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Kora Cazne is a Clawdite Jedi Padawan at the Kalway Order of the Jedi on Yavin IV. He was previously a Force Adept at the Jedi of the New Dawn Order on Tatooine but sought training elsewhere after their seperation. He is originally from Concordia where two Mandalorians, Keto and Mirinda Cazne found the young Clawdite child wandering the streets after he was seperated from his parents who he has no recollection of, and adopted him. Kora joined the Jedi despite their debate in his early teenage years.


Early LifeEdit

Keto Cazne was a Mandalorian male droid salesman on Concordia and ran a business alongside his wife, Mirinda, who maintained and repaired broken droids, mainly those that mined on Concordia. One day as they walked the main street of the city, they came across a small boy who's skin seemed to bubble everytime he looked at a different person. They stopped to speak to the boy, who spoke in Mando'a, explaining to the couple that his parents had lost him and that he had wandered the streets for days with no food or shelter. Keto and Mirinda had had trouble conceiving their own son, so decided to take the little boy home, which they adopted, calling him Kora after Ketos grandfather, a great warrior in a Mandalorian Clan based out of Concord Dawn.

"Who're you?"

"I'm Kora."

"Funny that, so am I."

-Kora Sr. upon meeting Kora Jr. on Concord Dawn

Age 9 - 13Edit

Kora quickly learnt the ways of blaster combat and at aged 12 constructed his first set of beskar'gam to his adoptive fathers pride and standard. At age 13 Kora left Concordia and joined the small nomadic Clan his great-grandfather Kora Sr. was part of. This clan had no ties to the larger and known clans and had a more old-fashioned outlook on the Mandalorian people.

"The plants speak to me. They tell me when they're ill. I feel when they need sustenance. This is my calling, to heal and protect."

-Kora speaking to his Clan leader about his ability.

Age 14 - 20Edit

Throughout Kora's 'adult' life, Kora set down his blaster and picked up farming and agricultural tools, saying the plants spoke to him and told them when they were sick or needed harvesting. Little did he know it was the Force speaking to him, as Kora was a Force-sensitive. He spoke to some local people, who told him stories of magicians and powerful sorcerors who could move things with their minds called the Sith. Kora assumed this was what his destiny was to be. As he went to board a shuttle out of Concord Dawn, an old man in brown robes approached him, telling him of another group that could move things with their minds. Feeling the young Clawdites mind and attunement, he also explained of the healing capabilities of the Force, telling him that Kora could learn so much more about that side, rather than inflicting pain on others.

Age 21-22Edit

It took Kora a year of searching before he stopped for a break on Tatooine, entering in a Pazaak tournament he failed miserably at. He found more brown robed people, and began talking to them, finding out they were Jedi of the New Dawn. Kora was sooner inducted as a Force Adept at the Order, where he learnt very little, and even slipped into the grips of the Dark Side slightly because of his lack of patience and training in the Jedi ways. Soon after he joined, the Order disbanded. Kora was upset, angry and disappointed. He had searched a whole year for what he needed, only for it to be taken from under him. Though, during his time with the Jedi, he heard of a grand temple and Order on Yavin IV called the Kalway Order of Jedi. He quickly boarded a ship and arrived at Yavin IV, where he was inducted straight away. 

Age 23Edit

Kora had spent sometime at the Kalway Order, making friends and learning the ways of the Force through missions that strengthened his patience and ability in the Force. He completed Hopeful missions with the help of a Jedi Knight, and was eventually granted the rank of Force Adept. For a few days Kora wandered the Yavin IV grounds, learning and experiencing the ways of these Jedi, when a Kel Dor Jedi Master by the name of Dro Plund confronted him, asking the young Clawdite if he would be Dro's Padawan. Kora accepted humbly and was given his first task straight away, to find the pieces of the apprentice lightsaber that was scattered around Yavin IV. Kora quickly took up the task but struggled greatly. He sought to find the answers to the riddles elsewhere, and decided to go to Rhelg where he had heard of powerful Sith congregating there. There, he confronted a group of Sith, and was easily overpowered and beaten by the Sith. At the edge of death, Dro Plund literally dropped from the sky, rescuing Kora. They fled on a ship controlled by Allies of the Order. Although Kora had not directly got the answers he seeked from the Sith, it did put his mind into a different perspective, eventually finding the pieces to the hilt, and constructed his first lightsaber with his Masters help.

Personality and traitsEdit

Kora is sometimes quiet, but always willing to learn. His Mandalorian training has hardened him, and he shows no fear in the heat of battle. Although he has cast aside most of what he learnt in his early life, he still holds some of the Mandalorian traits. The armor he constructed in his early years was destroyed by him to cut all ties to his Mandalorian past, but the shadows of history forever cloud his future.

"I'm just a humble Jedi with a dark past."

"Aren't we all?"

-Kora talking an old friend.