Ken Draconia, was the padawan of Miha and then later Dro Plund. Ken Draconia achieved the rank of Kalway Order of Jedi Guardian Knight.

History Edit

Ken's father was a jedi named Ben who met Madison and they fell in love. Then Madison found out she was pregnant,so she flew to the planet naboo. She gave birth to Ken's older brother Jon shortly after. A few years later Madison got pregnant and gave birth to Ken, they lived on Naboo for many years.

Ken worked at a Star fighter construction factory when he turned 9. He worked there until he was 12, then the worst things happened. His father turned to the darkside and killed His mother out of anger and fear and for the next 7 years his father trained Ken and his brother as siths. Ken had always hated the sith and training to be one wasn't easy. When he was 19 he finally turned on his father and had a lightsaber duel with him. Ken could not defeat him so he fled with his astromech droid in his starfighter hee had built and left. Ken's older brother became his apprentice and started a New Order of the Sith.

Ken went to Yavin 4 to the jedi temple and started his training to become a jedi. Several years later he completed his training and became a jedi knight for the Kalway Order of Jedi.