Katherine "Kitty" Corsh is a Jedi Knight and Council member of The Altisian Enclave on Coruscant. She was knighted by the Jedi Order before being exiled when her ideals and those of the Jedi Council conflicted. She has been trained to act as a Jedi Shadow. She is most often found carrying her yellow bladed lightsabers, with a pistol as backup.

History Edit

."The smallest act of kindness can bring hope to the entire Galaxy."

Early Childhood Edit

Born on the star freighter Tarkness, Katherine spent her early years in space with her parents Mia and Kerin Corsh and her older sister Kelly. Shortly after she reached her fifth galactic year the Tarkness came under attack by pirates who left none of the adults aboard alive. The children, including Katherine and her sister were taken along with the cargo to be sold as slaves to the Hutts.

Perhaps because she was the youngest, or perhaps for another reason, one of the pirates, a Corellian named Corissa Marne, decided to keep the girl as her own rather than allowing her to be sold with the others. Katherine never really understood why she was saved, but as she grew up she came to think of Corissa as her new mother. Corissa was kind to her, and kept the more aggressive men away from the girl as she blossomed into a young woman.

Growing Up on Talasea Edit

At the pirate hide out, hidden in the ruins of an old deserted New Republic Base on the planet Talasea, Katherine learned to fight with both a gun and blade, sparing with both Corissa and other pirates.  Her sparing partners started to become limited as she grew older however, as her ability to predict and intercept attacks began to unnerve those that fought her. At fifteen galactic years of age, she was introduced to the cockpit of a old E-Wing Interceptor, and began to learn to fly.  While certainly not a natural talent as a pilot, as her training continued, she started to be able to hold her own in combat. Where she did excel was in her astrogation, being able to calculate hyperspace jumps faster and, more often than not, finer than either a droid or a computer. She couldn't explain how, it was instinct.

On her eighteenth birthday she was initiated into the main pirate hunting pack, flying her E-Wing as a scout to hit supply ships bound for a New Republic colony. For the next two years this would be her life. Plotting the hyperspace jumps that they would be taking to hit transports and supply ships, scouting the targets, and then watching for danger.

The Accident Edit

The incident that would change the course of her life began with what had seemed to be a simple mission, but it quickly went all kinds of wrong. The supply vessel was heading for a Sith outpost, but was lightly protected. The attack had gone exactly as planned, and the main pack was loading their spoils into shuttles ready to return to base when an Interdictor ship dropped out of Hyperspace directly on top of them. There was little that Kitty could have done as she watched the Interdictor's heavy turbo lasers opened fire, disintegrating bulkheads and hulls of the lightly armored pirate and supply ships.

She flew to help in the battle that was starting, but right from the outset it was clear that the pirates were outnumbered and outclassed. Fighting overwhelming odds, she had downed two Sith Defenders, but also lost her own shields, her E-Wing's hull badly scored, when she heard a familiar voice over the radio. It was Corissa. She had reached one the supply ship's bridges and was preparing to drive it directly into the Interceptor. Kitty had screamed at her not too, but the only response was the order for the surviving pirates to jump when the gravity well fell. As the flame and light blossomed from the impact of the supply ship with the Interdictor, the remaining Pirates jumped. Katherine had been forced to engage her own hyperdrive and jump to a predetermined rally point.

Travelling through the tunnel of hyperspace that day she had never felt so alone. Lost in her pain and not concentrating on what her ship was doing, she failed to realize that she was going to exit too close to the planet. Her E-Wing exited Hyperspace with a thud, skipping across the atmosphere, the hull plating turning red hot from the friction with the air. Had the fighter been in perfect condition she would have been able to control it, but it wasn't, the controls reacted sluggishly, and the fighter began to spin out of control.  Her field of vision narrowed before her as she had fought against the G-forces slamming her into the side of the cockpit. The inertial dampeners failed to protect her, then everything went black.

