Kathalon is a planet that exists only in Second Life Star Wars Role-play and fiction based off of it.

Role-play InformationEdit

Commonwealth EraEdit

The Kath system was originally discovered by scouts of the Unified Commonwealth, upon entering the system they soon discovered that the system linked to other Hyperspace routes. Upon this discovery, it was decided by the Commonwealth Government and Military to station a military outpost and recruitment centre on the planet, as well as use it for propaganda to show their strength and ability to mass colonize after their own civil war.

The planet was discovered to be rich in minerals and soon survey ships began to flood the area. Orbital stations were constructed to assist with Terra-forming the planet and mineral location. Minerals from the planet were shipped to areas of the Commonwealth to be converted in to living materials and weapon materials which were distributed throughout the Commonwealth.

Unable to supply a defence force to protect Kathalon and other new colony worlds, the Commonwealth tasked these worlds with forming their own militia from immigrants and to locate and secure new member worlds which formed the term "Gateway World" for planets such as Kathalon.

First ContactEdit

After Kathalon was tasked with seeking out its own defensive force, Ezri Tamara Werda, appointed head of Kathalon's Military force, set out to locate assistance for Kathalon's defence, and stumbled across the planet of Bakura. While on Bakura, Ezri learned of the Grand Army of the Republic and of Lieutenant Colonel P-2883 "Bralor", to whom she requested aid from.

Soon after the Grand Army of the Republic's 501st was dispatched along with the Grand Army's Engineer Corps by the Lieutenant Colonel to establish a base of operations several hundred miles away from the primary civilian settlement on Kathalon, deep in the forests of the planet. After the Grand Army of the Republic's war with the Galactic Dominion's forces began to grow in to a full engagement, Grand Army forces began to occupy the outpost in larger numbers as it eventually grew in to a full base.

Along with the Grand Army's increased presence came imported creatures, sightings of Acklay were reported by many Clones of the Grand Army, as well as civilians who ventured in to the forests of the planet. Their appearance is not native to the planet, and the reason for them being on the planet was never determined. Their believed to be fully extinct on the surface, but that remains unconfirmed.

Other wildlife of the planet has been scares with minor sightings here and there of creatures unseen by the Galaxy at large. The settlement on the planet's surface slowly began to grow as the Commonwealth found itself on hard times. After finishing their efforts to assist the people of Nar Shaddaa the Tetan Empire moved in to one of the few remaining orbital stations above Kathalon, and eventually entered in to negotiations with the Commonwealth to assist in colonization efforts.

With Tetan assistance, the settlement quickly expanded in to a full fledged city, switching from a rustic town to a highly advanced city breaming with technology, it was dubbed Vontaige City after the famous top advisor to the ruler of Kronos Major. As the city prospered, the Commonwealth's influence slowly faded as did their forces until the Tetan Empire was in control over the planet.

Teten Empire EraEdit

The Empress of the Tetan Empire, Empress Keto established the bulk of the Tetan's forces, both military and government, within the Citidel which originally was intended to house both Tetan and Commonwealth officials. Soon after her marriage to former Grand Army Lieutenant Colonel Fox Bralor, she ordered the removal of the Grand Army of the Republic's outpost from the planet and continued her work within the city to help keep it prospering.

After the Tetan Empire began ruling the planet, other forces from the galaxy began arriving on the planet, both friendly and hostile, in an effort to drive Tetan forces off the planet or aid Tetan forces in the defence of their planet. Under Empress Keto's guiding hand, parts of the planet were slowly recovering from the mining efforts of the Commonwealth and made habitable.

One of these areas was a rocky beach in a valley, where the wrecks of a YT-1300 Freighter, two T-65 X-Wing Starfighters, a single released Aurek fighter, and two TIE fighters, located by Emperor Fox Bralor Keto and Ithoros Imari. The wrecks were never salvaged, but a recovered "black box" from the YT-1300 revealed that all ships were downed during the Galactic Civil War era.

