Kaysh'kot Be'rez is a human Mandalorian from the planet Tatooine


Early Life and Pre-aliit periodEdit

Kaysh'kot, son of Kot'kad and Gaal Be'rez, was born into a small Mandalorian community outside of the Mos Eisley spaceport on Tatooine. However his family never stayed in one part of Tatooine for long, moving from spaceport to spaceport until finally, sometime before his thirteenth birthday, they moved the family to Tibannopolis. He completed his verd'goten here, learning to navigate this new city, fend for himself and make his own way for an entire year.


Kaysh'kot, during his Militia career as a member of the all-Mandalorian unit Vu'traat

After this year, he returned to his family, and lived with them for five years. After this five year period, he decided to move himself back to Tatooine, where he served in the planets militia for several years. He lost a large portion of the unit he served with in a battle that was pushed into the streets of Mos Eisley. This battle would eventually become known as the battle of Mos Eisley. By the end of his military career, he earned the title of First Lieutenant.


Kaysh'kot during his time as a Mercenary

At the age of twenty three, he left the militia and settled upon living on the outskirts of Mos Entha. He spent several years here taking bounties and making small amounts of money. He also connected with the Tsad Werda while on world, kindling a friendship with Chaabar Werda. However Kaysh'kot did not agree with Chaabar's ideals- he felt that the Mandalorians have a unique place in the Galaxy, and that violence towards the Republic would only spread a bad name for the Mandalorian culture as a whole. And while their ideals conflicted, they stayed friends.

Connecting with aliit Munit'kadEdit

After denouncing the overall philosophy of the Tsad Werda, and leaving that organisation, he met Char of the Munit'kad in the cantina of Mos Entha one evening. From there, he was taken in and taught the ways of the aliit Munit'kad, and remains there to this day.

Arrest at the hands of the Sith HuntersEdit


Kaysh'kot (far right) meeting with Kad Werda and the mysterious pregnant woman

Kaysh'kot found himself on Yavin IV during one of his missions, where he meta Mandalorian named Kad Werda. They two connected, and it was revealed that Werda was escorting a pregnant woman who was wanted by the Sith. Kaysh'kot immediately felt a need to step in as two figured approached the newly formed group of Werda, the pregnant woman and Kaysh'kot. A fight errupted, and Kaysk'kot took a defeat to let his two new friends escape.

Kaysh'kot (on ground) surrounded by Master Laura (top left) and one of the two Sith Hunters who arrested him (bottom left)

After his defeat, Kaysh'kot was tortured and taken to Dantooine to be imprisoned. There a Jedi Master by the name of Laura ensured his release (as he had had dealings with her in the past), and he took his retreat. Standing half a Kilometer away, he launched a missle at the Sith that had captured him, the explosion appearing the background as he flew into the atmosphere.

Chaabar Werda's fall to Dar'mandaEdit

Chaabar, sometime around the release of Kaysh'kot from the hands of the Sith on Dantooine, began his mission against the Mand'alor and all that it meant to be Mandalorian- effectively becoming Death Watch. This harmed Kaysh'kot deeply, however his sense of duty to his people far outweighed any sense of friendship he ever had for Chaabar. Eventually they met on an undisclosed planet to discuss terms, after Chaabar had placed a price on the head of Kaysh'kot. Once negotiations dissolved, Chaabar began firing on Kaysh'kot. He returned fire, only to have Chaabar flee before the fight could be finished.

Cargo Work, and Nar ShaddaaEdit

Following the dissolving of relations between Chaabar, Kaysh'kot began taking a number of cargo shipping jobs to earn money for Munit'kad. One such job involved the transport of cargo and a witch to the moon of Nar Shaddaa- where the witch aided in his earning yet another price to be placed on his head. He fled back to Mos Espa, where he met an escaped Slave Boy in the dunes after landing. This boy would quickly become the reason Raika and himself would engage in a battle with a bounty hunter looking for the boy, and earn themselves infamy across all of Hutt-controlled space. The boy eventually was freed, however, and transported to Yavin IV. He was discovered to be force sensitive, and is training to become a Jedi today.


Because of his humble unbringing, and his exposure to different cultures, Kaysh'kot often finds himself respectful and interested in other cultures. He can often be found conversing with persons from other planets, of other walks of life, and of different organisations. He does not share many of his fellow Mandalorians distrust of those who use the force, however he does distrust politicians.

He is a very fiercly passonate Mandalorian. His family was never overly Mando'a, and as a result he grew up with less of the aggressive-ness that has become so stereotypical of his culture. He was, however, raised in a family that enforced the importance of honour, hard work, family values and honesty.

Fun FactsEdit

  • He has one sister, named Gaal'ika.
  • For a time, he was of interest to a Jedi Master who came to Tatooine. He apparently displayed some aptitude for the force.
  • During his time with the Tatooine Militia he was placed in an all-Mandalorian unit by the name of Vu'traat. Because of this cultural separation, his distrust for government was planted (although the Hutt controlled the planet of Tatooine, and local human leaders controlled the Militia).
  • The Battle of Mos Eisley was fought between the Tatooine Militia (specifically the Vu'traat unit) and a rogue group of Sith occupying portions of the Dune Sea. Because of this particular battle, Kaysh'kot has a deep distrust for many less stable Sith.
  • After The Battle of Mos Eisley , and it's heavy losses, Kaysh'kot transferred from ground infantry to the Air Forces of the Militia. He picked up piloting quickly, and became an accomplished fighter pilot, finishing out his military career with the Air Force.
  • He is most often seen flying his old ship from his days as a pilot with the Tatooine Militia. As is often common on Tatooine, the Militia reused many older models of crafts. His assigned ship, which he named the Burnt Star, is an old Eta-2 Actis-class light interceptor