Kale Apollo, also known at one point as Darth Acherous, and for a large part of his life, Yamato Kamiya, was a Force user who was related to the Kamiya bloodline. A determined, strong-willed being, Kale fought for what he believed was right and greatly opposed slavery and other organizations that threatened the stability of the galaxy. He was the leader of the Silent Fighters, a vigo in Black Sun, and has seen the Force from about every side, from Jedi to Sith.

Biography Edit

Early life (190 ABY-210 ABY) Edit

Kale Apollo was born on Corellia, to parents whose names are unknown. Because of his parents' paranoid belief that because of his Force sensitivity and legacy, and that it might attract those such as bounty hunters and Sith, they sent him away to friends on the Mandalorian planet of Mandalore to be raised.

Mandalorian Edit

There, on Mandalore, Kale learned much about the Mandalorian culture. He eventually graduated from the University of Keldabe.

Mercenary (210 ABY-211 ABY) Edit


Kale as a mercenary.

Kale went on his own and started living his life as a mercenary. He took a few odd jobs around the galaxy, here and there. It was around this time that he received a message from a mysterious dark looking man who had a job offer for him. Deciding to seek him out, Kale was taken to Byss, a Sith world. The mysterious man revealed himself as a Sith, and soon recruited Kale as a Sith Protector.

Sith Protector Edit

Kale felt uncomfortable around the Sith and his new allies, feeling as though it wasn't his place to be. Bandar Yugen, a former Mandalorian and a bounty hunter discreetly approached him one day, planting the seeds of truth in his mind, revealing that the Sith were up to no good.

First love Edit

One day, when Kale went to Naboo, taking a break from his Sith role, he ran into a beautiful girl that dressed in a similar fashion as him, and could relate a lot with him as well. Her name was Lorelei, but insisted on being called "Lori." Smart, stubborn, a loner, and rebellious like him, she had stunning bright blue eyes and a brilliant streak of blond hair, which stood out well from the brown. They soon fell in love, seeming to love each other so much that they would never refuse each other.

Jedi Knight (211 ABY-212 ABY) Edit

Eventually the time came when Kale quietly left the order of the Sith without their notice, and sought out Bandar for assistance. He suggested he contact the Jedi, aware that he had special abilities, specifically the Force. Kale was soon accepted into the Jedi Order, and later discovered that he possessed the unique ability to generate and control fire and heat, apparently as "an extension of the Force," according to himself. Kale eventually rose to the rank of Jedi Knight.


Kale as a Jedi.

Dealing with demons Edit

Kale's life as a Jedi began to be tested when he discovered that two other Jedi, particularly ones that he knew, were captured by the Sith on Byss. At a loss for how to proceed, he called the assistance of even more Jedi, to attempt to rescue the two captives. A great number of Jedi and Sith met on the planet, and negotiations were made, although they ended in failure.

The Sith requested that the group of Jedi leave, or else the prisoners would be killed. The Jedi, knowing they did not have much of a choice, decided to carefully send a couple of their own to free the two imprisoned Jedi, while the others tried to hold off the Sith. A bold attempt, that plan failed as well. Many on both sides were killed, including the two captive Jedi who were executed. Kale was stricken with grief and stunned at the loss of so many individuals.

Soon afterwards, he was shocked to find out from Lorelei that she was hiding something within her, a demonic personality that was unleashed upon others whenever she became very stressed or angry. She would show no mercy whatsoever, possibly not even her love for Kale. The only way it would be stopped was for Kale to kill her.

Desperately not wanting to lose her, Kale sought out other options, such as using the Force to wipe out the darkness from within her while saving her true self at the same time. Confident that he would save her, Kale waited to use his newfound knowledge until the time was right, but that time never came until much later on, and under different circumstances. It was these two events that eventually helped shape the person he became.

The Silent Fighters (212 ABY-213 ABY) Edit

It was during the time that Kale was searching for a way to save Lorelei that he met Holly "Shadow" Raesha, leader of the Silent Fighters on Naboo. Kale was willing to join Holly's group, agreeing to her offer. He eventually rose to the rank of second in command later on. Together, they recruited new members, ranging from pilots, to bounty hunters, to rogue and Grey Jedi. They also conducted a series of raids against The Unubunko Gang, as well as a few other small criminal organizations. This was not only to gain more supplies and weapons for their cause, but also to lessen the threat of the other groups' illegal activities.

