Kera is a non-affiliated wandering female Force User.

"We can be a force to stand up to the wrongs in the galaxy."

— Kera




It was a harsh and cold night when the armored figure had entered the room, it was quiet and the air was intoxicated with familiar smells that revealed much about the horrid conditions and disrepair of the space. Darkness suffocated everything except for the outline of the two figures that invaded the brokenness that was the hundred and tenth floor of the Nar Shaddaa sky rise. The armored figure moved towards the individual looking out past the dilapidation and onto streets below. The man knew the the steps behind him and continued to stare straight ahead not giving them the power of his attention. The armored figure moved closer while the thuds of the metallic boots gave away any attempt of being discrete. The figure reached up towards their blaster rifle on their back but instead grabbed the helmet firmly attached on their head and released a latch that separated it from the remaining pieces. A small pressure of air unleashed itself as the helmet finally detached, revealing the face of a scarred woman with blue eyes that reflected the bustle of the night life through the window beyond the man while the darkness engulfed the rest of her details. The silence transformed from intoxication to disturbing as she waited for the man to make a move or say anything to terminate the nothingness. Sensing that same anticipation the man let out a cough and calmly responded to the other intruder, "Finally, you have arrived. I was concerned that the Hutts were beginning to lose their touch." The woman was taken aback from the calmness but was relieved that her intended plan wasn't completely spoiled by the unknowing of the man. She continues to say nothing and hopes that this will pressure the man into talking more while she silently sits her helmet on the floor and places one hand on her blaster rifle and another on her hip. He knows this game and decides to play along in part to humor the armored woman's interest and in part to have more time to take in everything around him. He looks down and motions his hand, startling the woman as she tightens her grip on her blaster rifle, before continuing with his words, "This room, it's a nice room. Do you like it?" The woman becomes annoyed with the man and fully draws her blaster rifle from its sling and points it at the man. She continues to say nothing and steps closer revealing her unwillingness to answer. The man responds, "Perhaps you think not but there is something in its dysfunction that is alluring. That someone had come here to construct what they thought would be a haven amidst the city below; instead it has become a place of emptiness, of unfulfilled enjoyment and security." The woman becomes tired of this desperate attempt to delay her finger from the trigger as she focuses her aim. The man interrupts, "But where are my manners? I would introduce myself but I am sure you know of me, but what about you? I assume even a person as yourself has a name." She said nothing as the minuscule light from the window illuminated her blaster rifle. On the rifle was etched "Kera." The man noticed this as he turned his head, "Kera. Is that your name?" She let out a small laugh and decided to speak, "Kera is my rifle's name, I think you and her will be quite acquainted soon enough." He replied, "Ah, I see. Then perhaps the time has come to finish this meeting of ours." The woman nodded her head down in agreement and started to bend her finger on the trigger, as she did the man turned around revealing a thermal detonator in one hand and a baby wrapped in decorated blankets in the other. He spoke, "I would like to thank you for this meeting, unfortunately I must be leaving." He pressed the trigger on the detonator and dropped it by his feet. Furiously, the woman charged and grabbed her target before smashing through the window. The pain of glass and wind sliced at them as the explosion above destroyed what was left of the window and room. They fell through the air only a short time before landing on a vehicle below. The man was underneath her, having landed upright with baby still in his grasp as they thudded onto the trunk and each tried to recover from the landing. Perplexed, the droid in the vehicle examined the scene and then accelerated forward. The man used his palm to pound on the trunk, giving the droid a signal as he placed the baby in the backseat while grabbing on tight to the vehicle. Suddenly the vehicle halted and the woman clung onto her man while her rifle slipped off and fell below. She relented and released her grip, throwing on her thrusters as she descended to the ground below to grab her weapon. She watched as the vehicle sped away before moving on. She knew that failure was not acceptable for such contracts and decided to advance towards the local landing platform, where she assumed her target would flee to get off-world. After a long trek through the city she had arrived at the landing platform and to her surprise she had found the vehicle with the droid but the man and the baby was no where in sight. She assumed he must have already boarded the shuttle as she made her way on-board. Searching the shuttle turned up neither of them and just as she was about to return back to the front to investigate further she heard a small cry come from outside the shuttle. Her target was outside and she was trapped in the shuttle. She immediately ran back towards the ramp but before she could reach it, the door became sealed. She was surprised to see that the door was closed and the shuttle was leaving the platform. She looked out the window and saw the man waving with one arm and the baby in the other. Furious, she pulled out her rifle and blasted the navigational droid and tried to change the coordinates but they were already set. She fell into the navigator's seat and accepted this defeat.

The ship engaged the hyperdrive and in the blink of an eye she saw a foreign planet before her. She checked the panel and discovered that it was Naboo. "That idiot. What was he thinking? Sending me to his homeworld. It is only a matter of time before he has to return and I'll be waiting for him." The shuttle began to descend as the arched cityscape came into view. As the shuttle descended even further she noticed the hangar ahead and even more so, the people there expecting her with blasters in hand. The shuttle landed and powered down. She pressed herself against a small wall behind the navigator's seat and prepared herself for the confrontation. The back door released itself and opened as a voice declared, "We know you're in there. Put down your weapons and come out with your hands up. Don't try anything. We have you surrounded." She laughed and fired a random shot only to be greeted by a flurry of shots fired into the shuttle. The firing stopped for a brief moment and she charged out shooting everything in sight. She had taken one, two, three hits as she felt the scoring on her armor and the bruising underneath. She dove for some nearby crates and fired some more shots. The security officers doubled around her and continued firing. Another hit, then one that pierced in-between the armor plating. The woman shrieked in pain and started backing up from the crates and towards the hangar entrance. She looked back and saw the cliff that the hangar was positioned on. She looked ahead at the force of people in front of her and looked back again. The leader raised his hand to halt the firing. "Don't even think about it," He said. She backed up to the edge as the leader raised another sign with his hand and the hangar doors began to close. Cornered, she raised her rifle and began firing randomly. The officers returned fire and she was hit multiple times. Her armor began to fall apart as one shot penetrated through and hit her directly sending her back. Her footing lost its hold and she felt herself falling back. She tried to re-balance herself but the pain and the closing door was too much. Once again she was falling. She enabled her thrusters on her boots but they too were failing from the fried wiring in her armor. She was now wildly moving about the air and was heading towards a crash landing in the trees below. She braced for impact and landed roughly through the trees and onto the ground below. She tried to pick herself up but she could feel the broken bones and burned blaster marks weighing her down. She clutched her rifle and waited for the security officers to find her. She instead collapsed and passed out. When she awoke she noticed she was in a dimly-lit room. She could only move her head and she looked around to see her armor and rifle leaning on a nearby wall. In the corner she saw a person but she could not make out who they were. The person stepped forward and she instantly recognized him. It was the man on Nar Shaddaa once again. He said, "You sure do get around." She gritted her teeth and tried to clench her fist. He continued, "Is that any way to treat the man who just saved your life?" She paused and looked puzzled. "It is natural that you wouldn't know what is going on. Let me put it simply. Our bosses set both of us up," He said. She muttered, "What do you mean?" He continued, "We were both supposed to die. You on Nar Shaddaa and me coming back home on the shuttle. I knew something was wrong when I had the shuttle scanned. I figured I would let you take the bait while I dug around some more. I questioned a dock worker and with their help I discovered that one of your friends had tinkered with the shuttle. I wondered why they would do this if they had thought you would have finished me in the apartment. I tracked down their residence and ransacked it. It was then that I uncovered the conspiracy." He gestured his arms in a way that helped him explain before continuing, "I went back to the landing pad and had to take care of that dock worker. As far as our bosses are aware we're both dead and that's how I intend to keep things. Quite a few people know you're here since you were the one that landed but I think I may have managed to throw them off with a decoy. Let's just say you disappeared for a while, then a ship was stolen and destroyed before it managed to leave the system. Presumably, you were on that ship. At least they think that. So that makes both of us dead." She motioned her head off of the bed she was laying on, "Why come back for me?" He chuckled a little and decided to play her game again, "Because if they got a hold of you they would learn that I'm alive too. More importantly, they'd know that she's alive." He walked over to where her armor was resting as he picked up the small baby from behind it. "But perhaps it's more than that, maybe it's because our destinies are intertwined. The three of us should be dead, yet here we are." He pressed some buttons on his wristpad and a canister ejected from it. He tossed it on her and said, "I'm heading out to find us some new I.D.'s take that when the pain kicks in." He paused, "Oh, and keep an eye on the kid." He walked out.

