Master Vel flourished into a businessman, selling the planets trademark crop, Barq. The couple would spend several years on the planet, quietly training Force users the advantages of a good hard days work.

Master Vel would spend most of his days teaching his students to help themselves, to build and repair machinery without using the Force. Though he seemed at peace on the planet, many noticed his health declining over the first months, though nobody knew quite why. It wasn't until the re-emergence of Darth Terminus, who had been cloned by an unknown third party, arrived on the planet to torment the Vel family.

Though strife was never far behind, Zack and Kira managed to keep their academy afloat, taking in whoever wanted to learn from them. Eventually however, the planets locals decided enough was enough. A surprise landslide, later confirmed to be the work of the Gurlanins, destroyed many of the Planets buildings. Most of the academy equipment was also discovered to have been damaged. Thus, the Vels left the planet and decided to put the way of the Jedi behind them for good