Early LifeEdit

Khorrl was born on the planet of Dantooine to a small aliit of mando'ade who were for the most part relatively peacefull farmers that would only occasionaly engage in such things as commerce raiding upon the other local populations of the planet.

Khorrl was educated and raised in such a way that was proper of a mando'ad youth, being taught important skills such as farming, shooting, beskar use and repair, and of course the language.

Unfortunatly for Khorrl at about the age of eight years old his aliit's on again off again commerce raiding had gained the attention of a local jedi order who set out to put a stop to it once and for all.

Of course mando'ade arent known for their dipolmatic approaches and even though they were outnumbered by the jedi, Khorrl's aliit fought down to the last man and woman giving no quarter nor asking for it. Khorrl was also part of the battle though he lacked beskar'gam of his own and armed with an outdated blaster pistol he did his best until a jedi came upon him, and perhaps taking mercy on the young eight year old boy before him pushed him back into a pile of metal drums hard enough to knock him out, and send the drums crashing around him covering up his unconcious body, instead of slaying him with his saber.

After the battle with not a single man nor woman of Khorrl's aliit left standing, Khorrl gathered up what little he could gather including his father's beskar'gam from his slain body. On that day Khorrl swore an oath of vengence upon jedi every where before setting out for the nearest space port to get off world and find allies to help him attain his vengence.

For years Khorrl wandered the galaxy doing odd jobs and trying to find another aliit to join. Unfortunatly for him most Mando'ade at that time could of cared less about bring war against the jedi or any one else for that matter. Disillusioned Khorrl turned towards the jedi's historical enemy the sith and began the journey to Vjun where a new sith empire was said to be forming.

Living among the SithEdit

Khorrl arrived in Vjun to find the young sith empire in full bloom rapidly building its forces and recruiting not just force users but regular grunts to their cause. Khorrl quickly signed up to join the infantry, stowing his father's armor as he donned the armor of the sith foot soldiers. Khorrl quickly proved himself in training with an already capable grasp of fighting and combat tactics he quickly became promoted achieving the rank of corporal almost from the outset of his military experience.

His rise through the ranks did not stop there, after an impressive defensive combat operation in which Khorrl's small outnumbered squad was able to hold off a small horde of jedi Khorrl was promoted to sergeant gaining a new brightly colored set of armor to wear as well as being given a small squad to lead more or less by himself.

As the sith empire was expanding it had set its eyes upon Onderon for its next conquest, Khorrl for his skill in combat before was given charge of running some plain clothed scouting and combat raid missions which were hugely successfull on all fronts. Khorrl for his role in leading the action was promoted once again to lieutant and recalled back to Vjun to begin training a new batch of recruits as well as to run defensive operations.

It was about this time that Khorrl ran in to the Alor of Beskar Buy'ce while interragating a suspected spy in the local dock side defense post when the Alor curious as to what was happening decided to try and hack in through the door's security panel. The attempt was fortunatly for both Khorrl and the Alor was unsuccessful, fortunate because Khorrl had been alerted to the Alor's presence and was laying in wait to ambush the intruder.

Khorrl and the Alor met again shortly there after and rather then engaging in combat over the issue the two for some unexplainable reason ended up heading to the local cantina for several rounds of drink during which the conversation turned to the duo's common dislike of jedi in general. The two struck it off almost imeaditly, striking an enduring friendship that would continually strengthen during Khorrl's time on Vjun.

As Khorrl's newest batch of military recruits were finally becoming combat ready, Khorrl was called up by his comanding General, to begin the rank of captian, in preperation of the invasion of Onderon, which occured a few days later.

During the invasion Khorrl and those under his command fought fiercely and succesfully downing more then their fair of Imperial Knights and Jedi during the battle winning Khorrl much renown for the actions of his unit as well as his own personal skill in battle. This would prove to be the high water mark of his expirence in the sith empire.

The Fall from GraceEdit

Almost with lightening speed after the conquest and occupation of Onderon things began to fall apart within the sith empire as strife set in on all corners of Vjun all the way up to the imperial palace itself. Khorrl got breifly reasigned to Korriban during this period of conflict to guard the acadamy there. A fortunate move for Khorrl that likely saved his life as almost as soon as he left Vjun was bombarded by sith's own fleet empire's capital crumbling to mere ruins.

Disillusioned by the sudden collapse of the Sith empire he had served Khorrl gave up his armor, ((though he kept the heavily modified prototype rifle he had been given)), and set out at random into the wider galaxy in a commendeered slaver frigate he had captured during the conquest of Onderon.

During this time of wandering Khorrl broke all the connections he had made during that time falling into a deep depression which to him seemed unrecoverable from. Khorrl developed a taste for strong alchol and women of dubious morals, large quanties of both infact. Much like a sailor with shore leave at every port Khorrl wandered from star port to star port taking his pleasures where they could be found and occasionaly engaging in less then moral lines of work in order to continually fund this endless binge of whoring and drinking.

A New HopeEdit

During one drunken journey through space Khorrl picked up a message from his old drinking pal the Alor of Beskar Buy'ce, who was in need of aid in recovering an imprisoned relative of his from an order of jedi. Despite being heavily intoxicated Khorrl changed course and answered the call donning his father's Beskar'gam he landed upon the planet of Ruusan to find the battle already underway. He launched himself forward into the fight blasting away at jedi indiscriminatly as he weaved and bobbed drunkenly through the fight. Suddenly he found himself at the wrong end of a light saber being stabbed through his side. Just whent he jedi was about to finsih the kill the Alor of Beskar Buy'ce appeared covered in Jedi blood and beat back the attacker before dragging the injured Khorrl to safety and getting him medical treatment for his wound.

After the battle on Ruusan Khorrl and the Alor began to talk once more as Khorrl healed from his wounds which took weeks before Khorrl was able to leave the company of Beskar Buy'ce, but by that time Khorrl had accepted an offer to become a ge'verd within Beskar Buy'ce. Finally Khorrl had an aliit to call his own.

Khorrl spent months learning about his heritage as a mando'ad, and about his new family under his Alor's wise mentoring. With his help Khorrl redesigned and painted his Beskar'gam to symbolize his commitment to honoring his parents death's by getting revenge upon jedi everywhere.

Years passed, violent years filled with many battles, though most were against jedi Khorrl gained expierenced fighting every one even other Mando'ade of other aliits improving his ability to fight till one day Khorrl was granted the title of verd within his aliit a great honor that many had died before achieving thanks to the great amount of hate that had been generated towards Khorrl's aliit over those years.

Khorrl would later look back on the day of that battle upon Ruusan as the day the His Alor saved his life, both physically and by giving his life meaning and direction, as well as those he could finally call his own family, his aliit. It was these actions that had earned the Alor Khorrl's unshakeable loyalty, though that would be tested many times in the years to come