Koji Starr was a male Jawa Jedi Master, who was trained by venerable Jedi Masters like Master Nakio, Master Obaanah Kuhr and Master Marcus Moreau. He was an important figure in many notable Jedi Orders and was himself the founder of the Jedi Unity Order. He trained many great Jedi until he became dissatisfied with the state of the Jedi in general and exiled himself to live with the Mandalorians on Dxun. During his exile he became a spiritual advisor to the Mandalorians and received an honor-membership in one of their clans. However he would at some later point return, offering guidance to those who sought it. Ultimately this led to his death at the hands of Darth Adazca on Nar Shaddaa.

Character BiographyEdit

When he was a young Jawa, living with his scavenging brethren on the sand sea of Tatooine, Koji could tell that he was different in some way. It did not take long for the others to sense this as well and in time a sort of social stigma formed between Koji and his seemingly less "cultured" brethren. Eventually he became an exile, partly through the will of his clan, but mostly of his own free will.

As Koji wandered the deserts, he gained temporary shelter with other Jawa clans that were either less informed or more understanding. It was through these travels, that he came across other Jawa like himself, several of them joined with him. Koji and his companions had become fairly well known in the waste lands, but it was not until they came to the city of Mos Eisley that they found relative acceptance.

It was in Mos Eisley, that Koji came across a Jedi Master going by the name of Nakio. Master Nakio recognised the force abilities within Koji and asked him to become his padawan; he agreed and bid farewell to his traveling companions, swearing to return when had ascended from his position as Padawan, that he may train them all in the ways of the force.

The unfortunate but foreseen exile of Master Nakio left Koji with little in the ways of training, experience or allies. It was not until he came across a young padawan named Isador Bailly, that his true training began. She introduced him to the still budding Jedi Honor. In the Jedi Honor, Koji was permitted to foster his mental abilities, naturally ascending to the position of Consular.

After his joining, due to some minor turmoil within the order, and due to some own personal needs, Koji left the order, following the gray path. On said path, he searched for his true destiny. It was not long before he returned to the Jedi Honor, partially acting as the Padawan of Master Marcus Moreau. Under the guidance of Master Marcus and his other Jedi brethren, Koji soon became a Knight of the Jedi Alliance. Since he had fullfilled his goals, he returned to Tatooine and brought what was left of his Jawa companions to the grounds of the Alliance for proper training. He has not, however, begun to train any himself, his focus of training has been solely on his padawan, Taolin Sion, and teaching him the skills and knowledge of a Jedi Consular, so he may be prepared for his future as a Healer.

Personality and traitsEdit