Opened in May 2008, this version of Korriban is a SWRP sim, once occupied by the Assembly of Darkness, and the Order of Rowe but now is now is currently the home of the Sith Dynasty. It was originally created to house a Sith Academy, and was formed from the sim that used to be an extension of Vjun, known as Vjun2. Its creators included notable Sith Architects RR Almodovar and Lian Hornet as well as owner Desirae Carter.

Following the closure of Vjun in the last quarter of 2008, Korriban had became the sole home of the Assembly of Darkness and its activity had risen as a result.

In January 2009 the Korriban sim became the home of the Sith Dynasty. In April 2009 the sim known as Vjun2 was renamed Galactic Primus to better fit into the Galactic Unity family of sims during a change in ownership. The sim would later in May 2009 would welcome back the Assembly of Darkness. It was an integral part of the Galactic Unity confederated SL-SWRP area.