Koros Post Rebuild

Koros Major also known as Empress Teta, and sometimes known as Cinnagar, was an ecumenopolis world in the Deep Core. It was named after the Koros system's ruler Empress Teta, who unified the system following the Unification Wars in 5,000 BBY.

It was the capital of Teta Sector and was located on both the Koros Trunk Line and the Carbonite Run, and for a short time on the Daragon Trail. Empress Teta was the main hub of galactic civilization in the Deep Core and was also one of the few highly urbanized planets in the region to rival Coruscant itself in fashion and amenities.

Devastating attacks have left it a very changed world, it's ancient structures quickly replaced by a more industrial look, the Tetan's concerned more now with system and planetary defense over distinctive classical building.


Koros capital square before the war (build by Alexander Holgado)

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