born and abandoned in the lehon system his survival is something of a oddity. He to date has no memory of family friends from his path only the overwhelming presence of the force and machines . the planet seemingly has become a place for lost forgotten abandoned and unwanted things growing up he learned form the many data archives only learning certain socialskills deemed important by the many races who left thier ships in workign order. the ruins have long been abandoned and alway carreid a strong echo that pained him his entire life. having no other otions and feeling the void in himself so keenly he began to repair a few ships and make his attempt to find other sentient life. this lead him ot the nearby outerrim planets tatooine and dantooine in respectful order. h e learned of his skils and possession of the force the mystical abilities that have pained him so much having no controll over it and began training on that planet...sadly teh presence of teh darkside was toostrong there forcing him to flee to dantooine where he was takin in by the order . he is currently the padawan of a sentinel jedi and ahs been praised for his quitt and logical manner of thinking that he gained by only having contact mainly with machines and never learning the social traits of dishonesty or unprocessed thought. needless to say he has much to learn exspecially about others.

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