She would awake four months later. With the loss so many of their crew, the Pirate's leader had decided that they weren't going to lose her as well. With the loss of her mother, and her natural talents he wanted her to be his new strike weapon for raids. Because of this he used as much bacta as he could steal to help her heal. It wasn't to be enough though. Her left arm had been crushed beyond the healing properties of bacta, and the corneas in both eyes had been burned, blinding her. The only possible solution was to replace them with artificial ones, a cybernetic arm, and eyes. More seriously, she had suffered serious head trauma, and a neural network interface was added to her brain to help it heal and to repair the damage done. Added that she was to discover that she had been implanted with a prototype energy shield device that the pirates had raided from the Sith supply vessels, the implant appearing as glowing lines running underneath her skin.

Escape to Coruscant Edit

It took her several months of rehabilitation before she was back to full strength. During this time she learned to use her new parts, the prototype shield unit was able to form a short lived shield about her body, enough to deflect a single blaster shot or melee weapon blow before requiring time to recharge. Her eyes could see in both the Infra-Red and Ultra Violet spectrum, as well as able to zoom in on details, or act as binoculars to see clearly at distances of  nearly half a kilometer. It wasn't the same though. The rooms she had shared with Corissa felt empty to her, as empty as she did inside as she struggled with being more machine than Human. Also she was finding that without Corissa's protection, the other pirates started to make moves on her, making her even more uncomfortable.

It was this that lead to the second worst night of her life. She didn't know what woke her, a sound, a feeling, but she was awake when the door blew open and shadows rushed into her room.  Her hand reached for her blade, and.... she didn't remember a lot of what happened after that. When the blackness cleared, five of the pirate crew were dead on her floor, their blood splashed across the walls, the floor, and her own body. She knew she could not stay. They might have broken the rules by attacking her, but without Corissa she was vulnerable, and she wasn't willing to wait and find out how pirate justice would act for her. She packed her few possessions and made her way to the base's hanger. With reluctance, but knowing she had to escape, she ambushed the lone guard, Gavin, one of her only real friends left on the base. Knowing that he would be forced to turn her in, she slit his throat before he had a chance to react. Locking down the small fleet, except for the single shuttle she boarded, she took off and plotted a course into the Core Worlds, away from the Pirate Base and towards civilization.

Her first stop was Commenor where she sold the shuttle and paid for a fare off planet, slowly making her way to the Galactic Capital.

Joining the Jedi Edit

Kitty Training with Saber

Katherine as a Jedi Initiate

On Coruscant with her money running low, Katherine was forced to rely on gambling to survive, using her gift of Precognition to know which cards would be coming next. She made sure that while she always profited from the games she played, that she would lose enough each time to remain above suspicion. Little was she aware that she had already been noticed and she received a summons to the Jedi Temple. Arriving she was told that she has been observed, and that if she wished it, she could be trained to become a Jedi. Given her past, Katherine was skeptical, but she accepted the offer and made her new home in the Jedi Temple.

Almost immediately on her settling to the Temple, a call was received from New Alderaan. An archaeological team was missing and they needed the Jedi's help. Traveling with several Knights and Masters the Initiate was unprepared for what would face her. Beasts created with Sith Alchemy, and Rancors perverted and mutated by the Sith magic. Worst were the two Ancient Sith spirits that had taken over the main two scientists and killed the rest of the team.The Jedi emerged victorious, but it was a fast wake up call to the young space pirate about a world that she had never dreamed of and was now plunging into head first.

At first she found it hard to control her abilities, and dark visions plagued her every time she attempted to meditate. She ended up spending a great deal of her time in the Jedi Archives reading the histories. There she came across the tale of Gav and Jori Daragon and their part in the Great Hyperspace War. What would excite her most was the realization that she shared a force ability with the two, that of being able to instinctively astrogate without a Navcomputer. It was this discovery that unlocked her fears and her abilities and made her understand that she truly could be a Jedi if she put her mind to it. From then on she vowed that she would work to bring peace to the Galaxy as a penance for all the harm she had caused, and the lives she had taken during her time as a pirate.

