Sir Dro and Krelith

Krelith and Sir Dro

Krelith Surlec was a Jedi Knight of Kalway Order of Jedi, having trained under Sir Dro Plund

History Edit

Krelith Surlec originally born on Manaan always loved to learn. He always wanted to go on explorations with his parents and research with them. They always told him he was too young. When he had turned 15 his mother had died, she had been murdered and the culprit hadn't been found. once Krelith had finally gotten over the devastation of his loss he was 20. But that did not keep him from reading and learning about his mothers studies. Krelith never knew his father too well, he had rarley been home, so Krelith was pretty much alone. He didn't let that get in the way of his love to learn either, and finally Krelith had been given the privelage to take ownership of his mothers ship, thus taking the ship off Manaan, and travelling from world to world to learn about other species, cultures, and beliefs. On his journey, he came to Yavin after hearing so much about Jedi, and found that Yavin IV would be his best choice to learn about the Jedi way.