"If in doubt blame it on a Droid"
- Kobra Stein


  • Master Leo Mission
  • Master Bliss Darrow (former Jedi Master Member)


JEDI/SITH NAME Michael Silverfox

RACE: Foxiod



SKILLS: Hilt Manufacturing, Historian (canonist), Scholar


Found drifting in an escape pod on the boarder of Chiss/ unknown region of space with only a single crystal amulet around his neck, he was found by a trader en route to Csilla where he was rasied for the first 17 years before leaving to explore the Galaxy. Eventually he found His way to Yavin 4 where he had a vision of events from the ancient past and it was found that he had a connection to the Force and sought out the Jedi Praxeum .

He first headed to Dantooine to seek out something he had seen in the vision but alas since the Yuuzhan Vong Wars had left the place changed from what he had seen in his vision. He was unable to find any trace of the cavern or building near where an old Jedi Enclave should have been and so he left there and headed for Coruscant to cash in some IOU's and trade in his old weapons.

Two months after reaching Coruscant, he was ready to head on out to Ossus Praxeum after getting a week's worth of hyper rations. After three long days, he finally reached the planet Ossus and began his new life as a Jedi, he trained under Master Leo for a long time and eventually earnt the Rank of Jedi Knight While he was off on a trip to Korriban that was when he started his fall He was granted a rare gift by the Force a Vision of the true future how can anyone know what is the true future though how can He say the true future when actions can change the course of events .. even the smallest thing three events where shown to him one of His present one if He stead as Jedi and one if He walked the darkside true now if you think how can 3 be true but the force has a great design for all after all we are its pawn's it lets us use its power and strength now as to the visions at first He thought this where Sith Tricks but as He went deeper on His search in to the valley of the sith His First vision came true now the first vision was that of him falling in to cavern it was in this cavern where there was a great deal of dark side force energy more them a padawan and most knights can handle

It was here where He learnt to mask His force aura in that cave where things that feed upon the force yes after three attacks He was Weaken and that is how He learnt it by forcing His aura else where misguiding them He was able to move deeper and He found in that deeper cavern a old Holocron He thought this holocron might have map of how to get out instead of a map it held a recording from the old republic He dated it back over 3000 years to the events around the First Jedi Purge how the Sith almost wiped out the Jedi you known of Darth Sion then one of the greatest Sith Warriors a master of stealth

It was one of his holocrons yes mainly held fighting moves then later how to use the force aura to throw off your enemy a usefully event for a Jedi or Sith and so the second vision came true as to learning a method not known widely by most Lightsiders but by some Sith and Grays now He final found His way out taking the holocron with him He returned to Kashyyyk to continue training with Spiritof when He got in to an heated debate with one of the others masters over the Archive there He was left running the order He had not long been made a Knight was not ready for that so as He argued with an fellow Knight He decide the Jedi had left him; He was not a jedi since the cavern no one can to help him

He was alone now

He went searching and it was on Byss that He found Lady Zerda and after talking with her; he joined the Sith Furries Order, where he learned the ways of the dark side of the force for a little over a year thought he does not often speak of his time there he has returned to the ways of the Jedi hoping to redeem himself in the his masters eyes