Weeks passed as they settled in their new lives. They had to pass as a couple with a baby girl to match their I.D,'s but as they were around each other more the fake world that they had constructed began to become real. Her wounds had nearly healed as she forced herself to walk the streets, struggling to accept her fate. She wondered if the Hutts knew she was alive and if they would send a shadow Crymorah agent to hunt her down. She wondered how they even came to work together considering their past. She was only a shadow of herself as she didn't have the strength to even wear her beaten armor. She had kept it placed in a secret place along with Kera, her rifle. Weeks turned to months and the two had shared a bond in their attempt to simply live. What wounds could heal did but she knew she could not return to her old life even if she could have convinced her boss to take her back. While on Naboo she had become close to the man she once considered her target and they would come to have a daughter in the summer. Another two months had passed and their old life seemed like just that, an old - different life. They had the day off from work and decided to walk in the marketplace with their two daughters. It became silent yet the crowd was all around them. An eerie feeling fell upon the woman as she felt watched. The man sensed it too and turned around to see a cloaked man pointing a pistol at the woman. He pushed her aside while she was holding the older baby. They fell. The blast had hit the man square in the chest as he grasped onto both of the little lives he had left. He shouted, "No! Run!" The woman got to her feet and began to run across the bridge as she screamed with tears in her eyes back to their home. The cloaked man looked over the shot man and pulled back his hood, "We knew you weren't dead. Did you honestly think you could stroll around without anyone noticing you? - Well we noticed. We notice everything. You should have known that. Now that will be your last mistake." He raised his hood and shot the man in the face. He then turned his attention to the small girl in his lifeless arms that was crying. He gritted his teeth and looked away as he pulled the trigger. He looked to where the woman had ran and followed her in pursuit. She had arrived at the house and in desperation placed her adopted daughter in her old armor. She clutched her rifle and waited for the assailant to break in. The door was kicked in as he aimed his pistol inside. She tried to fire but the rifle had jammed from the years of being stationary. He took his aim and made his shot. She collapsed. He took off his hood again and looked her in the eyes, "A contract's a contract." He took aim at her head but before he could fire she drew a deep breath and lay motionless. He uttered, "All the same to me." He started to head towards the door before he heard a faint cry. He turned around, pistol in hand. He traced the source to underneath the bed. He pushed aside the fallen rifle in the way and pulled out the armor. He would have commented to himself about how worthless the armor was but the sound had intrigued him. He opened up the chestplate and found the crying baby girl inside. He drew his pistol once more and considered his actions. "Only three. Not four. A contract's a contract." He placed his pistol in its holster and took the baby and the rifle. He figured his boss would reward him for the kid and he could sell the rifle on the side to cover the expenses for the trip. By the time his mind was made up he could hear the sirens of the authorities closing in and he knew he would have to be quick. He slipped out through the window and into a back alley. He took a few turns but soon became lost in the maze and could sense he was being closed in. He pressed a button on his wristpad and the sound of a ship roared overhead. The alleyways were too tight to get the ship on the ground and he soon found himself surrounded on all sides. He pressed another button and the ship had turned vertical and was able to slip between the buildings. Still not on the ground but nearly there, he made the jump but it wasn't enough. He used the rifle to catch onto the ship. He pressed his wristpad against the baby to hit another button and the ship started to move. The baby girl and the bounty hunter now hung by blaster rifle. "Why did I bring you again?" He said. The baby was crying and squirming. They were soon passing over some buildings and the rifle's grip was failing. Eventually it gave and they landed on the roof of a building. He pressed the first button on his wristpad again and the ship came back to them. This time the ramp extended to the rooftop and he had managed a successful entry with baby and rifle in-hand. He took his pilot seat and placed the baby and rifle in the adjacent seat. He closed the ramp and they were off.

The desert view of Daminia came into view as the bounty hunter landed his ship just past the dunes. Beyond it was a building in the distance. He walked and eventually arrived to the two individuals waiting outside. He muttered a strange phrase and they allowed him to proceed. He walked towards the hooded figure at the back of the room but before he could say anything the figure spoke, "Did you finish the job?" The bounty hunter continued walking towards the figure, "Yes. They're finished, all of them." The hooded figure looked at the bounty hunter, "What is this then?" Motioning towards the bounty hunter's arms. "A child." "I can see that. Why have you brought me a child?" The bounty hunter mistakenly identified the baby girl, "It was the child of the two from the contract." The hooded figure placed his hand on his chin, "What do you mean the child? Did I not specifically say to kill them all? Yet you bring me this, this thing that you cannot comprehend." The man with the child looked down at the squirming girl before responding mistakenly once again, "I took care of the child from the contract, they had another." The bounty hunter paused, "I bring this child as a gift, one to be in your debt, should you spare her life that is." The hooded figure thought for a moment, "Interesting. You think you can buy your debt off by placing it on this child. Only your work for me will earn your keep. I do not wish to see her face again. If I do, I will terminate your debt but I get the impression you won't like my methods." The bounty hunter looked down at the baby girl, "Very well. I shall dispose of her." "Good. Once you are done, return to me and I will give you your next contract." The bounty hunter stormed out but before he could reach the door the hooded figure said, "Oh, by the way. Word of it reached me before you had arrived." He paused. "In the street. In front of hundreds - this is why I knew only you could complete that contact. The exposure of this will be sure to get their attention." He laughed. The bounty hunter left with the baby in hand and the rifle slung on his shoulder. As he walked out the back door he looked into the baby's eyes and gritted his teeth. "Not again." He decided to tempt fate this once as he placed the baby girl on a nearby speeder and fired it up as he jumped on and sped away. He soon found himself in the back alley of a nearby city. The alley was filled with sand and trash, much unlike the one on Naboo. He knocked on a door and it opened suddenly. "What do you want?" An angry and old Rodian responded. The bounty hunter held up the baby and said nothing. The Rodian looked down at the baby, "How much you want?" The bounty hunter said nothing again and used his other hand to hold up three fingers. The Rodian responded, "Only 3 credits? Ha, is that all it's worth then? It'd only have to scrub my floor once to pay off a debt like that but if you insist." The bounty hunter grunted and finally spoke, "300 credits." "Oh so now you can talk. Hmm...let me see. 300..." The Rodian inspects the baby. Is it sick? The bounty hunter shook his head as if to say "no." "Well then...300. Eh....what about that rifle?" The bounty hunter laughed, "The rifle's easily worth 600." The Rodian replied, "Perhaps it once was but it looks like it took a few blows. Besides, someone carved their name on it. Only chance you'll find a buyer willing to give you 600 is if you can find someone to match the name and that's even if they want that piece of junk." The Rodian paused before continuing, "Tell you what. Let's say I give your 600 and I take the kid and the rifle off your hands." "650." "620." "700." "Fine, fine. 650, but not a credit more you pirate." The bounty hunter sighed, "Fine. Deal." They exchanged and the bounty hunter was on his way. The Rodian looked at the baby, "A little small for a collar but I don't think you'll be going anywhere anytime soon." The Rodian looked at the rifle, "You won't be going anywhere Kera."


"Kera, wake up!" shouted the girl that slept across from her sleeping mat. The girl continued, "We overslept again. If we don't get to the kitchen quick, we'll never hear the end of it. Hurry up! Wake up sleepy head!" Kera struggled to rise, her hair was in her face and her neck hurt from the tight collar. She flung her hair back and pulled at the collar wondering why it couldn't have just been a chip. The other girl continued to go on, "Hurry, stop messing around. We're really late!" Kera stretched her arms and sat at the edge of her bed, "Fine, fine. I'm up. Happy, Lira?" Lira responded, "No. We don't get to be happy and the longer you sit there the more un-happy we're going to be after the beating we get. Come on. Hurry up!" Kera sat up. There was no need to get dressed. She only had one set of clothes and she was wearing it. "Alright, let's get going." "Yes, finally!" The two girls made their way through the back alley covered in sand and trash towards the back entrance of a grungy restaurant. They went in through the back but their attempt to remain unnoticed had gone noticed. A Twi'lek girl twice their age was waiting for them and grabbed each of them by their hair and dragged them to their station. "This is twice this week I've stuck my neck out for you two and for what?" Lira replied while fixing her hair, "Food?" The Twi'lek responded, "Only because that's all you have. Just because you give me your food for the day doesn't make the beating I get for not picking up your slack any better." She paused then stared off into space, "We're not going to be in this kitchen forever you know. In a few years I won't be here, I'll be..." She shuddered at the thought and skipped it entirely, "The point is you'll be where I am and when things go wrong you'll find out how horrible these collars actually are." Kera avoided responding and starting chopping the food in front of her. Lira apologized and started washing the food next to Kera. The Twi'lek girl sighed and tugged on her uncomfortable collar before returning to her station to cook the food. A loud voice called out an order and so the day became as any other.

The stars were on the horizon when the two girls left to return home. Everything was as it had always been, or at least how it had been the last eight years they had spent together in the sandy alley. Lira kicked a scrap of trash and Kera tried to kick another piece further but they were equally matched. Kera looked up at the stars and said nothing. Lira nudged her, "What are you doing now?" Kera replied, "I'm looking at the stars." "Why stars?" Kera thought a moment and replied, "I wish I was a star. To be out there with all the other stars, away from this lonely world, away from the master, away from the sand." Lira laughed, "That's silly. You can't be a star. Besides, if you were to go up there with all those stars I would still be down here. What would I do, look up at you?" "You would be a star too. We would be next to each other, like those two stars there." Kera pointed at two stars close to one another. Lira looked back down at the sand and smiled, "I'd like that - to be a star." The two girls laughed and started to head towards the door where they called home. Kera hated calling such a place home but it was all she ever knew. She would often look at the children across the kitchen counter and wonder what their home was like. As they reached the door a person started walking through the alley and towards them. Lira wondered if it was someone bringing another friend while Kera stopped in her tracks. It was a cloaked figure in the shape of a tall man. The man approached them and put his hand on Kera's head. Lira immediately yelled at him, "We're owned. Our master will kill you if you try anything stupid." Lira banged on the door. The man gave a mean look and drew a strange object from his dark cloak. He pressed a button an a red hue emitted from the object. "You see this missy? I killed a man to get this and I've killed many more since I've got it. Do as I say and I won't have to use it. Understand?" Lira backed against the door as the red beam came close to her face. She nodded her head up and down. While keeping the red beam on Lira the man looked at Kera, his hand still on her head. "Don't worry. I'm not going to hurt you. Your master has been cheating our gang out of protection credits and I say it's time he repay some of that debt." The door swung open and an old Rodian stood there, blaster in hand. "What is it? Oh cra-" He aimed his blaster towards the cloaked man and took a shot. It hit the man and without shrugging it off he sliced through the old Rodian with ease. Lira screamed and the cloaked man let out a loud, "Shh. Say another word and you'll end up like him." Kera squirmed and got loose. The man pinned her by the collar against the wall. Lira bit down on his hand with the strange object before he slapped her with the back of his hand, slipping the object out of his grasp. It fell on Lira and the beam cut into her. The man picked it up, "Stupid girl." He looked towards Kera as she knelt down next to Lira. Her breath became staggered as she looked up at Kera and the stars, "Kera, the stars. I want to be a star." Kera grabbed her hand as the dark cloaked figure placed the red beam at the back of Kera's neck. Kera replied, "You're a star Lira. Shining bright." Lira looked up, "Together." She took a final breath. The cloaked man drew the red beam up and lunged it down. It cut the collar on Kera's neck. "Come with me. It's time you meet your new master." He looked at Lira, "Stupid girl. You can't be a star. All you'll ever be is sand." He grabbed Kera's hand and dragged her away into the night.