Time as a Padawan Edit

Always the head strong type, the young Jedi managed to get into a fight with one of her mentors, Jedi Knight Sek'nos Fah, and as a result she stormed off to the Undercity and proceeded to get drunk at the Eclipse Bar. While she was there a Miraluka woman arrived and joined Katherine in drinking, the two soon worse for wear. It was then when Knight Fah arrived, and ordered the two back to the Temple. Katherine was to learn that the women she had bonded with was in fact the Jedi Knight Laura Sirnah. Taking Katherine under her wing, Knight Sirnah become Katherine's Master and began her training. Laura had Katherine face the darkness inside of herself, a risky move that almost cost the young padawan her soul when her darkside personality, Priss, emerged. Were it not for the intervention of Knight Fah, forcing the darkness to retreat enough for Katherine to regain control, the girl might have fallen to the Darkside. Future training was not as dangerous and the pair seemed to be getting along fine, and Katherine's training was proceeding. It was also during this time that Katherine was to first meet a new Initiate, Kessia Jahar, and while neither could show it, they fast formed a bond that went far beyond friendship.
Padawan Kitty practicing Jar'Kai

Jedi Padawan Katherine Corsh

Her training was to be interrupted when on a routine mission to the Undercity, Laura was captured by the Sith and forced to renounce the Jedi. Told that her Master had left by her own will, Katherine fell into a spiral of darkness that once more threatened to envelop her. Refusing to accept that fate, she called on the force to take the pain away and in doing so unlocked the ability to dampen her emotions. Unable to control this new power, she managed to remove her emotions entirely becoming cold and logical in everything she did. During this time she was to be accepted by a new Master, the Jedi Knight Kasi Nuvo, and it was the Chiss along with the now Jedi Master Sek'nos, and Padawan Jahar, who would enter Katherine's mind to help unlock her power and feel her emotions once more. Though none spoke of this event afterwards, it was through Kessia's memory of what occurred that Katherine would learn her true name and have her own memories of her parents restored to her.

During her time as a Padawan, Katherine would see many battles. She was involved in the War for Kuat where the combined forces of the Empire and the Republic fought to retake the planet from the Sith who had invaded many years previously. During the Battle for the Shipyards she was struck by powerful Sith lightning and her cybernetic systems failed, causing her brain to short out and her eyes to fail. Blinded and struggling to survive, she was forced to use her Force Sight, a power she was taught by her Miraluka Master. She and her friends were attacked by a Sith while they were visiting her in Hospital. Despite being wounded and still blind, she was able to create a Force Bubble around the group to protect them, before releasing it as a blast that threw the man through the windows of the room, they were safe, though he escaped before security arrived. The incident on Kuat forced her to have her cybernetics upgraded and hardened to resist electric attacks and pulses.

Trials Edit

Like all Padawans, Katherine would go through a number of trials before she was ready to become a Jedi Knight. While none of her trails were formal, the Council was willing to accept her actions on the battlefield and elsewhere to be considered for her advancement.

In her Trial of Insight she faced her old Master. Laura had joined what was assumed to be a Gray Jedi cult, the Indals, and she returned to Coruscant to try and turn her student away from the Jedi Order. Katherine was able to see through the mists surrounding the cult, and realize that in truth it was more darkside than gray, a reality that would play out when the group later joined with the Sith in the Dathomir War.

In her Trial of Flesh she would face a Dashade on the first day of the Dathomir War, the creature nearly tore her in half and her heart stopped on the operating table three times before Jedi Knight Feiri was able to restart it and save her life. She remained hospitalized for over a month recovering from her wounds and a post-operative infection.

In her Trial of Courage she was recognized for her courage on the battle field both at Kuat and during the Dathomir War, including fighting a giant spider queen that attacked the Republic campsite, despite having been in her hospital bed for nearly a month and still being weakened by the life-threatening infection she suffered.

Her Trial of Skill was defined in the final battle of Dathomir when she had to put aside the fact she was fighting against her first Master. She was able to defeat both another Jedi turned Sith and her past Master before rescuing Laura and returning her to Coruscant as a prisoner of the Republic.