The dark times (213 ABY-215 ABY) Edit

Kale had a nightmare sometime after his recruitment into the Silent Fighters, of Lorelei turning into a demon and turning against him, killing him and others, just as he feared. The dream felt so real that it troubled Kale, and as a result he decided to seek advice about what to do from prevent the event he was afraid of from happening permanently.

Kale's quest took him to the Sith planet Ziost, where he met Lady Tempest, a powerful but relatively benevolent Sith that also trained Holly for a time. Tempest became Kale's mentor and taught him what he requested to the best of her ability, although unbeknownst to him, Tempest was actually teaching him about Sith techniques, which came to corrupt his mind with thoughts of betrayal, revenge, and power.

These thoughts finally took a hold on Kale, turning him to the dark side. He still felt that Lorelei would betray him, but instead of trying to save her, he would kill her. Soon after his fall to the dark side, Kale christened himself with the moniker Darth Acherous. He took full control over The Silent Fighters and began reforming it into an army for his own purposes, as well as making it bigger and stronger than it was before. Holly found herself stripped of her old rank and became a sort of outcast to the faction. She was devastated by this sudden turn of events and had no other choice to move onto other things.


Darth Acherous.

Acherous then went to the remains of Malachor V, where he hoped to seek more power so that he could be able to defeat Lorelei. There, he found the ancient mask of Darth Revan. Revan's mask was rumored to possess great mystical qualities, mostly enhancing one's abilities to the wearer. Realizing it would be a great asset, Acherous adopted it into his appearance as a Sith.

Before departing Malachor V, Acherous met Christie Homewood, who he sensed was strong in the Force and offered her to become his apprentice. Christie reluctantly accepted his offer, and the two endured many adventures.

One such adventure was shortly after Acherous discovered Christie's unique ability to use ice and cold to her advantage. Knowing that her powers would be dramatically improved with the creation of a special amulet, both Acherous and Christie traveled back to Malachor V, where they met the Underlord, the then current ruler of the dead planet and leader of a small Sith faction.

At first, the Underlord was skeptical of Christie, but after she demonstrated her abilities, he was quite impressed and decided to help her build an amulet made out of ice. The amulet, although made from a solid that could melt, was infused with the dark side of the Force to keep the object forever intact. The amulet worked just as Acherous thought it would, enhancing and improving upon Christie's abilities.

It was also around this time that both her and Acherous fell in love until she disappeared almost a year later.

The strike on Nar Shaddaa Edit

Before Christie disappeared, however, Acherous, along with her, headed a strike against The Unubunko Gang on Nar Shaddaa, one that shook the very foundations of the organization. Two weeks later, the criminal faction fell apart and dissolved.

Confrontation Edit

Acherous and Christie eventually finally confronted Lorelei. Seeing this would be the only chance he would get to destroy her, Acherous taunted Lorelei until she finally viciously attacked him. The duel was fast and furious, and in the end Acherous beat her down, both him and Christie leaving her for dead. It has been unknown if Lorelei survived or not.

Redemption Edit

Sometime after Christie's disappearance, Kale began to have second thoughts of being Darth Acherous, or a Sith, for that matter. His insights proved right when he had a vision of great danger and destruction as a result of his doing as a Sith. Kale soon quit his role as a Sith, and refrained from using the Force for a very long time until he was called upon to use it again in the future.

Mercenary, redux (215 ABY) Edit


Kale wearing Mandalorian armor.

Kale returned to Mandalore to visit his family, only to find that they were gone. Instead, a full set of Mandalorian armor was left for him as a gift, and he wore it ever since, making his own modifications and adjustments to it. With this, he went back to his old mercenary ways and did the same with the Silent Fighters, with them becoming a mercenary faction once again as well.

Around this time, Holly returned back to The Silent Fighters, surprised at all that had changed. She was reinstated as founder and leader of the group and it wasn't long after that that both Kale and Holly fell in love.

Raze's terror (216 ABY-217 ABY) Edit

A month and a half later, Holly received an anonymous tip about a data disk on Ord Mantell that held a great amount of useful information. She decided to go to Ord Mantell alone, with Kale left to deal with the Silent Fighters on his own. A week or so after, however, he received a report that falsely stated that Holly was dead. Kale was stricken with grief, but pushed on with the faction with him at the head.