They traveled for a time across the city and reached the edge of civilization in a few hours and boarded a speeder to get across the dunes. By morning they reached a lonely building. In front of it were two people that seemed to guard it. The cloaked man said something silently and one of the people pressed a series of buttons by the door causing it to open. Kera was hesitant to walk forward and the cloaked man sensed this as he dragged her inside. They passed through a large open room that was empty. The cloaked man looked down at Kera and remarked, "We need to keep moving. We're heading towards the back. I only brought you through the front since the big boss is away right now." He paused before continuing, "He doesn't like to be bothered much, especially from us Fast Fists types. If he needs anything from us he usually tells our boss and we do it. You probably wouldn't like him girl. You probably think I'm a jerk but that guy makes me look tame and he doesn't even have one of these." He pats the object on his hip from earlier. They reach a door at the back of the room and the man opens it. Kera still frightened freezes and refuses to budge. The cloaked man grabs her by the hair again and drags her into the room. Several of the people in the room start to laugh as they see the sight. A Togruta woman wearing an eye-patch over her left eye calls out, not laughing, "What did you bring us this time Hex?" Hex, the cloaked man, responded, "Payment from the Rodian cook on the south side. He won't be needing our services anymore." The Togruta woman responded, "Damn it Hex. What did you do this time? Don't tell me you killed him." Hex calmly responded, "What did you want me to do, shake his hand while he was shooting at me?" The woman responded, "Oh I dunno, maybe not kill off the people that pay us off. Besides, if other merchants catch wind of this what do you think they'll do?" Hex responded, "They'll pay up. They need to know we don't mess around." She replied, "Or maybe they'll pay off someone else to protect them from us. Ever think of that?" Hex, irritated, responded, "Psh, it isn't like he was paying anyway. I don't need you to tell me how to do my job, that's the boss's job. Everyone knows you're just here to look pretty." The Togruta woman stood up, ready to fight, but her attempt was interrupted by the glowing of a large death stick in the shadows behind the group of people. A loud voice called out, "That is my job Hex. Just because I take orders from the big boss doesn't make any of you scum bounty hunters. When I send you out to shake the merchants I expect credits, not bodies." The figure leaned back and repositioned the death stick as it glowed from the inhalant. Hex seemed irritated as he pushed Kera forward, "Here, take her. I'm heading out." Hex walked away and walked back out through the front. The Togruta woman proclaimed before sitting back down, "Idiot." The gang boss faced her and replied, "He'll be back." The boss then looked towards Kera and examined her from the shadows before speaking further, "Do you have a name?" Kera trembling responded, "Ke...ra. My name's Kera." The boss went on, "Is that your real name or your slave name?" Kera looked up confused, "It's the only name I know." The boss replied, "Well. I want to make one thing clear if you're going to work for me Kera. That is, if you're going to work for me, otherwise I can send you back to the city but I doubt you'll find anyone willing to take you in. So what do you say?" Kera's eyes darted around the room and then down and to the left. She responded reluctantly, "Ok." The boss smiled with the death stick and said, "That's good. The one thing I wanted you to know is that you are no longer a slave Kera. You are apart of the Fast Fists. I'm sure you've heard of us. Years ago we were just a small time group of thieves but since we hooked up with the big boss here we've become much more than that. Us Fast Fists members here are just a local group of a much bigger organization. We work in the shadows and keep the underground side of these overlooked planets in motion. If we have to shake a few merchants we do it, if we have to move a few slaves we do it, if we need to steal something for a client we do it." He paused and took a puff of the death stick and while he did this the Togruta woman continued for him, "We are not bounty hunters. We don't hunt and we certainly don't kill." The boss nodded his head and pressed his death stick against the arm of his seat to extinguish it. He looked at Kera, "You're just a child but that doesn't mean you aren't ready to work. The boss raised an arm and shooed the people out of the room. The Togruta woman stayed and waited for the boss to continue. The boss stood up and walked into the light revealing himself as an older man with strange eyes that glowed like the burning death stick. He knelt down to Kera's height and looked her in the eyes. He spoke, "You know what it's like to be a slave. That's good. There's a group of kids on Coruscant we need to move. Trouble is, Coruscant is a little high profile for people like us and if the law caught the slightest hint of what we're doing the whole operation would fall apart. Our client needs the shipment in three days so we need to rush things along. That's where you come in kid, these children are hesitant to trust any of us and we don't need any accidents, if you get what I mean. I need you to talk to them and convince them to follow you to the transport waiting for them. Fi here will be accompanying you as the pilot. Do as she says, make this work, and we'll see about making this more of a permanent job for you." Kera looked puzzled and wanted to reject the man's job and run away but the Togruta woman placed her hand on Kera's shoulder, "She understands." He looked disappointed that Kera didn't answer for herself as he pulled out another death stick, "Good. I trust you'll teach her the ropes Fi." He lit the death stick and walked back to the dimly lit back of the room and sat back down. Fi walked out with Kera, still holding her shoulder. She spoke, "It's rude not to answer when the boss asks you a question. Come on, let's get going. We don't have much time and the longer we wait around here the less time we have to finish the job." They walked out through the front. This time the large room was filled with various shady looking people. Kera looked back at the front of the room and noticed a hooded figure at the center. The hooded figure looked over at Kera and then back to the room. A cold chill went down Kera's spine and she rushed ahead dragging Fi, still holding onto her shoulder. They went out through a side door and found themselves in a hangar. They walked to the back where a ship was sitting. Fi picked Kera up and placed her in the back seat. She climbed up herself and sat at the pilot seat. Fi turned it on and in no time they were in the air and taking off. Fi looked back at Kera, "What the boss said - that you're no longer a slave." She paused, "Sure you don't have to wear a collar or chip but don't kid yourself if you think you'll ever leave the Fast Fists." She tugged at her eye patch, "I would know."

They exited the atmosphere and Kera could see Daminia behind her. This was the only home she had known. She then looked forward at all the stars. She wondered which one was Lira. Fi engaged the hyperdrive and they went to lightspeed. Kera's eyes became gigantic as the image of millions of beams of light shot past them. Just as soon as it began it had ended and the view of a strange planet came into view. It looked like the planet they had left to Kera but the glowing lines and orbs were strange to Kera. As they came closer the view of giant plumes of smoke and fire filled their view. Fi said, "This is the industrial district. The rest of the planet is something to see but our package is below." Suddenly a message came across the ship's speakers, "Please identify yourself Corellian Transport 1392." Fi looked back at Kera, "Watch this." She pushed a series of buttons and after a few second another message came across the speaker, "Where'd they go? Ugh, these machines are on the fritz again." Fi smiled, "Well, I'll take that as permission to land then." She sat the ship down on one of the factories and picked up Kera and sat her on the ground before jumping out herself. "Ok, let's just finish the job. I'll teach you a few things later. I want to see what you're made of kid. Prove to me that you can do this job and then we'll see if you have what it takes to fly a ship and handle these kind of runs without me." Kera nodded her head and coughed as the smoke filled her lungs. "Good. I'll take us to the package." They climbed off the roof and down onto the ground. They took an elevator which took them down. They descended over a thousand levels before Kera started to nod off to sleep on Fi's side. Fi wanted to push her off but relented. Once they reached their level Fi shook Kera back awake and they proceeded. Another distant walk and they were right where they needed to be. Fi took Kera through a door. There were some crates in the way and Fi pointed beyond them, "There. They're just past these crates. You need to convince them to move without causing a scene. Security isn't so tight this far down but we need to head back up. If anyone catches onto us we're done for. Got it?" Kera looked at Fi and wanted to back out but agreed, "Got it." Kera started to tip-toe forward before Fi gave her a push. Kera fell in front of the children. A few were startled and jumped. Kera stood up and spoke, "Hi there. My name's Kera. I came here to help you get out of here but you need to, uh, follow me. Ok?" One of the boys stepped forward as though he was the elected leader of the group, "How can we trust you. A strange woman told us that we should follow her if we wanted a tour of the Jedi Temple and we wound up here instead." Kera didn't know what a Jedi Temple was but she had to improvise, "Oh. I'm with the security force and I was sent to rescue you." The boy squinted his eyes, not believing her, "But you're just a girl." Kera improvised, "I'm undercover. I'm with my partner here," Kera pointed at Fi behind the crates and continued, "If they sent normal security here, the bad people that took you would know and hide you. That's why they sent me, a junior undercover agent to help you." The boy wasn't sure if he was buying the strange girl's story, "Junior undercover agent? That's ridiculous." Kera thought a moment and spoke, "Only because you never met one before. That's how undercover we are. Come on. Your parents are wondering where you are and we need to get out of here before the bad people show up." The boy seemed to relent a little, "Ok, but if you're with security why not wait for them to show up so you can catch them?" Kera quickly responded, "Because that's what the normal security does, us undercover agents want to get you out before things get crazy." The boy gave in, "Fine. Let's get going." He looked towards the group and they followed his lead. He spoke, "Where we heading?" Kera responded, "We have a small transport waiting for us. Once we get there we'll take you to our office where your parents are waiting." The group seemed excited to leave and didn't want to delay any longer. They made it back to the elevator without incident and then started to ascend back up. All the children, including Kera fell asleep while the elevator kept ascending. A security officer entered the elevator and looked at the children and then to Fi. Fi nervously laughed and replied, "They're a handful" As she nudged Kera awake. Kera looked up and jumped then tried to regain herself, "Oh, hi there. Ms. Fi here was taking us on a field trip." Fi looked upset at this response. The officer shrugged, "That's nice." He leaned against the wall of the elevator and fell asleep himself. His floor was reached and he shook himself awake and exited. Fi looked at Kera, "What's the big idea? Don't use my name like that, and a field trip? Do I look like a teacher?" She pointed at her eye patch. They reached the top floor and Kera shook the kids awake, "We're here, let's get a move on it." They entered the building and climbed the steps to the roof. Fi replied, "Right this way kiddos." She pointed at the back of the transport. They entered one by one and Fi slammed the door behind them, "Suckers." She picked Kera up and put her in the seat and she climbed into the pilot seat. Time to get out of here. They took off and a message appeared across the speakers, "Corellian Transport 1392 identify yourself." Fi sighed and pressed the same series of buttons. Another message came across the speakers, "Again? I thought they just fixed that. Ugh." They made it past the atmosphere and were in space. They heard beating in the back of the transport and Kera started to cry realizing what she had done. Fi tried to comfort her, "Kid..." She couldn't find the words and looked ahead and engaged the hyperdrive. They arrived at what looked like home. Fi said, "We aren't home yet kid. This is Tatooine. That's where the contact is." They landed without a hitch and backed the ship up to a docking port. The door released on the back and Kera could hear the children being unloaded. Again she cried and sat in her seat. Fi jumped out and received the payment. The door on the back closed and Fi took off again. This would become a common practice for Kera.