Her Trial of Spirit occurred when her girlfriend, Knight Jahar, was captured on Dathomir. Attempting to rescue her, Katherine encountered and faced a Sith Lord alone, During the encounter she was affected by a poison, forcing her to face her deepest fears. Though only a few know what truly happened in the cave, for the Jedi Council it was the proof of the final test they required to declare her a Jedi Knight.

Exiled Edit

During the Dathomir War a lot of things changed for Katherine. Her mentor and guide, Master Sek'nos had left the Jedi Order shortly before the war, and during it, many of the Jedi who had left to explore other parts of the Galaxy before her joining the Order, returned, taking up leadership positions which the senior Padawans had been filling in the absence of Knights. This stripping of authority from the Padawans, who felt they had been holding the Order together in the absence of the Knights, caused a great deal of resentment that would only continue to grow. When towards the end of the war Master Sek'nos returned as well, the resulting mistrust and politics was to leave the Order in chaos. Katherine found herself clashing with the returned Jedi more and more, her liberal views and beliefs struggling against a new system she found to be rule heavy and lacking in trust for its Senior Padawans and Knights to do their jobs. This got no better after she was Knighted, in fact if anything the frustrations become more as it seemed that everything she felt needed to be done was either rejected or taken over by the Council, cutting her out of things that had been her idea, and in her eyes failing to have done what was necessary to protect not only the Order, but the Galaxy as well. She felt that she had but a single ally on the council and when Master Sek'nos resigned once more, things seemed to her to have gone from bad to worse.

During this time she was able to take on more responsibility, training a Padawan of her own, Aria Sensca, and teaching the Initiates and Padawans about the History of the Galaxy which she had learned as a young Initiate with a thirst for knowledge and the entire Archives to hand. She also started to attend the Senate hearings and pay attention to the news of the Galactic front, her belief that as a Shadow the Council would soon be using her to help stop the advances the Sith were making in the outer rim territories. These things along with increasing dark visions of the future and her strong belief that the Sith had found a Hypergate on Dathomir would set her on a course that would result in a direct collision with the new Council.

When a Jedi Outpost was attacked and destroyed and Hutt lettering was found in the ruins, Katherine knew that the Sith, and in particular Darth Hex had begun a war against the Jedi. She had been following the exploits of the Sith Lord for several months before the attack, and had been gathering her own records of his activities, shipping routes, and businesses, everything she believed was needed to put a end to the Darth's supply chains and halt the Sith Army's advance. She was sure that the Jedi would respond to this attack, but when they showed no sign of action, and the Sith started to move against the Empire, she began to make plans of her own, readying a group of Jedi to strike back at the Sith without the blessing of the Council

In the end it would be her own Padawan that would be her undoing. On learning the plan to hunt Darth Hex, Aria went to speak with a Darksider whom she had been told by the Council to avoid. Caught out speaking with him, and telling about the plan to go after Darth Hex, Katherine was called to answer for both her Padawan's actions and her own in planning a war mission without the Council's knowledge or approval. In what ended up becoming a vicious argument between the Council member and Katherine, she declared that she no longer had any trust or confidence in the Council and that in her eyes they were failing the Galaxy as Jedi. For the Council it was the last straw, already seen as a trouble maker, she was exiled from the Jedi Order, and forced to leave both her home and her family.

The Altisians Edit

Shocked by her exile, Katherine went into seclusion aboard the Sentinel's Hope, a corvette given to her by her Master on graduating as a Knight, thus cutting herself off from everyone she knew, even her own Padawan, a mistake she would always regret. Angry and betrayed she was at her weakest during this time, the temptation to fall into the darkness strong, but inside she knew she could not. Her anger was finally broken when her adopted sister and Council Member, Jenneva Fenris challenged her on her actions, and shattered the anger inside of the exiled Knight. It was then that Katherine realized that she had to move forwards and seeking out the few friends she still had in the Jedi Order, she had them scour the Achieves for any Force User groups that still existed in the Galaxy. Of these a couple peeked her interest and she decided that it was time to leave Coruscant and seek these groups out, that hopefully one of them would become her new home.

