"There are only two things in this poodoo galaxy that matter, Power and Money. they are both obtained with blood and tears and I have no problem with that currency just as long as its not my blood or my tears. "

— Klauutzo

Klauutzo was a General in the Royal Toydarian Guard and the right hand man to the king himself. Secretly Klauutzo worked hand in hand with the Hutts and was a very powerful toydarian in both sides of the law. Klauutzo became very well known for his greed and jealousy and would stop at nothing to maintain his lavish lifestyle he had come to love.

History of KlauutzoEdit

Klauutzo was Born on Toydaria to father Zilto and mother Katyyio. Klauutzo's Father was a member of the Toydarian Royal Guard and always taught Klauutzo that nothing was more important then his honor as a toydarian. Klauutzo'a father was very different from other Toydarians and believe in an honor code that he used in his every day life. Growing up Klauutzo was raised to believe in the hidden value of being a toydarian and that honor was first and for most the most important thing a toydarian could have. Klauutzo admired his father and his years of dedication to the guard and the King.

As a young boy Klauutzo father enrolled him into the Toydarian Military academy even though Klauutzo was not at all very found of the Idea himself. Klauutzo loved ships and space travel and was a fan of the smugglers stories he heard as a young boy. any idea however that Klauutzo had of a life as a smuggler on the run was shattered when his father sent him away to the Military academy. Klauutzo was well known as his fathers son and was expected to be a leader and top of his class and his father as well as the teachers in the academy would accept nothing less from him. Klauutzo was trained by the best of the best Toydarian Soldiers and Drilled until at times he felt like a machine.

Klauutzo spent many years in the Academy and while he was there he made many friends both in the military and out of the Military. still secretly thrilled by the smugglers tells Klauutzo made many friends on the other side of the law and One of these friends was another less honorable Toydarian by the name of Gratto.

Gratto was a Junk Dealer / smuggler who worked for Grancha The Hutt and the Desilijic Hutt Clan. Klauutzo was amazed at the stories Gratto would tell and secretly kept in communication with the Toydarian. Klauutzo met Gratto off world during a Mission he had been chosen to go on by a high ranking Royal Guard who pushed Klauutzo to live up to his fathers legacy. Klauutzo was in awe of Gratto's free spirit and the two became friends one night while Klauutzo snuck out of his room and was drinking with the locals on the planet Nar Shadda. Klauutzo taught his new friend all about honor and what the Toydarian Military stood for. He was taken back when he found out that Gratto had once had a dream to become a member of the Guard himself but that dream was never realized. Gratto in return taught Klauutzo all about the seedier side of the Galaxy and Klauutzo would listen for hours to the stories of battles and living on the edge. Never the less Klauutzo always stayed to of his class in the academy never wanting to dissapoint his father and teachers. Klauutzo became quite the soldier and before graduation had made a reputation for himself that spread through out even reaching the watchful eye of the toydarian royal guard.

Graduation day came and Klauutzo graduated top of his class making his family very proud. shortly after Graduation Klauutzo was assigned to his first unit and began his career as a member of the Toydarian Military began.

A few years into his career and a couple promotions later Klauutzo found himself on a mission to that took him and his unit to the seedy planet of Tatooine. while on this mission Klauutzo was off duty drinking and listening to the smugglers stories the local cantina in the city as he always did when he let his temper get the best of him and killed a well respected smuggler and close friend to Besadii Hutt clan. not knowing what to do and facing what could be the end of his Career Klauutzo contacted his friend Gratto.

Gratto contacted Grancha the hutt and soon Klauutzo's problem was taken care of. but everyone knows Hutts don't do favors for free. It wasn't long before Desilijic called Klauutzo up on the favor that he owed them. soon Klauutzo found himself working hand in hand with the hutts secretly. finding himself making deals and pulling jobs for the hutts and the seedy underworld that his close friend Gratto had told him all about. At first he did it only to keep his name clear but soon he found the Money and power to intoxicating to give up and he let his greed get the best of him.

Caught between two worlds the world of Honor and the world of Greed and darkness Klauutzo began to walk a fine line of right and wrong. Klauutzo found himself soon after standing before the Toydarian king accepting the honor of being called to join the highly secret ranks of the Toydarian Guard. With this new career a head of him Klauutzo knew he was destined for greatness. working in secret with the hutts was dangerous but Klauutzo was now dedicated and addicted to his secret life and the advantages it brought him.

With in no time at all Klauutzo was promoted to General and rumor had it the hutts had something to do with that but Klauutzo did not care, he was on top of the world and loving it. Power and wealth where his and he would never let them go.

Klauutzo was appointed to Senator by the king and weeks later was sitting on the People Galactic Alliance as a representative of the toydarian people. it seems that Klauutzo was on top the Galaxy and nothing could ever bring him down.