He is a sometimes hyperactive bouncy little fluffball most of the time and is rarely ever shy. he chitters when he is excited or happy. he has been known to hug people who he likes or hasnt seen in several days. Despite his seeming childeshness and youthful exuberance he is quite old and very wise. he was a bit of a child prodigy and understanding and knowledge of the force and its workings comes easily to him. Some people think he is forgetful or scatterbrained but the truth is that he has so much going on in his head that he has trouble retrieving information when he needs it and is constantly listening to the voice of the force so he sometimes doesnt register things people say to him so he seems forgetful and scatterbrained.


Karas was born to a Human mother and a Polydroxel father on the recently reappeared planet of zonoma sekot. his father had fallen in love with a young sekotan healer on a mission there and left the order to be with her. when he was a thousand years old which was a child by his species standards his father discovered that he had a natural understanding and ability to sense and tap into the force. For the next 2000 years his father trained him in the ways of the force and the use of a lightsaber. his mother had died when he was only 50 years old and then on his 3000th birthday a former pupil of his father who had turned to the darkside Darth Rayne came to his home seeking to kill his father and thus end all ties she had to the jedi. Karas took up his fathers lightsaber for his father was to old and frail to defend himself. The sith threw him aside as easily as one would discard and eatin apple core. Laughing at him and telling him that "a child like you has no chance against the likes of me" she took his fathers fallen saber and ran his father through with it. After the sith left strangely without killing karas he went to his dying father and held him in his arms. His fathers dying wish was that he seek out and join the Jedi order that he not spend the rest of his days consumed with hatrid and the want for revenge. Honoring his final request he left zonoma sekot and travaled the galaxy for 15 years until he came to Onderon. Rising quickly through the ranks Karas soon reached the level of Knight taking for his apprentice his childhood friend and lover Myth suppresing the feelings nhe harbors for her for the sake of training he has been training her for quiete some time now.