Katherine would travel to Bespin in search of a group that was mentioned in the Archives, a group of Jedi that had split from the Jedi Order around a hundred years before the Clone Wars. This group, lead by the Jedi Master Djinn Altis, had become known as the Altisian Jedi Order, and all she knew was that when they had last been heard from they had been based in Bespin. The lead was thin but she knew that she had to at least try. After several weeks of searching, she was approached by a man in one of Cloud City's Cantinas. It turned out that the Order has learned of her presence quickly, and had spent the last weeks watching her actions to decide if they should reveal themselves to her. Convinced that she meant no harm, but was genuinely seeking them, she was invited to travel to their training ship, the Chu'unthor, the fourth ship to have carried the name at this point in time.

She would remain with the Order for three months, training in their ways, learning what she could from them and finally accepting their Oath and pledging herself to the Alistian Order and the people of the Galaxy. As a final test she put aside the lightsabers she had constructed as a Padawan of the Jedi Order and forged a new set to symbolize her new life and the hope of a new Order. During her time with the Altisians she would meet and befriend a Knight called Mie Beck who was born on the world of Tatooine. When the time of her training was nearing its end, Katherine and Mie were called before the Grand Council and instructed that on Katherine's return to Coruscant they were to establish a new Enclave there for those that wished to learn the Altisian ways of the Force. Accepting this mission the pair of them returned to Coruscant.

On returning to Coruscant, they would purchase an abandoned garage in the Undercity and use this as the quarters for the new Enclave. Katherine was joined by Knight Jahar and her Padawan Taviana Nadir, and while he had renounced his use of the Force and was now loyal to the Mandorian Clans, Sek'nos also joined with the budding group to lead the Altisian Rangers and train the new initiates in combat.

The Imperial Wars Edit

When the Sith Imperial forces attacked Coruscant, Katherine and her small Enclave did what they could to help the people of the lower city. Sek'nos would leave them once more when the Mand'alor announced support for the Sith Empire, recognizing that he was unable to support the Enclave without acting as a traitor to his new family. As hard as it was to accept, Katherine had to take command of the Enclave with her now fiancee, Kessia.

The two would remain in control of the Enclave through its darkest time, keeping the training and students hidden in an underground base, while presenting to the world a face of those that were there to serve the people of the Undercity with food and shelter. Katherine used her Force Stealth ability to shutter off her force powers and she explained to the Sith that questioned her about her Jedi past, that the Jedi Council had severed her connection with the force when they had exiled her. She even went so far as to have one of her remaining friends in the Order change her records in the Jedi Achieves to reflect this lie so that if they were ever compromised the truth would not be found out. So effective was the ploy, that several Sith Lords offered to reverse the effects as a way to help foster the anger she seemed to express towards the Jedi Order and their supposed actions, though she rejected such offers, explaining that she just wanted to live a quiet life without the Force. In the end the ruse worked and she was left alone by the Sith for the majority of the time that Coruscant was under Imperial Control, despite working and living in the open.

During the occupation she worked in the shadows to undermine the Empire whenever she could. From attacking Sith Apprentices while disguised as a Sith Lord, to ambushing Stormtrooper Patrols. She was also instrumental in the capture and unmasking of one of the Empire's notorious Red Agents.

Off world she was able to use the skills learn during her past with piracy, against Imperial supply freighters, seeing to it that their supplies were diverted to needy Alliance worlds instead of the Imperial front lines. She took a role in the liberation of New Alderaan by protecting the Jedi Forces when she reflected a blaster bolt back at an Imperial sniper with her lightsaber, killing him, and then helped to take down the leader of the insurrection.

On Askaj she acted as a scout to help lead in the combined Alliance forces to rescue the besieged Alitisian Forces, and then during the space battle took fire as the Alliance fleet moved into position to strike the Imperials.Though the Sentinel's Hope was badly damaged, she was able to crash land the ship without loss of life and after leading her fellow Altisians against the Imperial Command a day later she returned and salvaged the ship, flying it to a space dock for repairs.

