Kira Vel is a former Council Member in the New Order of Jedi, and currently is serving as Headmaster and Sage at the Crystal Academy on the planet of Qiilura. She is prized for her tenacity, intelligence and people skills, as well as her gentle humour in facing things. Though she has a tendency to get into trouble with the more unsavoury citizens of the galaxy, she can handle herself and always manages to resolve situations eventually. She is also the spouse and better (less hairy) half of Former Jedi Council Master, current Captain and Sage Zack Vel.


Childhood/Early lifeEdit

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Jedi PadawanEdit

Kira was delighted when an old friend and Jedi Knight Lady Eds (Heron) Gaton offered to take her on as a Padawan learner.  She spent an uneventful first few months learning the basics- Memorizing the Jedi Code, studying the pillars of strength and building her first light saber.  She began making friends with other Padawans, and soaking up as much information as she could from the Knights and Masters that she met.  She also discovered one way of meditating that would prove to be a bane to her Master - fishing - that continues to be one of her favorite past times to this day.

As her studies progressed she became unaccountably interested in anything related to the Sith, which caused great consternation to those who were close to her.  She seemed to have no fear to temper her curiosity, and frequently got into trouble for being too friendly and too inquisitive.   Kira attempted to heed the advice and warnings that those around her gave, but to her, things just kept falling into her lap, despite her efforts to keep out of trouble, and so began her acquaintance with Master Zack Vel, who assisted Lady Eds with meting out various punishments, the most notable being bedpan emptying and hospital cleaning duties. Her constant mishaps kept her in close contact with the Master who, despite being notorious for his punishments, managed to temper them with humor and mercy.

Life continued in the fairly low key cycle of lessons, punishments, groundings, lessons, until a fateful day in Ruusan's history- the destruction of their hospital.  Kira, along with two other Padawans and a Knight, kept a cadre of Sith, including the Emporer, at bay before joining Master Valen in his gunship to help defend Ruusan and the hospital.  Although their efforts were good, they were not successful, and the hospital was destroyed.  They landed and helped where they could with the wounded and the debris.  When everything calmed down she was put to work helping with repairs on Master Valen's ship, a chore she found surprisingly comfortable, if a bit nerve wracking when she discovered that she wasn't actually supposed to finish up with parts to spare.

Shortly after this Kira had a Sith encounter that would color her views and change her outlook completely.  She agreed to a spar with Darth Lilith, and was only made to realize it wasn't a fair fight when Lilith pulled out blasters instead of a lightsaber.  It was only later, as she lay on the ground with blaster wounds and a broken nose and her hair cut short, that she realized that she had been guilty of one of the sins that she had been so confident of avoiding- she had been arrogant.  As she healed from the encounter her caution became more apparent and she no longer was the openly trusting Padawan she had been.

However, Darth Lilith had left Kira with a small present- a Sith holocron. Lilith slipped it into Kira's pocket before she left her in the arena.  Kira never got a chance to look at it, though, as Sir Lucius took it from her pocket before she got a chance to even touch it.  Her attempts to retrieve it from Sir Lucius, and later, Lady Sabra, caused them to believe that she was addicted to the holocron and that it had already had an effect on her behavior.  In truth, she was only very curious, and her sense of injustice had been inflamed as she felt like she had earned the holocron, and to not even be allowed to look at its contents seemed unfair beyond belief.  It would be awhile before she finally realized that it had been in her best interests not to see it.

Jedi Knight Edit

Kira took advantage of the relative freedom that being knighted gave her, and spent a few months deep in exploration.  During this time she was tasked with a few research missions that suited her curiosities well.  Her first solo mission was to Korriban, where her curious nature got the best of her and she found herself trapped in an excavation site.  She managed to make her way out of the dig and continued exploring, finally making a successful map of the area.  Kira learned a lot from her first mission to a Sith planet, and took those lessons with her, making each mission easier and more successful.

