Knights of the Old Republic (KOTOR or KotOR) on SWRP, was a Jedi Order, founded by Veronna Elytis after the fall of the Jedi Alliance in early 2006. It is now disbanded.

KOTOR was born out of the Jedi Alliance, just as NOJ was. KOTOR was created by Veronna Elytis (aka Veronna Prevost, Rykiana Hykova, Rykiana Ferina) and featured a fully emersive star wars role playing experience. For much of its early life the jedi moved from sim to sim untill Veronna with his 2nd Revan Muromachi approached Cellmaster Alexander and together they Built the first full Star Wars role play sim, and called it Dantooine. It lasted for around 6 months then KOTOR was forced to move on. It was later given a home on Telos IV where after many battles dealing with many outside influences which has now come to be referred to as griefing. Veronna Elytis left, and left KOTOR in the charge of Pandora Regent and other jedi on Telos.

Little is known of the final days of KOTOR. The final days were chaotic as communication between internal groups decayed. A number of the Jedi masters, including Pandora Regent, Fionhbar and others, left SWRP at large which prompted the end of KOTOR. The remaining Jedi split off and it was a while before any size-able groups were formed by KOTOR remnants.

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