Towards the end of the occupation and the Phobis War, she was to be instrumental at leading the Enclave to becoming more open and taking charge of their sector and keeping it under control and safe for all of its citizens.

Under a Reborn Republic Edit

With the Enclave now more open, Katherine has taken her role as leader more to the training of new recruits, though she also has acted as a liaison between the Enclave and the Republic, the Jedi Order, and also the Coruscant Defense Force. In recent times she has been seen working for the Republic alongside the Jedi Order with her Initiates on Coruscant, Kashyyyk, Seylott,and Lok.

Personality Edit

"Always walk in the light and fear not the Shadows"

Katherine is strong willed and knows her own mind, this can make it difficult to get her to change her mind when she believes that she is right. She is very intelligent and will often draw conclusions based on limited information where others might not be able to see the connections. She is an optimistic person always trying her best to look on the bright side of things, enjoying life as it can be and not allowing the darkness of the galaxy or within her own soul keep her down for long. She is a loving individual and cares deeply for her friends and those she considers family, being willing to put her own life at risk to safe guard theirs.

Relationships Edit

"Those we are connected to, and our feelings for them, are what makes us strong in the force."

Katherine considers the Jedi Jenneva Firus to be her adopted sister and Jen's Master, Layli Feiri is like a mother to her. Her own Master, Jedi Master Kasi Nuvo is both a trusted friend and mother figure to her, and even after leaving the Jedi Order she would seek her out for advice and wisdom.

Katherine's main romantic relationship has been with Kessia Jahar. They are presently engaged.

Abilities Edit

"May the force go with you."

Combat Abilities Edit

Katherine is a skilled warrior with her lightsabers, preferring to use dual blades in either the Jar'Kai or dual Ataru forms for combat. She is generally armed with a full main-hand saber and a shorter Shoto Saber in her off-hand. These sabers are a matching pair using twin yellow kyber crystals and were crafted by her when she joined the Altisian Jedi Order.

She is trained in the use of Form I (Shii-Cho), Form IV (Ataru), and Form VI (Niman) as well as the dual weapon variant Jar'Kai and the unorthodox style of Tràkata.

She also carries a backup DC-17 heavy blaster pistol with which she is remarkably proficient for a Jedi.

Katherine has been trained in K'tara, Teräs Käs, and also some of the Echani Martial art. As a result of this she has formulated her own unique version of unarmed combat, utilizing techniques of all three alongside her force abilities. This makes her almost as deadly to an opponent without her weapons as she is with them.

Force Powers Edit

Katherine has displayed the use of the following force powers.

Major Powers Edit

Precognition (level 8) - Allows her to calculate Hyperspace Jumps and other future events including cards in a deck or images on a screen. It also allows her to see attacks directed against her or those near to her (within 5m) and alerts her of ambushes before they occur even at a distance. This also allows her glimpses of events past, present, and possible futures.

Emotion Control (level 8) - Katherine can moderate her emotional level from none to heightened. When her emotions are fully off, she is immune to any form of emotional control and temptation. She can manipulate this field to include those within 5m of her.

Force Stealth (Level 8) - Katherine can hide her presence in the force from other force sensitives. Not only can she hide her presence, but to a force sensitive seeing her, she would appear as a normal non-sensitive person. She can also use a darkside artifact's aura in substitute of her own making it appear that she has a Darkside aura. Careful observation would note that something is wrong with it though as it doesn't quite read as that of a living being.

Force Barrier (Level 8) - Katherine can create barriers about her body and also nearby, using the force as armor or a shield that can stop blaster bolts and even lightsaber strikes. More over she can transform these barriers into a blast of directed Force energy as a weapon creating powerful and concentrated blasts of energy that can be used to stun, thrust opponents away from her, or to destroy. Recently she has discovered that she is able to create and maintain at least eight barriers up to a hundred meters away. This takes a great deal of effort though and renders her defenseless due to her need to fully concentrate on the task.

