The Sprig Arms Light Anti-Armor System, Model 12, or LAAS-12 Missile Launcher was an anti-vehicle weapon produced for the PGA after the RLF/Imperial war.


The LAAS-12 was relatively small, man-portable missile tube that was folded when in storage or not in use. The user was required to slide a collapsable tube fromt he rear of the weapon to prepare it for use. The launcher had a low-profile scope on the top of the weapon, which could wirelessly connect to a helmet HUD and use an invisible laser to paint targets prior to firing. A series of simple buttons on the side controlled the safety and engaged or disengaged the heat-seeking capability of the missile. Finally, a large, square button on the underside of the selector unit fired the weapon if the safety was off.


LAAS-12 002

The LAAS-12, opened for use and closed for storage.

The LAAS-12 was a tactical descendant of the LAVS-82 missile launcher. The LAVS-82 was used to relatively high success by all sides during the RLF/Imperial war, and afterwards during the war with the Revenant Armada. However, the PGA determined that the yield of the LAVS missile was greater than was necessary under many circumstances, and thus a waste of resources and space, for while it was man portable, it was still very large. Sprig responded by taking the original LAVS design and scaling it down for a smaller missile, thereby allowing the tube to be smaller. Production began after the Revenant Armada took over Coruscant, and it has yet to be widely distributed.

Behind the scenesEdit

The LAAS-12 was designed to create a more widely distributable alternative to the LAVS-82, and is based on the M72 LAW missile launcher.

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