For two years Fi showed Kera how to fly her own ship and play the various angles for working the job. The boss was impressed with Kera's progress and soon let her do her own jobs. She was only paid enough for food, weapons, and clothing that would help her on the job but there was never enough for herself. Kera would go on to transport many slaves for various slave owners. She detested what she was doing but she knew no other life besides that and slavery. The sting of once being a slave hurt her even more as she knew that there was no escape for them or herself. In a way, she was still a slave, but moving and capturing other slaves made her feel worse than just a slave. After four years of working for the Fast Fists she had nearly forgotten her old life. Kera had spent half of her life as one of the gang. She was now sixteen. She was resting against her ship when Hex had approached her, "Hey Kera." She startled herself back into consciousness, "Wha-." Hex continued, "The boss has a job for us. Look alive." Kera smirked, "And when do we ever work together Hex?" Hex rolled his eyes, "If you have a problem with it, ask the boss. Anytime I try to say anything around here everyone loses it." Kera laughed and followed him. Hex started to talk again, "Is this how you treat the man who saved you from the jaws of slavery and took you off the streets?" Kera rolled her eyes, "Oh please. I thought you weren't saying anything." Hex shrugged, "Yeah. See what I get when I do." Kera playfully punched the man on the arm, "Take it easy old-timer. Let's go see what the boss wants." They entered the back room where the boss was and saw the old man smoking a death stick. He coughed and pounded his chest. He uttered, "Crap." He threw the death stick on the ground in front of Hex. The boss looked up, "There you two are. I was..." He coughed again before continuing, "...I need you two to do a job." Kera responded, "What kind of job did you have in mind?" The boss frowned wishing he hadn't thrown the death stick, "There's some Twi'lek in the south side of the city causing some trouble. Apparently this Twi'lek..." He coughed, "...Ack. Look, this Twi'lek is causing some trouble for the Fast Fists. Making these merchants think they don't need our services anymore..." He coughed again, "...Damn it, Hex." He looked down at the death stick. Hex picked it up and handed it to the boss. The boss re-lit it and placed it in his mouth and coughed a few short spasms before inhaling and exhaling in relief, "Take her out." Hex looked confused and spoke, "I thought we don't do that, shouldn't the big boss be in charge of that?" The boss replied, "Forget that. I'm not giving you this order from the top. It's coming straight from me." Hex paused, "What would Fi think if she heard you say that?" The boss took a puff, "Fi's dead Hex. If she were here she would do as I said Hex." Hex became enraged, "She would find another way. I'm not your hitman, get one of the bounty hunters in the front to do your dirty work." Hex stormed out. The boss looked at Kera, "The day he brought you here he bragged about killing your master but I think he was hiding..." The boss coughed, "...The fact that the girl died because he couldn't accept what had happened." He coughed and continued, "Go out there Kera. Shake down the people until you figure out who this troublemaker is. Hex will come around eventually." The boss coughed and shooed her along. Kera walked out through the front. She was used to walking out through the back but she wanted to save time to get to the speeders in the front. She passed through the large open room and saw the big boss sitting in his chair. He looked at her and gave her a stare. She knew better than to go this way while the big boss was present but she did so anyway. A ragged old bounty hunter was speaking to the hooded boss when he looked back at the bounty hunter and smirked. Suddenly a blaster was fired and the bounty hunter fell to the ground. The big boss remarked, "Your debt is paid." Kera did not understand what had happened and she rushed out the door and past the two guards. She got on a speeder and set off for the city.

When Kera had arrived she started to ask around to see if she could uncover the Twi'lek. After a thorough search she believed she had a narrowed her search to the south side of the city. She was walking through a back alley when she had bumped into Hex. Hex said, "Any luck?" Kera responded, "The Twi'lek is nearby, no identification of who it could be though." Hex stroked his chin, "I think I have an idea. I dug around a bit and found that there's only one Twi'lek on this block. It has to be her." Kera paused and responded, "Her?" Hex nodded, "I think she's a slave in fact. Apparently she wears a collar and operates out of an abandoned building. Kera remembered a memory from her childhood and thought immediately of the Twi'lek girl that had looked out for her when she was a slave. Kera wanted to see if it was her but didn't want Hex to follow but before she could say anything Hex replied, "There has to be another way Kera. If we find her, let's just make her go away. Like the slaves you transport. We don't have to kill anyone." Kera looked at him relieved, "You say that but you still carry that thing" She pointed to the lightsaber on his waist, "Why?" Hex responded, "To remember. Not the man I killed to get it, not the numerous people I destroyed with its blade, not even your old master. I keep it to remember the girl. I don't want to forget...that all I'll ever be is less than the sand here..." He paused, "That's what I told her. That she'd only be sand. I was stupid. She said..." He stopped and thought, "I can't even remember..." Kera continued for him, "To be a star." He kicked the sand in the back alley, "Yes...a star. She was a star...and I am sand." Kera looked at Hex and punched him in the arm like usual, "I think I know who we're looking for." Hex was in a daze but followed Kera's lead. Kera came to the door where the old Rodian had been slain eight years prior. Hex backed up and said, "Of course. It would have to be here." Kera knocked on the door and heard the echo on the other side. Kera wondered for a moment and looked at the doorpad and wondered if the code to enter was the same. She pressed the familiar buttons and a fizzle of sparks flew out of the panel then a voice came across the speaker, "The door doesn't work and how do you even know the code? I haven't seen you around these parts before." Kera replied, "I'm looking for someone. I used to live here." The voice came across again, "No one's lived here in eight years. Besides, the man who owned this place was a Rodian and he's dead." Kera wanted to tell how she was a slave but chose to ignore that detail, "My name is Kera. I lived here eight years ago." The voice went silent. Suddenly a hatch opened up from the roof of the building. A Twi'lek woman with a collar looked over the edge. "Kera? The kitchen girl?" Kera looked up and waved, "Good to see you again." The Twi'lek looked surprised, "Wow! What are you doing here?" Kera responded, "What are you doing here?" The Twi'lek looked at Hex, "What is he doing here?" Hex spoke to break the repetition, "We're looking for you." The Twi'lek paused and placed her arm down to help Kera and Hex up on the roof. She replied, "The door's no good. Hasn't been for years. I've been living here trying to just get by. It's been difficult since the Rodian died and no one is willing to hire someone with a slave collar on." She continued talking as they went through the hatch and inside, "I've been trying to turn things around here where I can to change that..." Kera looked around and saw various plans and schematics laid across the dusty room. The Twi'lek continued, "...I wouldn't call it a resistance or anything so intricate but the local gangs and slave masters around here have held the city down for too long. I've gotten a group of slaves to form a union against their masters that are just waiting for my word to start a revolt while the merchants have agreed to stop paying the gangs in return for protection by the civilians themselves. Not everyone in the city agrees with the movement but I think when the time is right we might be able to take this city for the people and chase out these gangs and slave masters for good." The room flooded Kera's mind with memories. For a moment she was a small girl again and saw the ghost of Lira playing in the room. She brushed off her memories and looked back at the Twi'lek woman. Hex stood back and said nothing. Kera decided to speak, "The Fast Fists are after you. You're not safe here." The Twi'lek looked puzzled and spoke, "Of course they're after me. All the gangs are after me." Kera responded, "No. I mean they want to kill you. That's why we're here." The Twi'lek woman looked further puzzled, "So you came out of nowhere to tell me to watch my back. Thanks, I guess." The Twi'lek looked at the back room, "Wait there one moment." The Twi'lek ran to the back room. Hex looked at Kera, "You should tell her." Kera looked back to the back room. The Twi'lek returned with her hands behind her back, "I have a present for you Kera." Kera looked surprised. The Twi'lek pulled her hands out revealing a blaster rifle. On the rifle was etched the name "Kera." She smiled and said, "The day you arrived here, the man who sold you also sold this. I'm pretty sure it's yours. I mean, it has your name on it." Kera grabbed the blaster rifle and studied it. The Twi'lek smiled and ran back to the paperwork in the room. Hex spoke, "Look lady. We're here because we are the Fast Fists." The Twi'lek looked shocked. Kera responded, "We're not here to harm you but that doesn't mean that others won't come here trying to do that. We want to help you." Hex cocked his eyes at Kera. The Twi'lek having no choice, believed them, "Fine. I need to give the signal to the people then we can leave." Hex said, "They won't stand a chance. Just leave them behind." The Twi'lek responded, "They deserve a chance at freedom, at a better life. Besides I can't even get off-planet with this collar on." Hex activated the lightsaber and placed it at her neck. She screamed, "What are you doing? I thought you were gong to help me?" Hex sliced through the collar with ease as Kera spoke, "Come on. We're leaving. Give your signal if you have to but make it quick." Hex replied, "I've got a bad feeling about this." They ran back up through the hatch as the Twi'lek grabbed a flare gun and Kera slung the baster rifle over her shoulder. On the roof, the Twi'lek released off a flare and soon the city became abuzz with people spilling onto the streets. Hex yelled, "You couldn't have waited to do that until we were outside the city?" The Twi'lek looked at him, "I needed to make sure it could be seen." Hex sighed and pressed a button on his wristpad, "I don't suppose we can show our faces back at the base again after this." Kera's ship came into view and landed on the rooftop. Kera looked over at Hex, "How is it that you have the controls to my ship?" Hex smirked, "I figured something might go bad working with a partner. Have to be prepared for anything. Even if that means turning our back on the Fast Fists." Kera looked at Hex, "And how exactly are we turning our backs. The boss said to take out the Twi'lek...we're...well taking her out...of the city." Hex boarded the ship and looked concerned, "You can't be serious. You know what he meant and you know we can't return after your friend just did what she did." Kera shrugged and hopped in the pilot seat while the Twi'lek boarded as well. Kera asked, "So where are we heading?" The Twi'lek responded, "[starwars:Ryloth/Legends|Ryloth]]. I have some family there, I think." Hex looked over at her in the ship, "If you've been a slave your whole life, how would you know you have family on Ryloth?" The Twi'lek responded, "Just a guess." Kera laughed, "Works for me." They took off as the city below erupted into chaos. The exited the atmosphere as Kera engaged the hyperdrive, "Setting coordinates for Ryloth." Hex then shouted, "Wait!" It was too late, they were at lightspeed.