Minor Powers Edit

Alter Environment (Level 5) - Katherine has the ability to alter the temperature of objects with concentration. She can freeze things to -75˚C or bring them up to around 500˚C. Items with a lower melting or combustion temperature may melt or catch fire due to this heating. She can also make items in a area of about 15m² charged and able to discharge bolts of electricity. She can also make the air move at velocities of up to 40 miles an hour creating small vortex funnels capable of lifting and throwing small objects and people short distances.

Detoxify Poisons (Level 5) - Katherine can locate almost all natural and synthetic poisons in both herself and others and extract them from the body through the pores in the body. This ability requires concentration.

Force Blinding (Level 4) - Katherine can produce a beam of bright light from her hands that can be used to blind her opponents, this beam of light can be held on an opponent for up to 30 seconds..

Force Bubble (Level 6) - An Advanced Force Barrier that can enclose Katherine and several others and keep the safe. She can keep this barrier form stable and intact as long as she can keep some focus on it. Like her other force barriers she can dissolve it into a massive directed energy blast.. She can also allow it to open and close quickly to allow those inside to fire blaster bolts through it, though this requires total concentration and she can't perform other actions at the same time.

Force Cloak (Level 5) - Katherine can manipulate light and sound waves to wrap around herself and in doing so, with concentration, vanish in both the visible and infra-red spectrum. Light produced by her own body is also affected though not quite to the same level so she can still be seen with Infra-Red detectors, though she would appear dimmed and distorted, a cloud rather than a person, and her eye glow is slightly visible to the very observant.

Force Flash (Level 3) - Katherine can cause mechanical viewing devices within 30m to fail and simply return static. She can also emit a blinding flash of light similar to that produced by a flash grenade.

Force Healing (Level 6) -  Katherine can heal minor wounds on herself by channeling the force to them, and significant injuries by concentrating on healing herself. She can heal even near fatal injuries by entering a healing meditation trace. She can also heal up to major wounds on other people with concentration.

Force Light (Level 6) - Katherine can connect to the light side of the force in a way that she creates a beam of pure burning lightside energy that can be used to destroy powerful darkside taints in objects, places, and even stun, burn, or kill creatures and people who use the darkside.

Mind Projection (Level 4) - Katherine can create an illusion and project it so that other nearby force users and she can enter it via meditation.

Jedi Mind Meld (Level 5) - With concentration Katherine can pass memories and share thoughts with another force sensitive that she is touching. This works both ways, allowing her to see into their mind should they allow her to.

Plant Surge (Level 3) - Katherine can encourage plants to grow and can manipulate their growth so as to entangle nearby people.

Pyrokinesis (Level 3) - Katherine can vibrate the molecules in the air to cause them to ignite flammable material and create flame.

Shatterpoint (Level 1) - Katherine is able to concentrate on a problem, person, or object and locate their weak points, granting her an understanding of how they can be manipulated or broken.

Voice Projection (Level 4) - Katherine can make her voice appear to come from a short distance from her or allow people a distance from her to hear what she is saying.

Basic Powers Edit

Force Sense (Level 6) - Katherine can feel the presence of people about her, up to several hundred meters, as well as their basic intentions and feelings. With concentration, she can feel those she is close to wherever in the Galaxy they are, though even without concentrating she can feel them over great distances.

Force Sight (Level 3) - Katherine can 'see' through the force in the same way as a Miraluka due to training by her first Master, Laura. She is capable of making out objects and people within about 50m of herself, recognizing their shape in the force and their auras.

Telekinetic Powers :

Force Jump (Level 6) - Allows her to use the force to jump considerably higher than a normal person.

Force Pull (Level 6) - Katherine can pull multiple objects or people towards herself with a powerful tug of force energy.

Force Push (Level 6) - Katherine can push multiple objects or people away from herself with a thrust of force energy

Force Speed (Level 6) - Katherine can use the force to move considerably faster than a normal person.

Levitate (Level 6) - Katherine can easily levitate multiple heavy objects such as boulders.