Kallatharr, lone Wookiee, born into the Wroshyr Clan. He has spent many years away from Kashyyyk, spending his younger years as a slave to a dark jedi. The Dark Jedi had a device implanted in the wookie to enable him to speak galactic basic, but every time he uses the device to speak this language, it is a strain that he must endure, for which he has used pain medication for a long time.


Kallatharr was born into the Wroshyr Clan on Kashyyyk. His early life was among a family of his own kind and he began to develop with the hope of emulating the great ones of his clan that have been revered for centuries.

When he was of age to go into battle, he participated in a war with an invasion of Dark Jedi and rogue clones on his homeworld. Many died that day, but the enemy was contained...but not without the abduction of many wookies.

These wookies were put to work, using their strength to perform labour on an inhospitable world.

One of them these wookies was Kallatharr and despite his young years he began to plan for an escape. Before this could happen, he was one of 5 selected to have experimental surgery.

This surgery involved the implantation of a device enabling the wookie to speak galactic basic. The translation device would interpret the wookies language and a generated voice would repeat it in language that humans could understand.

This device is not active all the time but Kallatharr was forced to use it to address humans, but when he does use it, it gives him aching pain... for which he has got used to... but takes doses of pain killers for this ever since.

The escape from their prison took place one night, it was believed that only the rogue clones were present to confine them... the combined strength of the wookies was too much to keep them in a cell and too much for the clones, but the clones weapons did take the lives of four wookies.

Many of those captured were skilled pilots, as was Kallatharr who took control of a fighter and took off... closely followed by a stolen cargo ship.

From here he returned to Kashyyyk only to find his family had perished in a revenge raid by their defeated opponents.

With nothing to keep him at home, Kallatharr wandered the stars looking for peace, direction and wisdom.

He has been drawn to the planet of Ruusan where he hopes to find the path of knowledge and peace that the Jedi believe in.