Kera looked back, "What is it?" Hex responded, "The Fast Fists still have trackers on all their ships. The moment we reach Ryloth they're going to know what's going on." The Twi'lek sighed. Ryloth came into view as Kera began their descent. Kera replied, "Too late. I doubt the Fast Fists even know what's going on anyway. We'll make it back before they're the wiser." They landed the ship in an open area just outside a city. Kera looked to the Twi'lek, "Ok. We can't really stay here long. I wish you the best." The Twi'lek looked at Kera as she jumped out, "May the Force be with you." She then ran off towards the city. Kera looked at Hex, "What kind of thank you was that?" Hex responded, "The man that once wielded this weapon said something about the Force. He lead our gang on a mission. We were ambushed and most of our gang fled. I stood beside him as he fought off the group. We were out-gunned but we were still victorious, although he was lethally wounded. He asked me to take this thing and give him a quick death, then to return it to his master. I honored his first request but denied him the second." Kera wondered more as she began to lift the ship off the ground. As the ship was rising another ship came into view. Hex pointed, "Looks like we're out of time." A voice came over the speaker, "The boss is displeased with your insolence." The speaker crackled as the ship started firing at them. Kera tried to maintain control but it was no use, the ship was falling back to Ryloth. They braced for impact as the ship crashed into the landscape below. The other ship landed and a person stepped out. They starting firing on Kera and Hex. Hex shouted, "Get out of here kid, I got this." Kera unslung the rifle on her shoulder and tried to fire it but it jammed. Hex shouted, "Go!" Kera ran towards the city where the Twi'lek was heading and Hex drew forth the red-beamed weapon. Kera didn't look back. She ran as fast as she could. She didn't know if Hex was alive or dead, if the Fast Fists were still looking for her, if she could even find a way off Ryloth. After an hour, Kera became tired and started to slow her pace. She walked for the next two hours before the city came into view. Night was falling as Kera approached. She saw a ship sitting on the outskirts and figured it would have to suffice. She sneaked up to the ship and slipped past the guards standing around it. She closed the ramp which alerted the guards and then activated all the primary systems to get the ship off the ground. There was no resistance as the stolen ship left the atmosphere. Kera looked through the navigational system and tried to pick a location to escape to. She decided to cycle through the listed locations and placed her finger on a random one. It was the Yavin system. She set the coordinates and engaged the hyperdrive and took off at lightspeed. In an instance she was looking at the giant gas planet of Yavin. Kera sighed that she had picked an inhospitable location as she noticed what she assumed was a smaller planet orbiting the giant. She searched the ship's systems and discovered that it was hospitable. She decided on landing below in the vast jungles. She couldn't find a clearing but that didn't concern her since she didn't plan on leaving the ship intact. She rushed the ship towards the canopy and braced for impact.



When she awoke there were flames around her and she was hanging in a tree above the ground. She looked up to see the majority of the hull still above her, having managed to fall through the broken cockpit. She tried to free herself from the tree but discovered that the strap to the broken blaster rifle is what caught onto a branch. She was partially relieved that the rifle had saved her from falling but also concerned about how she would come loose. She wiggled the strap of the rifle and as she did the rifle became loose but the shaking upset the tree further up where it was holding the hull. The ship creaked and started to loosen above her. Kera hung there for a moment and wondered how she would escape this. She had no choice but to keep moving the rifle back and forth. Eventually it gave way and with it the hull had fallen. Kera was falling towards the ground and the ship was coming down on top of her. She hit the ground with a thud and felt the air being knocked out of her. Kera put her arms up, hoping her futile attempt would save her from the tons falling on top of her when suddenly the ship had caught on another branch and stopped itself. Kera tried to rise up but fell back down. She then crawled out from under the ship as it was breaking through the next branch. She had cleared it when the tree holding it had snapped sending splinters everywhere as the ship came crashing down. Kera looked back as the ship erupted into an explosion. Various creatures howled and fled the area. Kera resolved to do the same. She went over the events of that day in her head. There was no way to return to the Fast Fists now. She crawled some more and set herself against a tree to get some rest. Waking up a day later, Kera decided to look for somewhere she could hide away. She looked to the west and saw a stone monument in the distance. After some thinking, Kera moved in that direction. It would take a day of trekking through the jungle before she reached the structure. When she arrived she was greeted by several figures in robed clothes. Feeling dizzy from the journey and her wounds she could not come up with words and decided to allow them to greet her without answering many of their questions. She hid her pain and tried to be friendly towards the people. She would come to stay at the settlement for weeks before she found the courage to speak to what she understood to be Jedi. They embraced her presence and Kera felt welcomed around them. She spent many of her days trying to repair the old rifle with her name on it but as time progressed she found herself more in tuned with the energy around her. She followed the Jedi around and tried mimicking them when she could to take her mind off of the past. When they would approach her and asked about who she was and where she had come from Kera would reveal the details of her life as a slave. The more she revealed that part of her life, the more she detested her years in the Fast Fists. She remembered the people that were slaves because of her and it pained her that she tried to remove that from her mind. One day when Kera observed a padawan levitate a small rock with nothing but the waving of her hand it had intrigued Kera. Kera tried the same thing and nothing happened. It was then that a padawan named Tiro had approached Kera and described the Force. Kera seemed puzzled and amazed all at once. She remembered what the Twi'lek had told her on Ryloth and decided to give everything she had within her. Again nothing happened. The padawan had told Kera to clear her mind, but how could she? Kera wanted to erase the last eight years behind her but even that would not dissipate. Kera struggled as she tried to clear her mind. Nothing was happening. She closed her eyes and focused on nothing but moving the object in front of her and it started to move back and forth and began to slowly levitate. Suddenly Lira, Fi, and Hex came back into her mind and the object fell. The padawan was elated and congratulated Kera for her step into a much bigger world. This action did not go unnoticed as several knights of the Order had taken an interest in teaching Kera. A knight named KinsaShala had approached Kera and shared a similar views with Kera. It was then that Kera understood that she could not be consumed by her doubt and thoughts of worthlessness. Kera aimed to right the wrongs of her past and find balance within herself. She decided to become a Jedi.

Months had passed since she had started her training and Kera continued to follow the teachings of her master, KinsaShala. After a time, Kera became familiar with the moon she had landed on. She knew the ins and outs of the temple grounds and became familiar with the surrounding jungles as she mapped them out on her own despite the already recorded maps in the archives. She found several hidden grottos that she would spend hours in as she examined the ancient architecture that may have predated even the old temple at the edge of the temple grounds. It was in these moments that Kera would reflect on her lessons and mistakes. She remembered when she had managed to scrape enough parts from the damaged ship she had left behind in the wilderness to repair a Jedi fighter which she longed to pilot as she missed flying through her time being grounded. She waited for the right moment, when her master was busy with her duties and she gave it a start. Either reckless or excited, the new padawan was eager to get off the ground, and when she did things seemed to go wrong immediately. The ship thrusted off, as if it had a mind of its own. Kera tried to regain control but her efforts only had a minimal effect on the steering of the crazed ship. She pulled out her comlink and frantically called out for help as her ship was heading back towards the ground. She pulled up but it was useless as the ship began to crash through branches and onto the side of the old temple. It finally rested amidst a pile of fallen debris from the temple as the engine ignited and burst into flames from the damage. Kera was conscious but the warped cockpit refused to open. It was then that the pain had hit her as she looked down and noticed a piece of the hull had ripped through the interior and had pierced her right leg. She braced herself and pushed against the visor as she tried to free herself from the hull. Kera let out a scream as she maneuvered her leg off the hull and immediately grabbed it with her hands to cover the blood gushing between the broken bones and her skin. The flames had now begun to spread to the cockpit as she grabbed her leg and she tried to use the Force to pop the hatch since brute strength was not enough. Again, nothing happened. She pulled out her lightsaber which she had recently constructed and struck through the bottom of the hull, cutting herself and opening to fall through. She was finally free but at a cost. Kera now found herself stuck underneath the ship and as she tried to cut through once again she felt a sharp pain in her head. She dropped the bloodied lightsaber hilt and instinctively grabbed her head, thereby leaving two bloodied hand prints on her face. The flames continued to spread through the cockpit and were now reaching the underpart of the ship. The pain was too immense and she had lost all of her energy. A spark had touched her training robes and had begun to catch aflame as a voice had called out beyond the crackling and popping of flames. A Jedi Knight by the name of Jayden Lukas had arrived and behind him a group of Jedi comrades that collectively used the Force to move the burning debris. As they lifted the main hull, Jayden rushed in and asked Kera if she was alright. Kera spoke tried to speak but she had a hard time saying the words. She pointed to her leg, revealing the bloodied hand print on her head, then she immediately grabbed her head again. The healer looked down and back to her head as he diagnosed the physical injuries. He summoned a gurney and picked up Kera as he placed her on top of it. As she felt herself fall onto the flat surface, Kera tried to concentrate on staying awake but the line shining through the jungle trees seemed to dance in her eyes and she felt herself drifting off as the pain became numb and her mind weakened into unconsciousness.

