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Kal Clash first started as a ship captain who delivered items around the Galaxy. During his childhood, he always played Jedi with his brother, using sticks as light sabers. Mother hated it. One day he was sparring with his brother outside while mother was making dinner in the kitchen. As soon as it was finished, his mother came outside and called for dinner. Kal was easily detracted, but his brother was not. His brother came down for a hard strike to the neck and while Kal was not focused on the attack, in a moments notice, he had blocked the attack. Kal was at awe, as well as his brother. This was Kals first use of the force. His mother did not like it. Immediately the swords were taken from Kal and his brothers' hand, and they were dragged into dinner. Never again was he allowed to practice or 'play' Jedi. In his early adulthood, Kal was a cargo captain, transferring goods around the galaxy. One of his stops landed him on Yavin IV, the Jedi Moon. After the Master's there discovered his knowledge of the force, Kal began his training as a Jedi. Many things happened from then on. Kal's luck in finding a master was difficult. He found himself changing from master to master. Soon he realized that it wasn't the masters, it was the Order. Many of the Masters did not listen to him. The place was attacked frequently, and evil surrounded as the Sith sat right at the doorstep of the Yavin Palace. Kal knew he had to leave. He voyaged out for a new master, Finding Master Maia, a master of the Jedi order of the Republic. Both knew the Sith were getting too close, and that the Jedi were soon to repeat the history of Jedi Anikin and Jedi Master Luke Skywalker. Both wanted to stop it, but soon Kal realized that Maia was very possession based and very revengeful. Now he feels like he is abandoned from all hope. His goal to be one with the Jedi Council may be gone.  He decided to head to Tython in seek of training from the New Jedi order. He met the well known Master Acker, Grand Master of the NJO. After learning a few lessons there, he started to feel discomfort in how he left Yavin and the rest of the order. In turn, he went back, in search of his old master, who had left as well. Instead of finding Master Rose, he became well acquainted with Master Atlantis, and soon became her apprentice. From that day, they grew a strong bond in the force, and Kal reached his goal to be a Knight, and now looks to his dream to be a Jedi Councilor. 



Jesma and Kal speak in Anchorhead on Tatooine

Sir Clash graduated from the Jedi Academy of Yavin and became a Jedi knight. His next task was to find an apprentice. Unlike many who graduate, it took a very long time for Kal to find a 

Padawan. Not because he was disliked, but he was in search for a special bond between his apprentice. in those many months, he took upon the task of learning how to be a concular. He 

trained and trained, but the training did not suite him. After reading up for some time, he decided to switch to become a Guardian. On his first task, he was

sent to rescue Lady Jesma. This rescue took him to a far away planet called Hurikaine


Sir Kal Clash and his Apprentice Zhai Mayako

After taking a trip to Hurikaine, he started his path towards being a Guardian. He also took on a new padawan by the name of Zhai Mayako. He trained Zhai with a close bond between the two, though soon, the training would diminish. Kal soon had begun to not be there for Zhai's training lessons. He would often be called away for things. This made the training go a bit sour, however, Zhai managed to break through. Even with the lack of Kal being there, Zhai was able to prove that she was strong enough to continue her training, master the force, and commit to the lessons. When Kal finally began to free up, it was already too late for him. Zhai was ready, and Kal had missed out on training her. At first, Kal took this with a sour taste. He was ashamed of how he had treated Zhai's training, however, soon enough, he began to look at it differently, and learned from it. He learned that he was not ready to take on the responcibility of teaching a padawan to become a Jedi Knight. Because of his treatment of Zhai's training, he was tasked by the council to reread the jedi lessons again. After some debate, Kal realized that this was the best idea. With that, he began to read, and protect his local lands.