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Early LifeEdit

A New Clone Edit

L-7010, nicknamed "Church", was among one of the first of his kind cloned, one of the first second Generation GAR Clones, bread to be more disciplined, bread, like many of his second Generation brothers, to take the Grand Army, and lead it into the future. Church was clones originally to assume rank of Sergeant, residing over the Omega Squad of the time, when the Grand Army was still finding its feet within the galactic community. Church himself assumed the Sergeant position for a span of 8 months, before being promoted to Second Lieutenant, after the Lieutenant before him was reported MIA.

A time of Peace Edit

Church assumed his two early positions when GAR was in a long span of peace, working side by side with the New Order of the Jedi, as well as the Kalway Order of Jedi. He himself lead training exercises with the New Order of the Jedi, attempting to improve the Jedi Orders' Defensive capabilities of the time, so they would not be completely reliant on the Grand army. In this early endeavour however, he, and the clones along side him,failed miserably, finding that the New Order of the time, had zero interest in learning Military tactics, nor wanting to learn to defend themselves, leaving the job to the understaffed Grand army.

Meeting the RLF Edit

Soon after Church was promoted to Second Lieutenant, he was asked to accompany the Commando Squad of the time, on a scouting mission to some world which the commando squad leader had deemed fit for scouting, and so the young officer joined the squad. Upon arriving on the seemingly unpopulated forest world, the squad spread out into battle-buddy teams, and scouted the wilderness for anything of any remote interest, the Lieutenant finding out later, that the world they had scouted was suspected to have a Sith garrison. The squad (Instead of running into Sith) ran into troopers in green armour, which were brought to the Lieutenant, who recognised the armour (From holo-news vid's) as RLF (Republic Liberation Front) who were operating on Onderon before the planet was taken by the Empire.

Selkisto explained to church that he had sent out a fake transponder code when a GAR Scout ship was flying near the planet in order to draw them in, so that he could make contact with the clones, then explained that he sought the help of the Grand Army. Church, intrigued at the aspect, offered to take Selkisto back to Bakura, to speak to Commander Yuri.

Upon arriving, after being briefed by Church via Comm, the Commander met them at the space port, where introductions were made, and they went into the command centre, where an agreement was made, and a pact formed. The Grand Army were now the allies of the Republic Liberation front, vowing to assist the RLF in any way they could.

Preparing for War Edit

With the New alliance made, Church and the other officers of the Grand army knew that they were facing the prelude to a massive war with the Empire and its allies, to take back Onderon (And later take Coruscant), and so prepared the clones for the event, leaders were found, and the Grand Army was mobilized for the first time, for a full scale war. Church went back and fourth assisting in the training of the RLF. Church himself was made a Commander of the RLF forces. (A rank which carried on when the Peoples Galactic Alliance was formed.)

The Onderon WarsEdit

The RLF, and the Grand army fought a guerilla war, for roughly 20 years in the forests of Onderon. Something that the Grand Army had not anticipated, but was forced to follow through with, finding the imperial defences too thick to break without wearing down first, and that they did, delivering covert attacks against the imperial held city of Iziz, thankfully causing no Civilian casualties. The RLF eventually took back the city, restoring the Onderon Monarchy.

Preparing for the Coruscant Theater Edit

Once Onderon was retaken, the RLF, and the Grand Army then set their sites on Coruscant, as Selkisto, and the newly found allies of the RLF, (The NOJ, Covenant Jedi Order, and other factions) as well as the newly formed RLF Navy, and filled out RLF Military, prepared for assisted assaults on Coruscant and the Empire. The RLF Navy bulked with ships and ground armour by the long time supporters, Velmor.

A Turncoat Empress Edit

On the eve of the planned attack on Coruscant, to the surprise of everyone involved, the Imperial Empress Jael, turned on her empire, and sought Selkisto out with her Jedi Advisor, Azlum, claiming that her empire had become something of a monster, as her radical advisers took her power and throne for themselves. She bordered the RLF Flag ship, with information on all Imperial defences on Coruscant, and sought the protection of the RLF, and Selkisto himself.

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