Kera startled herself as she was reminded of the pain which broke her meditation. She looked around at her favorite grotto. The accident was months ago and the wounds had healed but the thought still haunted her as she distrusted ships. She recalled when she had chosen her path, that it was the path of a Consular rather than following her aspirations towards becoming an Ace. In the weeks she had recovered she often found herself in the archives, rummaging through various articles and combing over maps of systems as well as holocrons of passed Jedis. Kera found a child-like wonder to the infinite databases she surrounded herself with. She changed her mind at this time as she wanted to pursue a path that would lead her to archive and collect information that she could one day add to the archives herself. Kera slipped back into meditation in her grotto as the day started to end. Twilight was on the horizon and she could sense her master searching for her through their bond as master and apprentice. She left the place and returned to the temple grounds to meet with her master and sleep in the barracks with the other padawans. Kera often found herself uncomfortable in the barracks and eventually she found herself either sleeping in the wilderness or catching a quick nap in the archives. Several months would pass yet again and Kera was meditating near a small body of water in the wilderness as she heard a strange noise coming from the meditation circle. She quickly ran over to see what it was but as she had arrived she saw a Jedi Knight locked in battle with a Sith. Not sure what to do, Kera stood back as she watched the conflict. Both were wounded before the Sith hobbled off to the landing pad to board her ship. Kera immediately ran up to the Knight and asked if he was alright. He responded that he was capable of taking himself to the med bay and as he walked away, Kera sat at the circle, trying to send a peaceful aura to the wounded Knight. As she sat there, several other Jedi had joined the circle, unaware of the previous conflict. Kera felt the need to retell the events but before she could relay them her comlink had buzzed and a strange message came through. As it did so, her master approached the circle and tried to discern what was happening. The message was mostly inaudible except for a few lines that stated: "Kera..." and "parents..." She was shocked as she had never known her parents, if she even had any to begin with. Her master confirmed that everyone had parents, and as such, Kera felt a personal drive to reunite with them. The message was now her life as she was determined to locate the source. She ran a quick scan on it and determined it was coming from the Beshqek system. Kera was determined to follow this signal as she immediately stood up to headed towards the landing pad. Her master grabbed her arm as she nearly passed by her and told her, "It's never good go to place and not know what you getting into. I did that once when I was a new Jedi. I thought I could handle myself. I was just doing the news. I knew she was a known slaver and the Force was telling me I should go but when I did, I almost got captured after I did the report. It's best to gather more information before you go. I am sure whoever the message came from will wait for you no matter what choice you make, but I think you should wait until you can see more of the message." Kera sighed and felt torn between going and staying. After some convincing, she had determined to stay and have her master analyze the message for further clues. Upset with the situation Kera returned to the archives and looked up the Beshqek system. A prominent exclamation was drawn to a planet in the system and Kera zoomed in on it. The readout revealed that the planet was known as Byss. She read more and discovered the danger she had nearly found herself in, but if her parents were there, she had to find a way.

Kera once again found herself in her favorite grotto. The ruins seemed to call out to her as she stared at them, searching for some kind of answer to why they were there - why her parents were not. As her training continued she thought about nothing but the message in times where her mind wandered. She would often drop subtle hints to her master to clear it up quicker, but her subtleness was either too difficult to perceive or ineffective. After visiting the planets of Tython, Dantooine, and New Alderaan, Kera had determined from the small portion of the galaxy she had experienced as a Jedi, that perhaps Byss would not be so different. She would think to herself, "Sure it may be inhabited by Sith, but could such a place be truly so bad?" She would think back to her time as a Fast Fists member and how she used to be so fearless, yet now she, as learned as she was with the Force had never felt so vulnerable. Her accident with the ship and her solitude in the jungle combined with the unknowing of her parents - of herself, tormented her constantly. It had only been a week or so since the message had initially arrived and despite the constant travel and training, Kera sought to understand everything she could about it. When her master busy attending to her other duties, Kera would hoard a copy of the message and return to her favorite grotto where she felt as though she could understand things more clearly. On her way there on a particularly humid day she thought she heard a noise before she had entered underneath the overgrowth. She hesitated to move any closer as she froze just outside the entrance. A voice muttered from beyond it, "She was here." Another voice added, "Are you sure?" before the original voice responded, "No doubt about it." "Well, where's she at?" "Close." Kera took a quick breath and wanted to run back to the temple grounds but decided to stand her ground and enter the grotto. She proceeded in and drew her lightsaber in a falsely threatening manner before providing a small lie, "You stand on sacred ground intruders. Leave at once." A group of a dozen people looked towards her and they drew their blasters while taking aim at her. Among them a Devaronian stood up from kneeling towards a stump on which Kera would normally meditate upon and laughed without facing Kera. Kera angled her lightsaber up as the blasters all pointed her way, yet none of them fired, as if they were waiting for some kind of signal. The Devaronian spoke, with his back turned to Kera, "Well, well...if it isn't the woman of the hour!" Some of the aimed blasters were lowered while others remained aimed. The Devaronian continued, "We've been looking all over for you..." he paused, "Kera." The blasters seemed tightened by the grips of their masters and Kera pulled her lightsaber up in a defensive position, prepared for a battle. It was only at the mentioning of her name that the followers put away their blasters. The Devaronian male continued in a sly style, "Let me start out by stating what an honor it is to meet the woman herself who helped kick off that little uprising on Daminia. You can't even begin to imagine how much those Damind crystals fetch now that the galactic market is in short supply thanks to your little hoopla." He turned to face her, "But I won't bother with an old pirate's musings. What you want to know is who I am and why I'm here. Don't you, little Jedi?" Kera reflected on all this and extinguished her saber. "Yes, I would." Kera said. The Devaronian revealed, "My name is Chehr. Chehr Noderk that is. Swiftest and craftiest pirate this side of the Outer Rim. Don't let any others fool you in thinking otherwise." he paused before whispering, "You don't know any other pirates, right?" Kera shook her head in a horizontal motion. "Good! Just know if you meet any others, that they can't even compare to great and mighty Chehr!" Kera seemed slightly irritated by his presence, "So what do you want from me Chehr?" Chehr grinned and raised his hand to give his people a sign as he pointed up. The fellow pirates activated their jetpacks and bolted out of the grotto through an opening above where a shaft of light landed on the spot Kera would meditate on. Chehr revealed to Kera alone, "I understand you are looking for your parents and I thought that since you made things so great for me on Daminia, I would return the favor. From one pirate to another..." he paused, ", Jedi!" Kera motioned her eyes to the left corner as she searched for a response, "How would you know that? That I'm looking for parents, that is." Chehr responded, "It isn't exactly hard to miss that signal you have bouncing around. I happened to be passing through the system when I had encountered your signal. Kera...parents. Kind of hard to forget your name, seeing how it is plastered all over Daminia with a lot of zeros and a Twi'lek picture next to it." he paused, "I take it you aren't the Twi'lek, but if you are connected with her, then that must mean you are part of the reason things are so lucrative there now." Kera thought a moment before speaking, "That was years ago." Chehr grinned as he spoke, "I know right! I've lost count how much I've made off that hole-in-the-wall place just from those rocks that grow out of the ground. As far as I'm concerned, I hope that little rebellion keeps holding up. The longer the better - for me!" Kera, annoyed, said, "I doubt that's reason enough to help me. Why are you really here?" "You wound me with your words Jedi. I already told you, I only want to return the favor for all the credits you've pushed my way. Even pirates have codes, and the most important is to not be in anyone's debt. Well, maybe not the most important, but that doesn't matter. Eh. I'm just here to help you out with your little problem. Probably more than your Jedi friends are willing to do. They don't even understand families, and trust me kid, family is everything." Chehr placed his hand on her shoulder. Kera wanted to push it off but felt as though it was hopeless since she felt he was telling her the truth. Kera replied, "Ok. You can help." His grin widened, "But! Only if you stay out of trouble." Chehr shrugged, "Staying out of trouble is my specialty kid." "And stop calling me kid." Chehr laughed, "Sure thing little Jedi." Kera sighed.

The two entered the temple as Chehr motioned towards the mainframe as he expressed that it would help amplify the signal and help coordinate the position more accurately. She felt uneasy about allowing a stranger have privileges that exceeded her own but she was determined to find the answers she was seeking. The entered the room and Chehr looked around, "This is quite the setup you Jedi have," he motioned his arms in the air to encompass the entirety of the room. "Quite the setup indeed." He silently grabbed something from his pocket and moved it behind his back as he backed up against the mainframe and faced Kera. "If you will just..." He reached his hand out as he used his other to remove a piece off the mainframe and insert the one he had been hiding. Kera handed him the device containing the signal that she had picked from her master's belongings. Chehr put out his index finger and thumb as he grasped it, "Thaaank you." he slyly said before continuing, "And we just press this...and this...and bam!" He hooked a cable between the device and the mainframe. Suddenly the device started buzzing with random letters dancing across the screen. "Just one moment." Chehr said with his index finger pointed up. Kera looked around to make sure no one was nearby. The screen showed a symbol as it read out part of the message that had previously been inaudible. The message continued, "Keep using that name and get as far from this rock as you can get. Your parents, I only knew your father." Chehr grinned, "You see kid? When Chehr sets his mind to getting what he wants, he gets what he wants." He looked back to the device he had previously placed. Kera looked intrigued but was even more distraught. "That's not much more than we know already. Also the message, it's only in text form, not the actual audio. This doesn't help us find out who sent it either." Chehr rolled his eyes to the right as he cocked his head, "Not so fast kid." Chehr pressed a button and the screen had fluttered back to the symbol it had previously shown. "Do you know what that is kid?" Kera sighed, "I told you already, I'm not a kid!" "Excuse me m'lady." Kera snorted a breath of hot air from her nose before speaking, "So what's it mean?" Chehr cocked his head in the opposite direction, "It's an insignia. Not just any insignia either. It doesn't just belong to a group, like you Jedi, but this is more of a coat-of-arms." Chehr paused, "This insignia, it belongs to a man. His name was Avlin." Kera responded, "So why is it here? Was he the one who sent me the message?" Chehr shook his head, "He disappeared sometime before you were even born kid, but yes, I knew him. He isn't the most respectable of men. He is one hell of a crack-shot though, I give him that. Gave me a run for my money more times than I can count." Kera said, "So why his insignia then?" Chehr grinned as he turned back around towards the mainframe, "If we just press this then this and then that..." He pressed the inserted piece he had secretly put in earlier while adjusting a dial that spun through more dancing letters. Kera asked, "What are you doing?" Chehr responded, "Trying to isolate the data around the insignia itself rather than the clearest part of the message. It may not make a whole lot of sense but it should give us a better idea of what we're up against." As Chehr adjusted a dial words began to appear on the screen. They read: "Your father //##/#///### Avlin /##///?" Chehr pressed his forehead up as he looked to Kera, "Well that explains it then. You must be Avlin's daughter! That explains everything!" Kera looked puzzled before a surprised look washed over her face, "My father? Where is he? Who is he? How is he?" Chehr interrupted, "Woah there kid, calm down. If we're going to find him, we need to trace his footsteps. Like I said, he's disappeared. No one's seen or heard from him since he took an odd job on Naboo. This was after he stopped working for the Sun's and tacked on my crew. I guess he figured if he couldn't catch me, he may as well join me or maybe it was just that the Sun's stopped paying him for his style of contracts." Chehr shrugged, "Who knows? Don't look at me though. I don't have anything to do with him vanishing. Like I said, Naboo. If you're looking for him, that's where you gotta go kid." Kera seemed willing to join but wanted to hear the entire message before jumping into the unknown. "Let's see what my master can do with the rest of this first. Maybe there's something we missed." He frowned. "Fine, fine, but the longer we wait, the more difficult this is going to be." Kera decided to unplug the device and as she did the screen cleared itself back to it's normal state. Chehr watched as she walked away with the device and he removed his hidden piece before putting the original piece back. "Fine...fine." He repeated to himself as he put his piece back in his pocket.

