Kavana Arkright is a Sephi subspecies, typically referred to as a "Yoda Race" species. Kavana is 324 years old approximately, & Role Plays in the Post-Legacy Era of SWRP. Having just recently returned to Second Life as of 10/1/2010, Kavana Arkright seeks to express RL tenets in Jediism shared in part with the first International Church of Jediism, founded in Real Life and the Star Wars Role Play Community. You can learn more about this at , as well as other places.


Early LifeEdit

In his early years, Kavana had a very rocky upbringing. Born on Dagobah, his parents abandoned him, leaving him upon the planet Jomark, where he was adopted by a family that believed & were parishioners of the Cosmic Balance on that planet. While Kavana was adopted, they had another son, & not able to have a second child of natural means, Kavana fit in perfectly with their traditional views on the Cosmic Balance, most parents either having or adopting two children. When reaching adolescense, though very young for a Sephi of Jedi Master Yoda's Race, he recieved the Feather of the Feather & the Bowl tradition, & began his studies, showing interest in religions & culture as well as technology. His studies in technology & great aptitude for cultural tradition proved him very gifted in the Jomark & Kashish society. He was exceptional well read on the Jedi & Mando'ade of various area's of the galaxy. He did, however, find discrepancy with his parents religious tenets contradicting some of his views, though used the resources provided for his education from it rather than being devoted to their practices initially.

Search in the Jedi WayEdit

Around the time Kavana reached the age of 52 his adopted parents were passed of old age, & Kavana was left to fend for himself, still young relatively for his native species lifespan. Kavana remained on Jomark for a time, though soon thought to travel & seek Jedi training. This search lead him inevitably to seek solace & a personal individualistic training, & he ended up returning to his native homeworld of Dagobah to find a reclusive Jedi unknown even to the rare Dagobah resident, later identified to be Jedi Master Binah Babii of the reknowned Knights of the New Republic, or KOTNR. Jedi Master Binah was also a Sephi of Jedi Master Yoda's Race, as they're typically identified with that renowned Jedi Master, & Kavana believes him to have been a relative. Kavana remained on Dagobah for many years, training & meeting many travelling Jedi whom journeyed to Dagobah occasionally for private counsel with Jedi Master Binah & whom sought his counsel oft. Among these renowned Jedi Masters were Jedi Master Marcus of Ossus, & others. Kavana learned much wisdom from this sage of a Jedi that stuck with him for years later, Kavana having an excellent memory. Eventually Jedi Master Binah passed onto the Force of old age, he being very old when Kavana found him on Dagobah, upon which time Kavana decided to return to Jomark, his native planet in many ways, having spent the first 52 years of his life there & a total of an additional near 70 years on Dagobah in Jedi training. Many years passed on Jomark, & Kavana continued his studies, as he does to this day, travelling to other planets to search out other local archive databases to add to his own library project for the Jomark mainframe server & public library system. The planet of Jomark, being very underbudgeted for many years until recent & primarily neglected of its' aloof Fief Ruler, Kavana did the most he could to keep private records for the protection & preservation of such. Kavana later began to study more about the Cosmic Balance & began to find discrepancies with the Jedi Code that was traditionally taught him & that's when he began meditations upon the Cosmic Balance more. Eventually he accommodated both views & incorporated them into his own private practice he referred to as Jediism, & in recent years founded the Order of Jediism known as the Knights of the Jedi Order (KOTJO) for the need of traditional identification & in respects to a Jedi well acknowledged to Kavana during his training on Dagobah with Jedi Master Binah known as Jedi Master Uriel Runo.

Meditations Upon the Cosmic BalanceEdit

"To Believe in The Living Force Of Creation is to be a Jedi, an instrument of peace; Where there is hatred am rather to bring love; Where there is injury, pardon; Where there is doubt, faith; Where there is despair, hope; Where there is darkness, light; & where there is sadness, joy.

"For accept, am a Jedi. Not to ever seek so much to be consoled as to console; To be understood as to understand; To be loved as to love; For it is in giving wherein one receives; In pardoning wherein the needy are pardoned; & in dying wherein all are born to eternal life.

"The Living Force Of Creation is always with the Jedi."

- The Jedi Creed of KOTJO, taken from Jedi Master Kavana's personal reflections based on the archive of the Prayer of Francis of Assisi.

Epiphany Pertaining JediismEdit

"What benefits an individual or single group rarely the benefit of the greater majority it is. Insults and haughty rhetoric a Jedi does not make. 'Light' they say, though dark and grey they act. Why define do people try? And where does an alliance stand where true friendship and camaraderie suffers?"

— Jedi Grandmaster Kavana

While meditating upon his childhood, Jedi Kavana had a vision. There were many people weeping in private quarters & running from renowned Jedi in tears & fright. Kavana realized that this did not befit the Jedi in the various enclave communities & was personally witnessed upon many occasions during his travels - "Light Side Jedi" whom were insulting people whom they did not like for scant personal reasons & they did not find advantage & strength over. Kavana knew that a reform was due, & thus he began the "Great Jedi Reform", which he referred to as a class called "Jediism". He meant to hold true to the Jedi name, while slightly altering this into what he considered a practice & meditation of placidity - almost a true Religion. Kavana thus began practising a combination of things learned from the Cosmic Balance Religion & the Jedi Code & other prayers, & thus he built the early KOTJO foundations in his own home on Jomark. This would be reformed itself once again when he was approached by a young man seeking training in the Jedi ways, a native of the planet Jomark, & his reknown was rumored until finally confronted by a Mando'ade Patriarch wishing to reform the entire planet of Jomark & establish a new way of life for its' inhabitants, now falling into various social faux pas & even social heresies. It seemed the little known Mando'ade Patriarch wished his services to acquisition the planet & form an army to defend it from the aloof Fief Ruler whose name the average Jomark native could scarcely recite to a person. Thus, the Knights of the Jedi Order (KOTJO) was born, taking recruits whom met qualifications of a high enough medichlorian level & an apt & desirous attitude.

New Jedi CodeEdit

There is no hatred; there is love. There is no foolishness; all the children of wisdom. There is no disbelief; there is realism. There is no discord; there is tranquillity. There is no end; there is the Force.

Plans and WhereaboutsEdit

"When a ruler rules in Justice & Diplomacy, all well & served a planet is. Though when negligent & pretentious a ruler is, severity falls upon the residents, hostility breed it does, & migrate the residents & natives do. This natural, even for a planet to be at rebellious discontent it is; & when rebellion rises, a planets' economy & social balance suffer it does. An 'Acquisition' partake in the Jedi should, creating economy & a much needed revival good it would be for the Jomark residents & natives, establishing lasting Justice, Peace, Diplomacy & Tranquility."

— Jedi Grandmaster Kavana

Being accosted & recruited to reform Jomark, Jedi Grandmaster Kavana was placed in charge of the Jomark governmental "MAPS" project, an effort to renovate & restore much of the planets surface structures & edifaces, as well as being "Grandmaster" of the Kalish governmental diplomatic efforts & envoy & personal representative for the planet. Kavana accepted this honor reluctantly, having concerns about his ability to fulfill this efforts' high expectations & arduous obligations, though found the position an honor & was priveledged to serve his planetary system. Jedi Kavana can be found on comlink channel 4241eb91-dbed-49dd-ad2f-8d21cfc29c10, often travelling the system and galaxy on secret diplomatic & research efforts.