The Krayt's maw is Super class Star Destroyer on Wookiepedia

in service to the Black Sun syndicate, Walkers in Darkness. It was originally stolen from a Sith faction of the Galactic Empire, during Cayce Urriah's defection from Imperial service, along with another, named The Eviscerator.

The Krayt's Maw is stationed over Ralltiir's Port Nova, equipped with air to ground weapons to discourage any hostilities or insurgents, as well as a number of devastating anti-ship weapons to defend against incoming attacks.

All incoming ships to Ralltiir are required to be processed by the Krayt's Maw's staff, it's massive docking bays have ben transformed into a large customs office, checking all incoming goods and people. The wealthy elite traveling to Port Nova are expediated in the customs line and shuttled down to the planet on a luxury freighter.

Mandalorian DefectionEdit

When Cayce Urriah left the Black Sun, she took the Krayt's Maw with her, it was spotted in low orbit over Tatooine, where is picked up a number of former Black Sun soldiers and anonymous citizens, and was then last spotted leaving for unknown space. Rumors in the criminal sector relate to it having been commissiond by Cayce to seek out an unknown object.

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