Kira continued to explore for awhile, spending time on Byss and Blood Moon. Due to disturbing things she discovered on Blood Moon, she returned there with Master Zack Vel for assistance.  He too was unsettled by what they found, and they decided to take their findings and study them further before returning.  She's returned to Byss quite a few times, each time gaining a bit more information about the Sith planet.

Her planet charting and exploring slowed when she met an Amaran on Ruusan by the name of Wolf.  They spoke, and she felt the Force potential in him.  She agreed to take him on as a Padawan learner, and started their journey.  She watched him grow as they continued lessons and exploratory missions. She took on a second Padawan learner when she met a strange being by the name of Mal.  He seemed off, and sometimes addled, but she sensed great power and potential in him.  He showed the desire to learn, and she willingly took him on, knowing it could be a challenge, if just to keep him focused.

Kira was honoured to have been recently named the Curator of the Ruusan Museum, and spent much time looking for new exhibition pieces and working displays, between attempting to balance her teaching and charting. She took a huge personal blow when Mal turned to the dark side, disappearing without a trace. However, her joy at seeing Wolf knighted was untainted by that previous disappointment.

Kira continued working in the Academy, helping new Hopefuls adapt to the order and helping Knights with their own padawans. She spent a good amount of her time setting up exercises for the Padawans and working to improve the Academy system. Zack attempted to improve her flying during this time, but only succeeded in making her a much better mechanic.

Other InformationEdit


Master Zack and Lady Kira saying their vows

Personal lifeEdit

Over several months, Lady Kira entered into a relationship with Jedi Master Zack Vel.  They first met when she was a Padawan, and he took it upon himself to come up with creative disciplinary actions for her misdeeds  They grew into friends, and became exploring partners.  After many adventures together out on distant planets, the pair decided to tie the knot and marry. As such, she's now known as Kira Vel.

Kiralette Kelley takes adeep breath and exhales, trying her best to put together coherent sentences. SHe looks up to her beloved, smiles, then begins.

Kiralette Kelley: I don't pretend to know everything, but I promise to give you the best counsel that I can, and to be the best listener that you need.  

 I can't promise to fly perfectly, but I will promise to avoid hitting any of your ships.

I won't promise that I'll always be cheery, but I promise to take my moods out an any available nearby Sith, and not you.

I can't promise to be by your side forever, but I will be there until we are forced to part.

I don't claim to be perfect, far from it, but I promise to give you the very best of myself, and to ask no more than you ca give.

I promise myself to you, and everything that I am.

 Zack Vel smiles softly, the colour rising in his cheeks

Kiralette Kelley glances down at his hands, then looks up int his face, finished... andlooking slightly relieved.

Kaliwillo Lane smiles then puts Master Vel on the spot "Master Vel I hope you wrote something as lovely"

Kaliwillo Lane nods for him to begin

 Zack Vel: Well, i may not be quite so eloquent when it doesn't involve rambling speeches on force related matters or punishments for padawans, but i'll give it a shot

Since the first day i put you on cleaning-the-hospital Duty, i knew there was a spark between us. Despite the constant punishments meted out by a cranky Kiffar, we became close friends, sharing near misses and victories together. This is another one of those victories we will share, a victory of the successful forging of a bond. If you crash a ship, i'll be there to put it back together. If you face a hostile blade, i'll be there to block it for you. If you fall, i'll be there to pick you back up. You're the only true family i have an i cherish you more with each passing day. May we adopt many orphans to train as latrine cleaners. I cannot promise to always do everything right by you, but i swear to the force, i'll do everything in my power to make sure you're happy and safe .

Personal traitsEdit

Kira is intelligent, stubborn, and loyal beyond measure to those she cares about.  She has an insatiable curiosity towards anything regarding the Sith, although she's learned to temper it with caution due to past experience.  She looks forward to new adventures, and isn't keen on sitting in one place for too long, as she's always eager to learn and see new things.  Kira is very protective towards those she considers family, and will stand up for them even at cost to herself.


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