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Early Life Edit

Even at the very beginning of this mandalorian's life, Kort was born into the presence of fast-paced danger and high threats. He was raised alone by his human father, Ja'kaal Mortis, a famous swoop racer in the Bakura undercity whom was also quite the heavy drinker. Kort's homelife was one of silence, the only social interaction he got in his early years were that of sympathy from the prostitutes his father would bring home. Ja'kaal, his father, often did indulge himself in such criminal behavior as the boy's late mother (whom died in childbirth) was no longer there to balance out the household with her kindness. Throughout his childhood (when Kort was not home), he would find that he had a certain skill for talking and finding people. The young Mortis would look at the bounty postings, so as long as the bounty was in the undercity, find them by simply going around following their trails on the holonet, and pretend to shoot them down from afar. It was clear from an early age that Kortune was an odd child, not being one for company, as he usually held deep resentment for most everyone.

The Later Days of Bakura Edit

When Kortune was a young 19, his father, drunk from the night before, crashed straight into a lamp post in a swoop race; however, the young street rat did not experience much grief at the death of Ja'kaal due to the now-realized terrible upbringing he had given the young Kort. After this event, he kept the small undercity studio apartment they were living in for about a week before the landlord realized no pay was being given. At this point, Kort had gained the criminal skillset to gain hold of a blaster, and without hesitation shot the landlord down... Of course, to the young man's dismay, the 'landlord' was an informant for the Hutt Cartel. The Cartel did not take kindly to this, feeling offended at the fact that a street rat shot down an informant of theirs.

Yearning now for protection, he ran to one of the seemingly safe and armored buildings that were in the undercity, not knowing that it was actually the mandalorian headquarters on the planet. The mandalorian outside took pity on the dirtied young figure and began to speak to him. Kort didn't know how to respond when it came to people actually wanting to help him out, as he was not used to such a thing. After a few days of being around these new tin-people, the young man wanted to find out how to become one in their rank. He begged, pleaded to become one of them, little did he know he would be seen as very weak by the superior others by this action. He knew nothing of the culture, nothing of the language, nothing of what it meant to wear their armor; however, this would all change, as they would train him and guide him through his Verd'goten. At twenty one years old, Kortune Mortis was now Kortune Vevut, a mandalorian in all means of the word.

The Vevut Life Edit

After awhile of being on Bakura, his clan Vevut moved themselves over to be stationed on Mos Espa. It was there he got closer to someone he would call his greatest friend in the galaxy, Azrail Tartanuss, the Golden Mandalorian. On Mos Espa, Kort got introduced into actually hunting acquisitions (the Bounty Hunter's Codex word for people with a listing), as opposed to pretending to shoot them down as a kid. With Azrail, Kort made many successful hunts (along with many enemies). After making the amount of enemies you do while capturing and torturing a Sith Lord, the unlucky mandalorian was captured from Azrail and imprisoned, tortured, and scarred for years.

After three long years of Imperial imprisonment, Kortune Vevut finally had a lucky break and assassinated an Imperial Officer, finding the keys on his body and opening all the doors in the cell block. In the chaos, he was able to hijack a Tie-Fighter in the space prison and zoom out. Looking hard for a good place to touch down, Kort went to Nar Shadda, immediately going to a bar to begin to drink away his worries. (To be worked on soon)

Mandalorian Vevut

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