Soon afterward, Kale established a base for the group on Coruscant, and, as a result of their time on the planet and working with the Jedi and others, became a sort of galactic police force, although most of their efforts were focused on protecting Coruscant from opposing factions, like the New Confederacy of Independent Systems, headed by a clone of General Grievous.

Around this time was the reappearance of Christie, who was slightly disappointed when she found out that Kale was in a relationship with Holly, but still stayed best friends with him. Not long after Kale and Christie reunited, appearances were being reported around Coruscant, mostly at the Jedi Temple, about a Force creature named Raze, which was in reality a reincarnated form of the ancient Sith ruler King Adas. Raze threatened the inhabitants of the planet, mostly focusing his attention on the Jedi there, seeking to possess some of them.

Kale encountered Raze and battled him many times, alongside the other Jedi and Christie. There was one such encounter when Kale was patrolling the airspace near The Silent Fighters' base in his X-Wing. His ship was disabled when Raze seemingly appeared out of nowhere and rammed Kale's starfighter, sending it crashing to the surface below. Kale was gravely injured; a piece of shrapnel had become lodged in his heart, sending him into cardiac arrest. Christie, realizing that she was the only one that could save him, calmly removed the shrapnel from Kale's chest and healed his wounds with the Force.

Grey Jedi (217 ABY) Edit

During Kale's battles with Raze, he decided to follow his own path for good, and became somewhat of a Grey Jedi.


Kale as a Grey Jedi.

Holly's return Edit

Shortly afterwards, Holly turned up alive and rejoined Kale. As it turned out, when she got to Ord Mantell looking for the data disk, it turned out to be a trap, and as a result she was ambushed by four Dark Jedi who knocked her unconscious and threw her into a ditch, covering it with junk. The Dark Jedi left Holly for dead, but one of them knew of her relationship to Kale and sent back a fabricated report to him, falsely stating that Holly was dead.

Holly focused on dedicating her time with her and Kale's faction, and eventually Raze was destroyed on Yavin IV.

Mission on Tatooine (218 ABY) Edit

At some point, after the death of Raze, Holly set out to the Vergesso Asteroids, to take revenge upon a madman named Handon Crask who had threatened several of her friends and killed them. Soon after, Kale and Jaina Halcyon, a fellow member of the Silent Fighters, set out to Tatooine together, to investigate rumors of a rebel alliance that operated in one of the major cities on the planet. Their suspicions proved correct when they came upon the Rebel's base in Mos Eisley. Meeting the general there, they discovered that Mos Eisley was under Imperial control and that the rebellion was created to overthrow them.

Both Kale and Jaina agreed to help the Rebellion, but their support to the resistance didn't last long. The Imperial garrison stationed in the city happened to locate the base, surrounding it so those inside could not escape. The Rebel general was forced to surrender to the Imperial forces, while Kale and Jaina escaped unnoticed and met up with two other members of the resistance. Together, they formed a plan to rescue the general, but Kale was left unaware of these plans as they snuck aboard the orbiting Imperial Star Destroyer.

The tide turns Edit

The rescue attempt turned out to be a near total failure, with both Kale and Jaina being captured. It didn't take long, however, for Jaina to break out of her captivity and steal a ship. Realizing it wouldn't be easy to escape the perimeter of the star destroyer because of its tractor beam, Jaina flew her ship outside and disabled the tractor beam with her cannons. She returned to the hangar of the star destroyer where Kale was waiting for her, and they returned to Tatooine's surface together.

Tension Edit

Once on the surface, Kale was upset at not only the inability that he was not informed of the Rebels' plan to rescue the general, but also the fact that it seemed to be a suicide mission and that Jaina appeared to almost abandon him on board the Imperial's starship. Acting unusually aggressive and rash, Kale Force choked Jaina, tossing her into the hull of the starfighter they landed in, and ran off. He left in a ship to Dromund Kaas to speak to his friend Charly, who was a member of the Krath.