A few days later Kera found herself sitting next to her master at the meditation circle as a few new arrivals had entered the circle. It was Kinsa's master, Atlantis, and another woman by the name of Snow. After greeting one another Kinsa handed Kera the device which she had finished clearing up. Chehr stood in the background as he rested his back against a pillar as he folded his arms, not saying anything. Kera looked over the device but the message was still inaudible. She decided to try tracing it once again and it now the signal seemed more amplified. It was no longer just pointing to the Beshqek system. It was now bouncing across various systems as if it were scanning for the device Kera held in her hand. Kera watched as the signal pinged past the Beshqek system and to various other systems. As it pinged each system the signal amplified, but after it passed each system the signal had altered itself slightly to prevent itself from being tracked. It was only through Kinsa's expertise that the modified parts of the signal were placed together in one singular stream. Kera thought out loud as she watched the signal return to the origin point, "It looks like it's coming from..." she paused, "" Chehr grinned as he moved away from the pillar, still remaining in the background. Kera looked around as she plotted the coordinates onto her datapad, "Hmm. There!" Kera was still looking at her datapad but her arm was raised and pointing at the temple. She looked up and noticed that it was the temple. Chehr moved forward and addressed the group which had already learned about his connection to Kera, "Well, what are we waiting for? Let's get to it then." Chehr whispered in Kera's ear, "It might be the mainframe we had already used. If it is, we can't let them follow or they will know that we used it." Kera nodded as the rest of the group stood up. Kera lead them to the temple and as they reached the entrance she had asked the whole group, except for Chehr, to stay behind so she could discover the secrets to her past for herself. As they proceeded into the temple Kera took a different turn than they had before. They were now heading towards the barracks. Chehr let out an irritated snort as Kera lead on. Once they had entered the barracks Kera looked at Chehr and then around the room. She saw a small light flashing from underneath her bed and she decided to see what it was. It appeared to be an old communicator she had brought with her when she had first arrived on Yavin IV. It was something she had carried with her since she was a girl. It was originally attached to her slave collar and after Hex had cut her collar all those years ago, she had decided to salvage it as she often found herself using it when she was with the Fast Fists. The communicator would receive messages but Kera had modified it to send as well. She thought to herself, "Could the Fast Fists be trying to contact her?" Chehr said nothing.

Kera started the message as she saw a holo-projected Rodian appear before her eyes. It was her old slave master, "But how? He's dead. Isn't he?" Kera thought to herself again. The Rodian spoke, "Kera. If this has been programmed correctly you should receive this message on your eighteenth birthday." Kera sighed, since her birthday was earlier, around the time she had first received the signal. The message continued, "I had hoped to give you this message in person but it may be that I am no longer alive to do so. That is why I had pre-recorded this message in case that should come to pass. To put it simply. You are free. No longer shall you serve me. I know that may be redundant since if you are playing this message I will no longer be over you as master, but in case you have remained behind to serve my house, know that you are no longer bound to it." Kera sighed as the message seemed to only bring harmful memories of the past without much reason. The Rodian continued, "That is not all I wanted to tell you, Kera." He sighed: "The night you were brought to me, you were done so by a bounty hunter that worked for a criminal organization..." The message had fizzled into static. Kera hit the communicator with her hand. It didn't quite work perfectly since it had been singed by the lightsaber blade from years ago but it served its purpose well enough to convey whatever the message was that it received or sent. The message was still distorted so Kera fast-forwarded it to a more clearer spot, "...that is your name. You must stay away from the organization that had killed your parents. They will surely hunt you down as well. That is why I can hide you no longer as my slave. No, not because I am worried about my own life, but because you deserve to have your own. For the last eighteen years you have gone by the name "Kera." Keep using that name and get as far from this rock as you can get. Your parents, I only knew your father. I would be lying if I said he was a great man but he didn't deserve what they did to him." He sighed. "I'm sorry that this had to be the way for you to find out but you must not seek any retribution for them. They lie on Naboo, where they were killed. That is where you were born. Return there if you wish but do not seek those that were responsible for their death. Their power is more than just blasters and words. As far as they know, you are in my care, but if I should be dead, perhaps they will assume you are as well. Do what you must. *a knock on the door in the message was heard and the Rodian ended it there.*" Kera collapsed to the floor having realized her parents were dead, not accounting for the missing parts about her name or how she had come to be a slave. "All of this for nothing." She said as she began to cry. Chehr shook his head. "No, for revenge. You know the location of those bastards. You are a Jedi. You are powerful. Imagine what you can do. You could destroy them." He said in anger while not moving forward to console her. "Join me. You and my group of friends. We can waste those bastards to waste." He said. "Then your father and mother will finally be at peace. I knew your father, kid. True, he was a criminal but he was honorable." He lied. Kera looked up as she tried to wipe away the tears from her face, "I...." she paused trying to remember her Jedi teachings but started to succumb to the hate boiling inside her, "...You're right. They must pay. If there is one thing I have learned in my teaching it is that Jedi must defend and protect. Who will protect those who succumb to those bastards if I don't do anything now. They have to be extinguished and they can't do this again to anyone." Kera felt good as she felt a chill go through herself that energized her. Chehr nodded and encouraged the padawan. "That's right. Getting rid of those bastards will make this galaxy a better place. Join me. Me and my crew will back you up and we will kill all of them." The Devaronian spoke passionately as he added, "Avlin and Penta would be proud of you. They would want their little girl to make those bastards pay for what they did." Kera smiled as she heard those names, she had never before. She believed the Devaronian's words even though she had only known him for a couple days. The information was too good to pass up and with the message from her old slave-master, how could she not follow him. She remembered the words in the message 'do not seek those that were responsible for their death' but ignored them as she felt energized. She motioned her arm still sniveling a little bit but with a serious look and twisted grin, "Lead the way." Chehr nodded as he began to walk back towards the temple entrance. "My ship is waiting on the landing pad." Chehr grinned.

