Kal Rez is a Cathar from Tatooine, played by Pepin Swashbuckler.


Early LifeEdit

Kal was born on the planet of Tatooine, in a settlement just outside of Mos Eisley spaceport. His parents names were Bort and Civa; a Mandalorian soldier and Jedi Knight, respectively. 

Kal was a happy go lucky child who showed aptitude both with combat and the Force. This was something that worried his mother but thrilled his father. Bort quickly began training his son in practice skills such as outdoor survival, basic combat, espionage, tracking and tactical strategy. All the while Kal's mother attempted to keep her son grounded in what she felt was a healthy life philosophy- The Jedi Code. 

While Kal did have a rather placid childhood, the push and pull he felt from his parents varying schools of thought drove him rather crazy. So, at the age of seventeen Kal left home and enlisted in the Independent Army of Tatooine. This was a rebel group that fought against rising Hutt cartels on the planet, advocating instead local businessmen and farmers ought to be in charge of their own fates. There he rose to the rank of Corporal, and served with the 12th Infantry Ranger Unit which specialised in forest survival, light infantry tactics, and stealth combat.

((OOC: the year is 2008))

Leaving Active Service, and ApprenticeshipEdit

Padawan1 001

Kal during his time with the Kalway Order of Jedi

After two years of service with the Independent Army (affectionately referred to as the Browncoats because of the standard issue brown duster given to each soldier; a duster is a long coat suited best for keeping sand and dust from a persons body), Kal found himself wandering Mos Eisley once more. Here he met a man by the name of Shyft Sands, a Jedi Knight of the Jedi Order of Light. Shyft saw in Kal a deep regret for the things he had done while a Corporal, and offered to teach him a way to find inner peace. Kal spent an intense year of training with Shyft, where the two grew very close. Kal eventually was given his trails, and then the title of Knight within the JOL. Shyft had his concerns, however; Kal had never gotten past his issues with pride and anger. The Master urged his former apprentice to be mindful of the dangers of aforementioned emotions, and they parted ways as good friends.

((OOC: the year is 2009-2010))

Fall from the Jedi Path, Madman's Fence and the Mandalorian DaysEdit

Untitled copy

Kal aboard his ship, Madman's Fence

Unfortunately the path of the Jedi was something Kal could never fully allign with; he had a taste for revenge that was not in line with most Jedi. Not to mention his open and public questioning of Grand Masters from other Jedi Orders quickly took from Kal's credibility as a Jedi. As a result he fell into a period of mercenary-dom. With the remaining money he had earned from his time in service he bought an old transport ship he named Madman's Fence. Soon after purchasing this ship he began working throughout the galaxy as a go-to man (particularly for one Gilbar the Hutt of Tatooine)). During this time he earned himself an interesting reputation as a criminal. Here is his sheet:
  • Arrested on the Dantooine System for Espionage
  • Arrested on Tatooine for Theft, Grand
  • Noted member of the 'Fated Circle', a crime syndicate from his homeworld. They mainly run cons, as well as do smuggling work
  • Currently wanted on Nar Shaddaa and Tatooine for freeing various child slaves
  • Wanted by Blue Sun Corps for various stolen ships, all valued over 10,000 Credits
Mirdalaand I 001

Kal and Mirdala

During this time he began having issue with his image, with certain Slum Lords not wanting to do business with him because of his species. As a result he took his fathers old Mandalorian armor and began wearing it. In an effort to disguise himself at first, however soon he began respecting his fathers culture. His love for the culture became something of a point on contention for the rest of the Mandalorian culture, however. Kal thought the warrior people could be more than their bone-headed Ad'ika had made them seem to the rest of the galaxy- they could be philosophers, politicians and even writers.
During his Mandalorian Days, Kal made many connections. He adopted a slave that he would eventually give the name Ijaat to, who he met on Nar Shaddaa. He would train him until Ijaat was fourteen, then leave him in the woods of Yavin IV. Another was a small boy he met in the streets of Mos Eisley. The boys given name is unknown, however Kal took the boy in and adopted him as his own. He trained this Verd'ika, and eventually saw him through his Verd'goten. Upon adopting the boy, Kal gave him the name Mirdala Rez; a nod to the boys intelligence and overall cunning.

((OOC: the year at this point is 2011))

GryffandI 002

Gryff and Kal at Nar Shaddaa, undercover

Kal also became good friends with Gryff McCallen, the leader of Starwind (an Amaran shelter-group based out of Mos Eisley). The two have had a good relationship, both saving each others lives on several occasions and fighting in many battles together. In fact they fought in the battles against the Hutt Syndicate for control over the spaceport of Mos Eisley. 

((OOC: the year is mid to late 2012))

Current HappeningsEdit


Last known photo taken of Kal

((As of 2014))

Kal resides in his hometown of Mos Eisley and works as a Moisture Farmer with his brother, Gryff, and Gryff's wife Sybal. His son has returned after being missing for years, and works with them on their farm. 

((June, 2018))

Kal was found dead by local authorities by apparent poisoning on his new ship, Madman's Fence II, on Courscant. He was last seen with a smuggler by the name of Teddy. His sons, Ijaat and Mirdala, had since passed away before him. He died as a Mandalorian Protector, a good role model, and friend. The only remaining member of his Aliit was Ijaat's son, Raylond Thatch, who was beaten nearly to death by the current Mand'alor, Jekai Rau, for not being in his armor during a meeting. The Rez Aliit died with the apparent death of Raylond Thatch.