History Edit

Kal was born under a different name. The only son of the Queen Mother of Hapes. Growing up, he was kept away from his family legacies, focusing only on preparing to marry so his wife would eventually become the Queen Mother. Fearing the pressure, he eventually ran away, hopping on a freight liner. The freighter arrived in Nar Shadaa and there the Prince became Kal Tenar and looked for work. He began crewing for a smuggling ship and stayed out of sight, hidden from his previous life. Eventually, Kal made his way to Tatooine and into the port of Mos Espa. In Mos Espa, Kal met contacts of Lyzo the Hutt. Once a meeting was arranged, Kal explained to Lyzo that he would like his own ship and would gladly work to pay it off. Seeing an experienced freighter hand, Lyzo hired Kal as a smuggler and gave him a ship. Kal is now working to pay off the ship, hauling spice, battle droids and some items that are less legal.

Secret Background Edit

This information is known to Kal, but is hidden from everyone he knows. Kal is descended from Jacen Solo and Tenel Ka, through their daughter, Allana. Through them, he is related to the Skywalkers and Solos out in the universe. With such a strong relationship to the Force that his family has, Kal is Force Sensitive, but has no training in the use of the Force.

Azalus Fierfek Edit

Azalus Fierfek is the freighter that Kal is utilizing and paying off with work for Lyzo the Hutt. It is a Dynamic Class Light Freighter. In Huttese, Azalus Fierfek means "Dangerous Curse".