Jaina found them there, in one of the many temples that dotted the planet. Kale, who was extremely angered by Jaina's appearance, attacked them both, easily defeating them. A Dark Jedi happened to be nearby the scene, and also met a similar fate to Jaina and Charly's when she challenged him. Help arrived not long afterward in the form of a couple of Jedi who healed both Jaina and Charly. Although Kale was still furious, Charly was able to calm Kale down, and he apologized to his friends, who respectfully accepted.

Danger on Coruscant (218 ABY) Edit

Sometime later later, the Empire, combined with the forces of the Sith, invaded and took over Coruscant, which put The Silent Fighters in danger. Kale alerted to all of his recruits that the Imperials were cleaning out the planet of any stragglers, especially Force users. Jaina was one of the few who weren't quite successful in avoiding Imperial authorities. Kale, normally optimistic as he was, decided to take matters into his own hands and attempted to speak with the Imperials outside the base. After an argument that seemingly went nowhere, both Jaina and Kale chose to fight their way out. Kale was subdued by Imperial forces, but Jaina escaped and fled to Kashyyyk.

Not longer afterwards, Kale was rescued by a group of Jedi along with Jaina. Knowing that if they went back to Coruscant they would be killed, Kale and Jaina abandoned their base and headed to the Smuggler's Moon of Nar Shaddaa, where they hoped to keep a low profile away from the Empire and the Sith.

Black Sun (218 ABY-219 ABY) Edit


Kale Apollo, Black Sun vigo.

Shortly after Kale's relocation to Nar Shaddaa, he ran into Holly, who had seemed different to him. As a possible relation to her change in her personality, she formed an alliance between the Silent Fighters and Black Sun, after she had spoken with Cayce Urriah, the Black Sun Queen. Kale was not very trusting of Cayce at first and immediately knew that something was wrong with Holly. Each time Kale tried to help her, it was a step closer to a confrontation between them both.


Kale Apollo and Lady Raesha just before a duel on Nar Shaddaa

Tough love Edit

"Sometimes I wonder if it was my fault. Was there something that I was missing? Something that I had never learned in my own training that led to their downfall?"

— Kale Apollo

During these issues between Kale and Holly, Kale became a vigo within Black Sun, and Holly started to call herself "Lady Raesha." Holly eventually attacked Kale at least twice on Nar Shaddaa, in which Kale concluded that the only way to save Holly was to sacrifice himself.

Holly fled to Mustafar with Kale closely following her there. A great lightsaber duel ensued on the planet, with it almost ending in Kale's death. Holly was about to finish him off when she realized what she was doing was wrong. Frantically, she tried to heal Kale with the Force as best she could, and then quickly brought him back to Nar Shaddaa to be fully treated in a bacta tank. As a result of what happened, Holly fled the planet.

Ordo Jin Edit

It was around this time that Kale decided to found Ordo Jin, along with Cayce. Among its first members were Christie Homewood and Jaina. A week later, Holly returned, even colder and more bitter than she was originally towards Kale, even going so far as to telling him that she hated him. Apparently, her experience with nearly killing Kale did not save her, it only made her worse.

Another week passed, and Kale talked to Holly, telling her how much she meant to him and that her actions were making him miserable and even getting to the point where it was turning him to the dark side. Holly considered it, and finally gave up, breaking down in tears knowing she had taken the wrong path. It was then that Holly had redeemed herself, and the two mended their relationship.

The shape of things to come Edit

Around this time, Kale received an anonymous tip about a bounty hunter named Kyia Valeeva that he should look out for, had he ever needed assistance. He was skeptical, but would keep the bounty hunter's name in mind, regardless. Kale would later discover that Kyia had great potential to become a Jedi during his time in the Unknown Regions.

Betrayal Edit

"You've seen the last of me. Too bad I didn't have more time to regret it, though."

— Kale Apollo

Some time passed after Kale and Holly's reconciliation, but matters eventually became worse. Previously, Cayce had left Black Sun in charge of her second in commands. She had returned, shocked and in awe of the progress her people had made. However, she had also become cold and bitter, turning her own men on Kale, including Holly herself. Kale, stunned and confused by this turn of events, vowed to leave and depart to the Unknown Regions, never returning again.

Return (219 ABY-220 ABY) Edit

Recently, after many months of absence, Kale returned to the known galaxy, a changed man. Leaving his past behind, and his name "Yamato Kamiya" along with it (as he thought it belonged to his past as well), he renamed himself Kale Apollo. What he had found in his adventures in the Unknown Regions had remained to be discovered, however.

