"You're a big boy, even if you have no idea how how bad of an idea it is to try and stop Kranak"

— Arcturis Dralshy'a speaking to a Jedi

Kranak Socarras is a Mandalorian warrior raised in Clan Socarras. Commonly dubbed "The Kranak" by his brothers, Kranak has gained a prominent reputation for religious and cultural zeal. The Neelabi is infamous for going out of his way to kill and destroy for the sole reason that his targets are not Mandalorians, or don't believe in the Mandalorian religion.


The only entity that kranak favors more so than his clan is Kad Har'angir, one of the two gods in Mandalorian mythology. Kranak fancies himself a champion of his deity.While he is no leader, he is fearsome on the battlefield, and the Clan leadership knows this well. All that must be done is to point Kranak in a general direction, and he will be sure to try and lay waste to it.