The PlagueEdit

Eventually a biological weapon belonging to the Parian's, a civilization who was in conflict with the Unified Commonwealth during its early stages, descended upon the planet that was known as the Plague. Designed to attach itself to a host and operate as a Hive Mind, creatures of The Plague infested the city of Vontaige and began fighting with Tetan forces, as well as allies of the Tetan Empire that came to aid in the planet's defence.

The forces of The Plague ran amok within the city through underground tunnels and attacked all forces they came in to contact with that were not their own. Commonwealth forces arrived in Kathalon orbit to assist in combat against The Plague, the surprise attack cost the Commonwealth Navy several ships that were rated for atmospheric flight as well as several marine regiments. Eventually The Plague retreated in to deep space after suffering massive losses from orbital strikes by Commonwealth ships.

Post Plague EraEdit

After The Plague was driven back, the Tetan Empire entered in to a series of skirmishes with various factions which lead to attacks within the city, eventually ceasing. During the time of peace the heirs to the Tetan throne returned from the Empress Teta system, and along with their return the Citadel was dismantled and replaced with the new Tetan Palace.

OOC InformationEdit

Kathalon is the product of two years of development. The sim was purchased from its previous owner, which was the Korriban sim from 2007. In its original form, the sim was modelled after the planet Kuat, and for a couple of months was open for role-play before being shut down in January 2010.

The sim went through several communities after Kuat was closed down, each project never making it to a final stage. The idea of Kathalon originated when the sim was planned to join the Avatar community, where it slowly evolved in to a generic cyber-punk sim in which the name took a larger presence.

The residents of the sim, SniperFox Mills, Sazuka Yatsenko, Otty Ling, and Aleyah Wingtips discussed a new community to use the sim for, and was eventually agreed upon to become a SWRP sim once again, this time modelled as a new fictional planet called Kathalon to house the group known as the Unified Commonwealth run by Sazuka Yatsenko.

The sim originally started off as a forest level on the ground floor with an orbital station, to offer people three role-play zones, the station, the forest, and space. After SniperFox Mills and Otty Ling re-joined the Grand Army of the Republic, the group was offered a place on the sim to help increase role-play and activity on the sim. As the base for the Grand Army expanded, the forest was revised with assistance from SniperFox Mills and Aleyah Wingtips to help improve its appearance and usability. The updated look to the forest was said by many people to be the perfect combination of realistic appearance and role-play usage, being dense enough to look real and still allow vehicles to move through it.

Popularity didn't increase until after the Tetan Empire gained a presence after being offered the chance to call the sim home after being kicked off Nar Shaddaa. The sim was taken offline for a short time so the city could be constructed, for the most part it was constructed by Eva Lekach, with assistance from Selkra Munro and some assistance from SniperFox Mills. The city has been commented by some as being one of the best constructed within SWRP and is always undergoing maintenance and changes as required by Role-play as well as general maintenance.

Due to the planet not originating from any official Star Wars canon, its not followed any single style for buildings, which in some ways has made it easier to build components of the city, and the sim overall. New updates are constantly being planned out for the sim and most eventually make it in to use to improve overall quality on the sim. Sim staff members pride theirselves on providing a sim that has little lag to hinder people's ability to be on sim, while providing outstanding Role-play environments to move through.

The sim currently offers In Character apartments down in the city for rent, as well as the option for factions to rent buildings or area on the sim to assist them in their development and growth. Groups such as EIE, North Sector, NOS, the Imperial Conclave, and the Mandalorian Clan Imari have benefited from these offers to some degree.

The sim's staff currently includes: Sazuka Yatsenko as the sim owner, SniperFox Mills as the co-owner and head admin, Otty Ling as the sim's admin, Ithoros Imari as the sim's Story Teller, Eva Lekach as the sim's builder, and Selkra Munro as the sims assistant builder.

Should there be any questions or comments about the sim, rent, ideas, or factional bases, contact either Sazuka Yatsenko, SniperFox Mills, or Otty Ling.