Changes Edit

Returning to Coruscant, Kale had found that many things had changed while he was gone, which he felt were acceptable. He befriended Jys Tebut, after she had collapsed from a battle with a member of Black Sun, and sought to reestablish contact with his other allies and friends. Kale then considered to seek out the bounty hunter he had been tipped on, many months before, on Coruscant. Meeting Kyia in a cantina, he asked to hire her as a bodyguard. Unknown to her, Kale's real reason was to discover if Kyia really did possess the Force during their adventures, as she hid it well. She was reluctant and resistant to his offer as a bodyguard at first, but after a bit of prodding on Kale's part, she accepted his offer.

Revelations Edit

"Had things been different, I would have put full commitment to your training, but I have my reasons."

— Kale Apollo

After a few weeks, it finally became apparent to Kale that Kyia could indeed use the Force. He continued to keep his knowledge of her Force sensitivity until they traveled to the Jedi Temple on Talus. Once there, he revealed the truth about his actions and Kyia to her. Kyia did not believe Kale, and so he had no choice to show her that she could in fact use the Force. She was stunned to find out what had become of her and initially refused Kale's attempts to help her. It was not until after much discussion and thought, did Kale finally convince her to be trained in the ways of the Force, by him. However, his training Kyia would not be a full apprenticeship, as Kale was still haunted by the failures of his past apprentices. Nevertheless, Kyia would be trained, although slowly...

Personality and traits Edit

As a young boy, Kale was thoughtful and intelligent. He was friendly, and was deeply devoted to his family. However, he was also known to hold grudges and was rather vengeful, but he kept these emotions in check when he could. He also hated being wrongly accused. He would do anything to keep those he was close to from harm, no matter what the cost.

As Kale became older, he developed a sense of impatience, often looking ahead to the future. He was known to be impulsive, reckless, and had little regard for his own personal safety. He was naturally honest and despised lying and deception, and had little love for politics. He especially hated slavery. He was also seen to be somewhat of a maverick and unconventional Jedi, which shows through his choices by preferring to follow his own path in the Force, but yet still remained loyal to the Jedi and the Galactic Alliance.

Kale often feared at doing the wrong thing and often doubted himself, yet, he appeared very self-confident and possessed almost a cynical dry sense of humor, along with sarcastic wit. He also gave every choice he thought possible a good deal of thought. Even in his more recent years, he still cared deeply about the safety of his close ones, as well as hating being wrongly accused.

It is unknown why Kale still retains his looks from his mid twenties, yet in reality he is thirty standard years old. This does not, however, mean he possesses any form of immortality.

Powers and abilities Edit

Kale was known for his exceptional piloting skills, as well as being an exceptional mechanic. He also possessed some leadership qualities, and was known to think both strategically and tactically at times.

Force powers Edit

Kale possessed the unique ability to generate and control fire and heat, apparently as "an extension of the Force," according to himself.

Lightsaber training Edit

Kale possessed knowledge of the following lightsaber forms:

Equipment Edit


Kale's current lightsaber.

Weapons Edit

Lightsaber Edit

Kale has had a few different lightsabers in his life so far, with blade colors ranging from blue, light blue, red, and green. Kale's current lightsaber is green, with a hilt similar to Obi-Wan Kenobi's third lightsaber, yet the pommel is somewhat of a different color, and the blade emitter shroud has been both shortened and flattened drastically.

Apparel Edit

Kale's typical outfit usually consisted of a black cloak with a mask, black jumpsuit, gloves, utility belt and armor painted dark green and black.

Kale's gloves possessed a built-in vibroknuckler, yet lacked the blades that defined the knuckler itself. This version of vibroknucklers enabled the user to punch through 3 to 6 inches of solid concrete or rock, depending on the force of the blow and the weapon's power setting. To protect the wearer from injury, the knucklers possessed a small area of shielding around the hands. With the added advantage of shields, this feature could also be used to deflect small arms fire for a period of time.

The armor included a chest piece, boots, and parts borrowed from his Mandalorian armor:

Ships Edit

Kale has been known to fly a variety of craft, but his preferred ships are: