Keiran Horn is a human male currently living on the planet Dantooine with the Dantooine Jedi Enclave (DJE). He is a Guardian Jedi Master, loyal to a fault, and defends his Jedi family with his life.

"There are those among the Jedi that view strength as how far you can move something, or how easily you can break something. The real strength of a Jedi comes from within, from his heart and mind. Some Jedi move rocks just to prove they can move them, but the strongest Jedi don't see any reason to move rocks when that isn't going to solve the immediate problem."

— Jedi Master Corran Horn


Horn symbol

Horn Family Crest and the DJE Crest

Keiran Horn, a human male and the son of Jedi, is the descendant of Jedi Master and Rogue Squadron pilot, Corran Horn. He was born on the out-skirts of Coronet, Corellia, at the Jedi Enclave there. He began his training at age two, and his parents could tell that he was quite gifted in the Force. At age nine Keiran's mother went to settle a dispute on Haruun Kal but was killed in an insuing battle. Keiran's father was striken by grief but with the love of his family was able to continue along the light path. At age sixteen the Sith launched an attack on the Enclave and Keiran's father, along with other Master's, sacrificed themselves to save the young Knights and Padawans. His father's last wish was that Keiran would not wallow in grief, and continue to serve the Living Force.

Consumed by grief and afraid to search out a place to continue his training, Keiran Horn journeyed about the Galaxy as a trader until he resolved his feelings. Traveling to the academy on Yavin IV, the Kalway Order of Jedi, he again started his training, hoping to once again study the ways of the Force. This would not be so. While there he felt like an outcast and so continued his life of a trader while constantly searching for a place to continue his lessons. The will of the Force is strong, and it lead him to the planet Dantooine and the Dantooine Jedi Enclave.


Keiran Horn (Padawan)

DJE Jedi Padawan Keiran Horn

There he applied and was given an interview by Jedi Master Blade Kamala. To his great joy, he was accepted into the Dantooine Jedi Enclave as a Student and began the tasks that are given to all students. He diligently went about his tasks then awaited to be chosen as a Padawan. After the waiting period was over, he was approached by DJE Jedi Knight Kristian Sunrise. But the Force had other plans. Several weeks after being approached and with no interview, another DJE Jedi Knight,Sir Agen Kolar, approached him. So Keiran Horn became a Padawan at the DJE, training under Sir Agen Kolar.

As the weeks turned into months, Keiran learned much under his master's tutalage.

One day Keiran came across a young civilian named Marcos Snowfield. Marcos was strong in the Force and a good man. They immediatly became great friends. Marcos passed his interview and was taken as a Padawan by DJE Jedi Knight Laura Kamala. Over time both Marcos and Keiran came to see each other as brothers and they work in synchronization in things such as battle and strategy. At one point as Padawans, Keiran and Marcos defended the Enclave against the Dark Lord Marka Slade. Together they were able to drive him away. This would not be the last Sith that they would help drive away, nor the last sith they would encounter. But that is one of the jobs of the Jedi at the Dantooine Jedi Enclave. Some of the best swordsmen and women have been trained there.

During one such event, a female Sith defector came to the Enclave seeking shelter and guidance towards the lightside of the Force. Her name was Keeley, a creation from the DNA of Marka Ragnos and an unknown female. She was small but strong in the ways of the Force, and Keiran felt he could help her from the dark path. She eventually became a Padawan to the DJE Jedi Knight, Kanno Tinja.

As the months went by Keiran and Keeley became much closer, forming a bond through the Force. Near the end of his training, Keeley informed Keiran that he was going to be a father of twins. But tormoil struck. After an important mission, Keeley dissapeared saying that she was fed up with trying to wait for her Master, who was on a mission far away. She left the DJE to pursue other things. Although stricken with grief, Keiran was able to overcome his sadness and finish his training. He became Sir Keiran Horn Dantooine Jedi Enclave Jedi Knight, He chose the path of the Guardian. Weeks after his knighting, Keeley returned, empowered by the darkside of the Force after miscarrying one of the twins. She attacked and subdued Keiran, but was defeated by Master Blade Kamala in the insuing battle. She disappeared from the Enlcave after that and was pressumed dead.


"My role in society was to take action and responsibility for those who could not. I think, deep down, that's the essence of being a Jedi. A Jedi places himself where he can defend the greatest number of people from the greatest evil."

— Jedi Master Corran Horn

Grad day 001

Keiran Horn being Knighted

Soon after Keiran began looking for a Padawan and found one in Jaina Marek. She was a young kindred spirit, and they began to fall in love. Soon she finished her tasks and became his Padawan. But this love was not to last. Soon she began to get messages from her family on Corellia. She had to return there, and Keiran never saw her again. She is currently missing in action. Also around this time Marcos dissapeared on a mission and has of yet, not returned. This did not dishearten Keiran who began looking for another Padawan. He met young Edgar Isodo, a man from Naboo, where Keiran's brother Marcos was from.

Personality and BeliefsEdit

Keiran Horn is a young, energetic, and adventurous Jedi Master. He guards his friends and family with his life and is a strong believer in the Living Force. His thought on the Unifying Force is that it exists but not to the extent that there is no Dark or Lightside of the Force. He believes that each being embodies one or the other and that even though it is a choice to serve one or the other, there are times where the Force influences the beings it surrounds.

Skills and PowersEdit

Keiran Horn is a skilled negotiator, but his strength lies in lightsaber combat. He along with his generation of Knights and Masters including DJE Jedi Master Melody Kamala and DJE Jedi Knight Marcos Snowfield are considered some of the best of the Dantooine Jedi Enclave. Keiran and Marcos are an unstoppable fighting team. Like the Horn line and Halycon line before that, Keiran cannot use telekinesis. Where his strength in the Force lies is the Jedi Mind trick and Force persuasion.


Keiran's saber 002

Keiran Horn's lightsaber (activated)

Keiran's saber 001

Keiran Horn's lightsaber (deactivated)

Keiran Horn's lightsaber is styled after Jedi Grand Master Luke Skywalker's lightsaber and has a silver blade as have all Halycon's and Horn's. He uses the Soresu style like Jedi Master Obi-wan Kenobi, and has also mastered the Ataru and Shien forms of saber combat. He has also mastered Jar'kai, the use of dual sabers.


Former PadawansEdit


Edgar Isodo-DJE Jedi Knight (Consular)