Biography Edit

Name at Birth: Kris Bachem

Special Abilities: Force-sensative, Telekinesis and can also see visions and dreams of things to come and see things of the past.

Chosen Jedi Class: Jedi Consular

Kris Bachem was born on Dathomir but was raised on Millator IV, a small planet in the outer parts of the galaxy. She was raised by her grandparents who took her in after she was born and hid her from her mother who was a Sith. Her grandfather was a Jedi Knight who retired because of an injury he obtained that left his left side paralyzed. Her grandfather would tell her stories of the Jedi and raised her to know the force. Kris would have difficult times because she had Sith blood and was confused at times when she would lay asleep and would have dreams and visions of a women who she later learned was her mother, a Sith Sorceress. Kris's father, who was a smuggler, got into a bunch of trouble by trying to sell fake weapons chips that were used in droids. He found Kris and her grandparents when he was on the run and stayed with them. He was not aware he was Kris's father until her grandmother and grandfather told him who he was. Kris only knew him a short time until the people he tried to hustle came and looked for him and found him. She was 8 years old. Her grandfather hid her under the house in a cellar that was hidden. She could peek through the cracks in the floor as she watched her grandparents and father slaughtered in cold blood. She went on the run because the people who killed her family knew of her and was going to sell her into slavery.

Kris traveled from planet to planet as a stowaway and worked odd jobs to provide for her. One day, when she was 23 years of age, she was on a ship that landed on Yavin IV. That is where she learned that all the teachings her grandfather had taught her came into practice. She learned it was a Jedi academy. There, Kris met many wonderful people and the man she would later call her husband, Sir Don Gaton. There, on Yavin IV, she decided to pursue her desire to be a Jedi Knight. Things did not last long for Kris as she had to leave for her mother who she continued to see in her dreams and visions. Kris’s mother had found her and had mind control over her at last.

Kris drifted away from what her grandfather had taught her and went to be with her mother who taught her the ways of the Sith. Sadly, she also left Don Gaton. That is where she learned her ability to see things in visions and as to why she always sees her mother these visions. Her mother was a Witch of Dathomir and would later betrayed her clan to pursue the Dark side of the Force and become a member of the Nightsisters, a Dathomir clan that used the Darkside. She had learned as the years progressed that she was Force-sensative. After many battles with her mother and her trying to kill Jedis that she knew from Yavin IV and good friends of hers, Kris progressed in her skills enough that she knew it was time to defeat her mother. Kris had to kill her mother to protect the very people who saved her life. She still could not leave the Darkside. She still had something controlling her. Later, Kris learned there was only one way it could all end. She did not understand at the time until she attacked a friend of hers, Kimmie Aeon. Lady Kimmie would later on kill Kris and as Kris became one with The Force for a moment she was sent back as she heard a voice say "It is not your time." She woke up to Kimmie Aeon and Archangel Zhangsun and they could not believe it as they rushed her to the medical bay in Ruusan. There, on Ruusan, Kris recovered from her wounds and to this day she is no longer controlled by the Sith blood that runs in her veins. Her and Sir Don Gaton have since renewed their relationship and are still together.

Since then, Kris has joined the New Order of the Jedi again and is now a Padawan III. She has also learned that she has a uncle who was my mother's brother and its good to know that he has left the life of being a Sith to pursue being a Jedi. His name is Norin Quan. Kris has also learned that her mother was brought back from the dead as a clone and has become more evil and deviant. Her mother use to keep her distance but now still pursues after Kris because of her powers of vision she believes will make her unstoppable. Since then she has married Sir Don Gaton on May 29 and have adopted a child named Ducar who is from the undercity.

Kris and don

Master Don Gaton And Padawan Kris Gaton

Padawan Edit

As a Padawan, Kris has had some misadventures. She has struggled with her anger towards her mother and towards people who offend her. Knowing when to keep her mouth shut has been Kris’s biggest problem as it has tended to get her into trouble. As Kris started her Jedi apprenticeship, she was taken on as a Padawan by Lady Argynis Criss who was her husband's Padawan. She often at times thinks about the place where she was born and feels a calling to it. She can not seem to get Dathomir out of her mind. She has some things she feels she has to find out but not sure what. As a Padawan, Kris was kidnapped by Darth Rowe and was tortured for hours mentally and physically. Her husband, Sir Gaton, came after her alone to Vjun and was captured as well. She was told that if she turned back to the Dark side of the Force her husband would be saved. Kris never gave in through all the torture both her and her husband endured and were later rescued. Later on Don Gaton and Kris moved to Dathomir. She felt the move was meant to happen for that would explain why she could not stop thinking of Dathomir. Don Gaton shortly after their arrival on Dathomir was notified by the NOJ council to return to Ruusan for an assembly and was made a Jedi Master. Don and Kris Gaton currently live on Dathomir.Shortly After Don recieved Master things werent going well his path and kris path were going in different directions and Duc there son had ran off to join a madolorian vod Kris found herself dwindling away from depression and Don wasnt being the person he once was. Shortly After there sepration Kris was Passed her trials and became a knight IN NOJ but seeing herself dewindling away after there speration she choose to leave NOJ and tour the galaxy to clear her head. thats where she went and begin to train in the field of archeology and went digging on different planets to find rare sith and jedi artifacts.

Lady Kris

Lady Kris OJO Knight