As they reached the temple entrance Kinsa and Atlantis were waiting for them. Kinsa looked at her padawan and asked, "What happened? I can sense you aren't happy. What did the message say?" Before Kera could respond, Chehr pulled out his comlink and spoke to one of his crew, "Jethro, prepare the ship. We're heading to Naboo and the little Jedi is coming with us." His voice sounded eager, even happy at the idea, that his revenge would soon be complete. Atlantis interceded, "Why is she going to Naboo with you?" Kera frowned as she held the old communicator in her hand and slid it behind her back, "Nothing...." Kera said with an obviously lying tone and expression. She realized that and gave in a little to her master, "I need to take care of something." She paused, "Of someone." KinsaShala said, "Kera we have a bond. I can tell if something is wrong. Let's talk before you go off doing something you will regret later." Kera said in a slight outburst, "I've waited long enough. I need to take care of those who killed my parents. They have to pay. They have to be stopped before they do that to someone else. Before they ruin someone else's life like they did mine." Kera felt relieved having getting that off her mind but also regretful that she had spoken in such a manner. Chehr Noderk shouted at the chatter coming back from his comlink. "Jethro shut up, we've been waiting for this moment for a long time." He disconnected his comlink. The Devaronian would nod at Kera's voice. "Yes, she has a duty to the memories of her parents. Avlin and Penta. I knew Avlin and he was killed by those bastards, and now it's their turn to pay. We will waste them. Destroy them to dust." The Devaronian said passionately. as he motioned Kera to follow along. "There Jedi don't understand. The galaxy out there is bigger then their ideal. Their ideals are unrealistic. These bastards sold you into slavery and killed your parents. They deserve everything they have coming to them." Kera looked down having realized her misplaced tone with her master, "I'm sorry but it has to be done." Atlantis looked at Kera then spoke. "I know where you are coming from. You may not know this but my parents were killed as well and I was sold as slave. So we have a lot in common. The person who bought my freedom and brought me up as his child was the one that had killed my parents. I was too young to remember that as I didn't find out until much later. He sent me a message. A message I wasn't suppose to get until after he died. He told me that he killed my parents. He was young and was a paid to capture Twi'lek. Later, as he got older and wiser he had regrets. He wanted to make amends, so he bought me and gave me a new life. Later he asked me to train as Jedi because he worked with Jedi before and he could tell that I could use the Force but to make a long story short, in his letter he asked me to forgive him. I was angry and I had to make a choice. Do I follow the teaching of the Jedi Code or do I live being bitter my whole life?" Kinsa said, "I know you're angry and you want to lash out but remember that it is easy to take revenge but it is even harder to forgive. Do you want to be known as the person who will take the easy road or the one who would take more difficult road?" Kera thought about this, "This isn't easy. I don't want to do this. I have to do this. They...." Kera ran out of words to say. Chehr Noderk shook his head at the Jedi's words and turned to look back at Kera. "And what about your revenge? Your revenge is important. These people that killed your parents, then sold you as a piece of meat, and forgiveness is their answer? Come on, these bastards deserve to be wasted. They only deserve to be dust." He pointed at her and said, "I will be waiting for you. You have ten minutes. If you don't come, I'm gone and you will live your whole life regretting that you did not save the galaxy from those bastards. How many people need to suffer? It is your duty as a Jedi to make sure they don't do this to another family. Don't keep me waiting." He give Kinsa and Atlantis a hiss as he walked passed them, not waiting to hear their lies. Kinsa reminded Kera, "There is no death, only the force. Reach out with to the Force and see if this is what your parents would have wanted for you to do." Atlantis said, "Your master is right. Remember your teaching: Fear leads to anger and anger leads to hate and hate leads to the dark side." Kera felt the energized feeling in her start to dwindle as she remembered the Code. "Of course you two are right. Maybe I was foolish for trying to believe Chehr. I had only known him for a few days but with him and the whole signal and promise of learning about my parents, I suppose I haven't entirely been myself." She wiped her face as some more tears came down, "I had hoped to know them. To know who I am. I feel like I have been wandering my whole life not knowing where I came from or where I am going. For once I just wanted something in stone. Something I could cling onto and know. Perhaps I shouldn't. Maybe it is best for a Jedi to not cling to such things, or understand as much." Kera sighed as she continued to wipe her face. Kinsa revealed, "Even with them not being here, I am sure Master Atlantis can relate. They are always with you and you are part of them just as they are a part of you. The way you look. The smile you make. I am always being compared to my mother when I smile. My mother would sometimes say: You get that from your father. I would even tell children who had been away from their parent and find them again, that they had some type of look or gesture that their parents had. I believe it's put into us." Kera looked up at her master and Master Atlantis while giving a small grin, "I think you speak the truth." She said as she saw Chehr's ship take off from the landing pad, "I won't go after them for what they did. Someone still needs to stop them. Perhaps Chehr will find the right person to help him, at least for now I know that where I belong is here." Kera said as she took the communicator from behind her back and handed it to her master, "I don't want to cling onto this thing. Just looking at it makes me think how close I came to following Chehr and forgoing my teaching." Listen to it if you want. There were some parts that were still damaged, or maybe just lose it entirely. I don't need that to know who I really am." She smiled. Kinsa said, "Maybe you should keep it, so to remind you how close you came and how you will never do it again but I will keep safe, and if you ever want it back and are ready to handle it, I will give it to you." Master Atlantis nodded. Kera nodded her head as she passed it along. "I feel much better. I think I need some time to meditate on all of this." Kera paused a moment, "I'm sorry about earlier." Kera looked down a bit and seemed ready to leave and retire to the meditation circle. They all exited the temple and went their own ways to think over the events of the day. The more Kera thought it, the more she realized that Chehr was deceiving her into his own agenda. She thought, "Was that really their names? Why did he fiddle so much with the mainframe? Did he alter the message when he first showed it to me?" Kera remembered the insignia from the message he had shown her but she didn't recall seeing it in the actual message from the Rodian nor could she figure out why the Rodian would have that insignia if her parents were already dead. The Rodian knew the details of her parents deaths but he didn't actually know them. It also seemed too convenient that the Devaronian knew so much. Kera knew for sure that her parents were dead and probably buried on Naboo somewhere but she couldn't accept the words of the Chehr. He was a pirate after all and his words were likely trying to drag Kera into his own vendetta against the organization that had killed her parents. She thought again to herself, "Perhaps he knows more about them than I do, but I can't chase after his revenge. I need to follow my own path. If that path should cross with that secret organization then I will deal with them when the time comes." Kera resolved to look more into the names of her parents. She had little to go on besides the words from Chehr, which she couldn't trust. She decided not to involve her master in this pursuit nor anyone else for that matter. She felt as though it was her personal mission to do alone but she would not let it consume herself as it had previously. Kera kept the main focus of her attention on her Jedi training and would only return to her search when she found herself with nothing else to do. In time she completed her training and was ready to leave her time as a padawan behind her. She was ready to take on the responsibilities of a Jedi Knight.


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In time, Kera settled in her new life as a Jedi Knight. She constructed an additional lightsaber with an unstable crystal that reflected the past that still haunted her. In her pursuit for further knowledge, Kera spent much of her time in the archives on Yavin IV trying to learn all she could. As weeks passed, she had started receiving visions which she could not control. Concerned for her well-being, Jedi Master Kira had sent her to a healing crystal deep inside the Jedi temple. After spending days meditating beside it, her mind began to clear as well as the vision. Her vision had predicted the arrival of a woman with red hair that was waiting outside the temple for her. When Kera exited the temple she saw her before her eyes. They exchanged only a few words before Kera was knocked out through the Force and dragged to Ziost. When she awoke, Kera found herself with her Morganian ears exposed and that she was in a cavern with scientific equipment and the red-haired woman examining one of the terminals. She eventually caught her attention and the mysterious individual seemed irritated by some results. A day had passed before she returned and released Kera from her cell. She handed Kera, her Jedi gear, except for an access badge. Once the equipment was returned, Kera surprised her captor with her Jedi training only to find out then that her captor was also skilled in the Force. As their lightsabers clashed, the woman revealed herself to be Kera's sister. Kera refused to believe her and before she made her escape she managed to strike a piece of her captor's hair to take with her. Back on Yavin IV, Kera tested the hair with her own and found that they were indeed sisters. Once again her sister had arrived on Yavin IV, but only to meet the company of several Jedi Knights and Masters ready for her. She was subdued, but during this time she had told Kera of where her access badge was, back on Ziost. Several days later, a gang had arrived on Yavin IV that had allegiances to Kera's sister. They managed to break her out and they headed back to Ziost. Kera took it upon herself to track them down and it was then that she found a cantina which the gang had operated out of. She sneaked her way in and learned all she could about her sister. It was then that she discovered her name was actually Ryna. While mingling with the locals, Kera noticed her sister enter the cantina in preparation for a fight night. Even in her disguise, Kera was recognizable due to her Morganian ears. Ryna blackmailed Kera into entering the fight night to fight for her access badge back. Kera reluctantly agreed and fought against a former Dantooine guard which she managed to defeat with minimal use of the Force. What Kera hadn't realized was that she had gone into a rage and nearly killed the guard. Satisfied with the show, the hosts rewarded Kera with the credit prize. She instead invested the prize back towards the gang boss for a favor in moving Jedi supplies onto Ziost to keep tabs on her sister. After dealing with the gang boss, Kera moved on to her sister which was also impressed with her strength. She returned her access badge and left the room with several other shady individuals. Kera left on her own and returned back to Yavin IV for a time. Months had passed with relative peace. Kera had learned from the security feeds she had established on Ziost that her sister had joined with the Sith, and because such, was likely the reason she had devoted less time towards her. After some time, her sister had shown up on Yavin IV once more but she was not the same. Kera greeted her with hostility only to uncover she was no longer with the Sith. She approached Kera as though she was broken down and was reaching out for her family. Although Kera was reluctant to believe her, she decided to test the love she claimed she had for her. A week had passed and her sister remained on Yavin IV in hiding and they had met in their planned spot. It was there that Ryna presented Kera with the opportunity to follow her own path alongside her. When Kera struggled with this idea, the two interacted with each other through the Force indirectly which sparked another vision for Kera. Sensing this, Ryna peered into her mind through the Force and saw the swamp and trees as well as them together, teaching one another. She fed off this and started forming a Force Bond with her sister. Unable to deny the glimpses of her own future and the early bond they were forming, Kera both defeated and liberated. She held onto her sister as she was weak and agreed to go with her. Before leaving Yavin IV, a Jedi Knight named Tiro-Narus Altor stopped them, only for a moment. He tried to convince Kera to stay but she instead dropped her access badge and handed over her sabers to the Jedi. It was then that she entered her sister's ship and left the life of Yavin IV and the Jedi behind her as they searched the stars for the planet in her vision.


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  • Kera and Ryna search for the planet seen in the vision. Once found, they will combine their knowledge of the light and dark to unlock more secrets and knowledge on their quest by each other's side.



  • Darkened Light Armor
  • Darkened Light Cloth

Kera wears a light piece of armor over her torso while covering the rest of herself with a dark cloth that had been given to her by her sister. Both materials are flexible and cover nearly all of Kera's body. She has also been known to wear a hood when disguised that covers both her head and face.


  • None

As a Jedi, Kera primarily used her dual lightsabers for protection. Her primary saber that she had constructed as a padawan contains a stabilized green Adegan crystal. As a Jedi Knight she constructed an additional saber that contained an unstable blue Damind crystal from the planet she had been enslaved. Both of these lightsabers are now in Tiro-Narus Altor's possession.


  • None

After leaving the Jedi Order, Kera left all her belongings behind in the care of Tiro-Narus Altor. The only thing she took with her was a partially constructed Jedi Holocron which is currently in her sister's possession.


  • None

Because of Kera's tinker nature with ships, droids are easily a second hobby for Kera to craft and reassemble. Despite this interest, Kera does not own a droid of her own. Amused by their consciousness, Kera appreciates the intelligence of droids that are able to communicate and treats them as she would any other sentient being.


  • None

Although Kera once had possession of a Jedi Starfighter, she had left this behind on Yavin IV before departing with her sister. Because of her close nature with her sister, she primarily uses Ryna's ship for travel; however, in situations that call for the two to be apart, she will use local and space transports to move about a world or the galaxy.


  • Kera's Jedi lightsabers are named after Lira and Fi. Their colors match Kera's eyes.
  • On certain occasions, Kera can be seen wearing what appears to be face paint.
  • Kera doesn't have a last name despite certain individuals calling her Kera Sirnah.
  • In undercover situations, Kera is known to take on the alias of a civilian named Nora.
  • Since childhood, Kera has hidden her pointy ears underneath her hair to avoid ridicule.
  • Although talkative about her past as a slave, Kera avoids talking about her life of crime.
  • Kera loves music. She can sometimes be found playing on instruments left lying around.

Behind the ScenesEdit

  • The name: Kera, which means "pure," originates from Northern Ireland.

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