Knights of the Jedi Order is an Order of Jediism based upon the actual Real Life First International Church of Jediism called by various faction names & celebrated in various venues. Founded upon the tenets of Peace, Justice, Love, and Virtue, KOTJO is an Order that seeks to maintain balance in the Galaxy, seeking not always to only promote and acclaim itself, but that of the greater good for the SWRP Community. You can learn more about the actual religion of Jediism with visiting the page .
KOTJO Letters

Knights of the Jedi Order (KOTJO)

Foundations EditEdit


The Knights of the Jedi Order, or KOTJO, was founded by Jedi Master seclusive Kavana Arkright, after deep meditations following the death of his old Jedi Master of like race, Binah Babii, and the execution of Jedi Master Uriel Runo. Master Kavana wished to embody in this discipline a placid approach to mind-set combat, or as one might refer to as 'knowing the enemy'.


"When one wars, one faces the self first. Always, in debate, negotiations, combat, the self always comes first it does. The question is, 'Can the self come last?'" - Jedi Master Kavana


Avoiding negotions with various Jedi factions spread throughout the galaxy in his early years, it was the beginning of such when Jedi Master Kavana decided to break form and establish his own Order. Peace and tranquility seemed far removed from the galaxy when Jedi Master Uriel Runo, a fellow Jedi of the Knights of the New Republic, or KOTNR, was imprisoned and murdered by a group of Jedi known as the New Order of Jedi, or NOJ, on the planet of Yavin IV. Avoiding the planet, the Jedi hope dwindled in those days as Jedi Master Binah and Jedi Kavana could do nothing but sit back and listen to reports in the news on Master Uriel's trial. Accused of heresy against the Jedi on Yavin IV, he was found guilty for attempts of establishing a New Republic and was executed per the wishes of the NOJ Jedi Council. Shortly after, the NOJ suffered much hardship and misfortune, war breaking out on their home planet and most of the Order disbanding. Only a few Jedi remained on Yavin IV to establish the Kalloway Order of Jedi, or the KOJ, among the few is Jedi Council Member of the NOJ Luvbutton Moonsoo; the others like Jedi Council Member of the NOJ, Kaliwillo Lane, relocated to Ruusan, the others perhaps dying in the war or disappearing altogether. Jedi Master Uriel Runo, being a dark skinned Kiffar, was thought to be the victim of racial discrimination by some, and many Jedi journeyed to Dagobah where Jedi Master Binah Babii remained hidden to console him. Jedi Master Uriel Runo, before execution, gave comlink transmission to Jedi Master Binah Babii, telling him to disband all attempts of negotions with the other various Jedi factions of the galaxy and to embody this message in his pupil, Jedi Kavana; such being the reason for Jedi Master Uriel's travels to Yavin IV to begin with. This event is no rumor and truly happened.


"What benefits an individual or single group rarely the benefit of the greater majority it is. Insults and haughty rhetoric a Jedi does not make. 'Light' they say, though dark and grey they act. Why define do they try? And where an alliance does stand when true friendship and comeraderie suffer?" - Jedi Master Kavana


Following the misfortune of events surrounding Jedi Master Uriel Runo's execution, Jedi Kavana returned to his home planet of Jomark in the Outer Rim and began deep meditations. Quite distrought, he wished to not be likened to other Jedi of the galaxy and refused all visitors of any faction, wishing to remain hidden. For a period of time, he returned to his childhood religion of Cosmic Balance meditations and studies, travelling the galaxy in disguise in attempts and envoys to gather information from various planetary archives. That is when he adopted the childhood prayer, following adaptations specific to Jediism eventually.

New Jedi CodeEdit

There is no hatred; there is love.
KOTJO Logo Gold

Knights of the Jedi Order

There is no foolishness; all the children of wisdom.

There is no disbelief; there is realism.

There is no discord; there is tranquility.

There is no end; there is the Force.

The Pillars of WisdomEdit

The Force


Self Discipline


The Eight BeginningsEdit

Listening To give attention to; heed; hear; notice.

Learning To gain knowledge, understanding, or skill with study or experience; to discover; ascertain

Devoting To commit to a thing completely and chiefly; to exalt a thing unto special commendation.

Initiating Start, begin; to induct into membership with ceremony; to instruct in the rudiments or essential principles of a thing; to take steps unto introduction into a thing; to show self-reliance in endeavor; the process whereby laws are introduced or enacted directly with a person or group of peoples assurance.

Sacrificing The offering of something precious to a deity or higher power; something offered in sacrifice; loss, deprivation; acceptance of loss or destruction for a cause or ideal.

Discerning To detect with the vision, distinguish; to show being conscientious; to come to be aware mentally; to reveal insight and understanding.

Explicating To give a detailed explanation about something; a clear and precisely expressed explanation.

Regenerating The process of being formed or created again; a spiritual rebirth or conversion; to transform a thing through spiritual renewal; to reform something completely; to give new life to something.

Jedi CreedEdit

I Believe in The Living Force Of Creation; I am a Jedi, an instrument of peace; Where there is hatred I shall bring love; Where there is injury, pardon; Where there is doubt, faith; Where there is despair, hope; Where there is darkness, light; And where there is sadness, joy.

I am a Jedi. I shall never seek so much to be consoled as to console; To be understood as to understand; To be loved as to love; For it is in giving that we receive; In pardoning that we are pardoned; And in dying that we are born to eternal life.

The Living Force Of Creation is always with me; I am a Jedi.

- An adaptation, taken from the prayers and meditations of Francis of Assisi.

Jedi VowsEdit

To be a Jedi. To take on the perpetual vows of Learning, Protecting, and Loving. To be a Jedi. To avow to always learn and seek learning in all personal endeavors. To be a Jedi. Whether courageous or in fear of danger to life, to avow to always protect the life of others, for all life is sacred. Whether friend or foe, if to see one in danger of losing their life, to do what is appropriate in the utmost to protect it. To be a Jedi. To avow to love all to the greatest of personal capacity. Should they be wrong or right, to love every person and creature and love self the same, with respect and compassion. To be a Jedi. In the utmost capacity and with the greatest discipline to uphold these vows, serving unto the good of others first, seeking such as a personal good. In wisdom, service and love to be a Jedi.

KOTJO Vows Written by Kavana Arkright ie. Jason Scott Hughes, OJM of KOTJO

Ordained Jedi Master of Knights of the Jedi Order.

Ending Words (OOC)Edit

The report pertaining Jedi Master Uriel Runo, as known in Second Life, actually happened in Roleplay. Jedi Master Uriel Runo is a fellow member of the actual Real LIfe Order of Jediism called Temple of the Jedi Order, or TOTJO. Jedi Master Uriel was then a Knight of Jediism in TOTJO, and is now a Jedi Master of the same Order. Jedi Master Uriel Runo refuses to return to Second Life. The events in question happened approximately four years ago, in around the year 2008. It has required years for the turmoil to die down and another Jedi from TOTJO whom was privy to these events to decide to enter SL. The Jedi whom elected to do so is the same Jedi Binah Babii on a different account, known as Kavana Arkright. Kavana Arkright has made attempt to befriend Luvbutton Moonsoo and Kaliwillo Lane. Kavana is a Hebrew word defined as "Extreme Mental Focus".

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