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Keiko Serevi

Keiko Serevi is a female human with black hair and brown eyes. She commonly switches between jobs and has done work as a freighter, bodyguard, prison guard, law enforcement officer, and bounty hunter. She has had several run-ins with the law and has outstanding arrest warrants on the several systems.


Early Life Edit

As a child, Keiko Mills grew up in a rough neighborhood in the undercity of Coruscant. Her mother died giving birth to her sister, Lacie, when Keiko was nine years old. This was a traumatic time in her life as she was very close to her mother up until this point. Her mother's death was also hard on her father, who quickly turned to alcohol and spice abuse to ease his sorrows. This lead to a detrimental spiral which often left Keiko alone to care for herself and her new baby sister. In some ways, Keiko resented her sister for taking away her mother and turning her father into a drunkard. She spent much of her time in neighbourhood gangs, learning street smarts and how to survive and protect herself.

Running Away from Home Edit

At 17 years old, Keiko had a heated argument with her father which resulted in her decision to leave home. In the following years, she took oddjobs wherever she could find them under her new assumed surname "Serevi". Most of these jobs were nothing more than acting as a hired gun. She spent several years as a bodyguard, followed by a few years as a prison guard. During this time, Keiko had several run ins with law enforcement resulting in arrests in the Coruscant and Kessel systems. Currently, she has outstanding warrants for arrests on the Bespin, Coruscant, and Kessel systems so she must be discrete when traveling through these systems.

Adopting the Mandalorian Lifestyle Edit

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Keiko in her first set of armor on Tatooine

Several years ago, Keiko met a Mandalorian named Garin Sterling and after spending some time together, decided that she felt drawn to the Mandaloridan lifestyle. Garin became her mentor and she eventually was adopted into the Ghent clan. She constructed her own set of customized armor as is customary of Mandalorians, but she often does not wear it in her day-to-day life.

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Keiko in her custom-built set of armor on Dantooine

Reunion Edit

Recently, after ten years without communication, Keiko received a transmission from her sister Lacie. The sisters were able to find each other again, and after an initial tense interaction, they have mostly resolved their differences and now travel together. Both took positions for a short period within a bounty hunting group, but they currently have connections with Felica Boton and her cargo ship, and they run both legal and non-legal goods as freighters.

Character Quirks Edit

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Keiko on Taris

  • Keiko is almost always equipped with her favorite weapons, twin Rawk chopped special blasters.
  • Keiko has scorpions tattooed on each upper arm.
  • From time to time, Keiko dyes the tips of her hair.
  • Keiko has a resentment toward Force-users, thinking them fanatical and over-powered.
  • Keiko almost always wears a life monitor bracelet that displays information about her sister, Lacie.