Piér-Freimuff d'Bloch le Garoche, CSE, ADC, also known as Kodo, is a criminal mastermind and Vigo in the Black Sun, a crime syndicate under the leadership of underlord Sihivus Verne. He is also a renowned nemesis of the Jedi and The Republic, having participated in and planned countless military operations against both factions and their respective allies in the past. Formerly, he was aide-de-camp to the Rosenkreuz family and Captain of the Guard in the New Sith Order's Sith Guard, as well as an intelligence officer in the Legion. However, his recent activities have been generally limited to political subversion, sabotage, and terrorism. Currently, he is a prominent member of Imperious and the Black Sun, as well as being one of the seven Jiang Apostles. His last know base of operation was on Nar Shaddaa, though new evidence suggests he has relocated to his home-world Coruscant.

Character Notes Edit

Despite his youth, Kodo is a dangerous adversary. He is ambitious to a fault and a brilliant strategist, even on the worst of days. His operations tend to be large-scale, with no less shadow and deception than a Sith Lord could muster. As a defender of the Dark Side, Kodo is relentless in his mission to cleanse the galaxy of the Jedi and their allies, regardless of the cost. His manipulative and calculative nature, when combined with his natural ability to swindle others, makes him an ominous threat to the peace and tranquility of the galaxy. The longer he remains at large, free to plot and scheme against his enemies, the more powerful and dangerous he becomes... and the closer he nears his ultimate goal.