Kao Sazen was a Force-sensitive Zabrak male who was a Jedi Master and served in many wars against the Sith. 

Born in 323 ABY as the son of the moisture farmers, Duqua Sazen and Triz Sazen, Kao was raised on Iridonia. In 338 ABY, Sazen's life changed forever. He ventured to Bakura, where he began his first service in a war against the Sith. Over the next few years, he served in many important battles against the Sith, training under Jedi Knight Omhs Kiverf. During the war, Kao Sazen managed to defeat Darth Altus, one of the leaders of the Sith Forces. 

At the conclusion of the war, Sazen was Knighted by the Jedi Order. After his first few assignments as a Knight, he decided to return back to Iridonia and spend time with his family, as his Father had fallen ill. Luckily, Duqua survived his illness. 

Many years later, Kao Sazen found that the Jedi Enclave on Bakura to be destroyed. He went to Coruscant, where one of the largest Enclaves' stood. Sazen joined their ranks to complete a mission given to him by Master Hoggil Torok. 

Roughly fifteen years later, Sazen fought in another war against the Sith, participating heavily in the fighting on Dathomir. During this time, he was offered a Master title, due to his service for the Order and Republic. Graciously accepting this title, he went on to sit on the Council of Masters and serve as a leader to the Order. 


Early Life Edit

Born in 323 ABY, the son of the moisture farmers, Duqua Sazen and Triz Sazen, Kao was raised on Iridonia. The first Sazen in several generations to receive education, he was studying to run the family business some day. Sazen's early schooling did not go well. He was often reported as being overly active and showed an inability to listen. At the age of 16, he began to assist his Father on the moisture farm.

When Sazen turned 18, he decided to explore the galaxy. By way of a transport freighter, he moved to a new planet each few weeks. Having heard stories of the on-going war with the Sith, he began to consider joining the military and fighting in the war. It wasn't until his arrival on Bakura that he made his final decision.

While on Bakura, in the city of Salis D'aar, Sazen attempted to sign-up with the Republic Military. They denied his application, due to his inadequate schooling records. Desperate to serve in the war, he met a Jedi Recruiter who offered him a chance to become a Jedi.

Unknown to Sazen at the time, he was force sensitive. He was admitted to the Jedi Temple on Bakura, where he faced his early Initiation Trials. Sazen proved that he was indeed force sensitive. However, he had difficulty with the self-discipline teachings of the Jedi. Though it took him longer then most, he passed and was admitted as a Padawan to Jedi Knight Omhs Kiverf.

Serving in the war against the Sith as a Padawan, Sazen quickly become a decorated war veteran. Participating in both ground and space combat, Kao quickly grew out of his younger shell. Sazen would later go on in the war to defeat Darth Altus, whilst conducting a scouting mission on Dromund Kaas. Kao Sazen, Omhs Kiverf and their droid, R7-K2 fought Darth Altus deep inside an underground tomb. Sazen managed to land the killing blow with his now famous tomahawk-style weapon.

Knighthood Edit

At the end of the war, Sazen was made a Jedi Knight. Having passed his Trials, the Council saw it fit to grant Kao the right to work independently and continue his studies as a Jedi without a Master. It was at this time that Sazen returned home to Iridonia, due to his Father taking ill. He spent several years back on his home planet, tending to his family. Luckily, Duqua managed to survive his illness.

After returning to Bakura briefly to find the Jedi Enclave there had collapsed, Sazen went to Coruscant. Having received a mission from Master Hoggil Torok, he attempted to fulfill it. Watching over Master Torok's daughter for many years led Sazen to join the ranks of the Order based on Coruscant.

Involved in many slave markets and underworld gangs at the time, Sazen was one of the leading Jedi on fighting against the criminal element. Facing off against the Exchange, he managed to bring several criminals to justice.

Several years later, Sazen met an Initiate in the Jedi Order. His connection with Eugene Verus would lead him to take Eugene as a Padawan. Training Eugene in the ways of the force to become a Jedi Knight, Kao spent many of his years conducting missions with his Padawan. Though they did not need to serve in any official wars, the Sith presence was still strong in the Undercity of Coruscant.

Eugene went on to pass his Trials and become a Jedi Knight. He went on to become a highly recognized Jedi Knight, who served the Republic and Order well.

Shortly after Eugene was Knighted, diplomatic relations between the Jedi and the Republic slowly broke down. Due to the nature of the breakdown, Sazen was assigned to work as an Envoy between the Republic and Jedi Order, in conjunction with Master Yoshimo Kol. Though his position was brief, the Order managed to prevent a total collapse.

After discussing the large issue of the Sith influence on Coruscant with Sazen's old Master, he decided to leave Coruscant briefly and study to become a Shadow. During this time, he would work with Omhs to hunt down Sith Artifacts and relics, in an effort to further remove the corruption of the Sith from the Galaxy.

Upon Omhs and Sazen's return, they found the Order was in another war with the Sith. The Republic, Imperial Forces, Mandalorians and Sith were engaging on Dathomir. Moving to aid them, the new Jedi Shadow and Omhs began pouring their efforts into the war.

After several months on the front lines, Sazen was approached by the Jedi High Council. He, along with Omhs Kiverf, were formally recognized for having passed their Mastery Trials. Upon accepting the titles, both Omhs and him became Jedi Masters, tasked with teaching future generations of the Order.


It was said that many Iridonian's had a confident attitude. So much so, that at a certain point, they almost had an air of arrogance about them.

Kao Sazen was often described as being a docile person. He was confident in his skills as a combatant, particularly from the training he recieved on Iridonia. Anger was a rarity for the young man, but he was known to have sudden outbursts, should the right nerve be plucked.

Kao also seems to have follow suited with his Master, Ohms Kiverf, in acquiring a tribal like attitude to the Jedi. Seen in his clothing and demeanour, Kao represented Iridonia with a rugged look, with an attitude to match.

As he grew older, he became more mature, donning an attitude similar to his Masters'. Stoic and calm, yet still having a large amount of confidence that he could tackle any task with little help.

Powers and abilities Edit

Lightsaber training Edit

Sazen was proficient in lightsaber combat. Although Sazen was able to use many forms, he preferred to use Form IV: Ataru, allowing him to move around the battlefield with ease.

Master Sazen carried a green-bladed lightsaber.

Force Powers Edit

Sazen was powerful in the Force for someone so young. Though his focus was much more directed towards light-based abilities, such as Force Light.

Due to his nature as a Jedi Shadow, the majority of his specialties lie solely in defeating Sith. He also went on to adopt a more supporting role in the Force, mastering Force Valor and a force technique called battle meditation.