About Edit

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The LCK TT + LGG is a Lightsaber_Construction_Kit based on the open source code of the LCK_Twin_Turbo 2.02 and maintained and supported by LGG.

It is designed to be low lag, utilizing the newest lsl features, while not sacrificing features and effects.

Features Edit

  • Option for a slight pulse effect on the blade
  • Special Effect Blur on swing (Similar to the origonal LCK 2.0)
Normal tranparent view

Help Edit

  • Attach the lightsaber then type /99 help in chat

Advanced Information Edit

  • Blade Blur effect is done using a low lag single prim skulpt that changes visability
    • When building your own hilt, do not forget to link together the blur prim
    • The blur prim hides itself from transparent view when not in use
  • Blade pulse effects can be used to create a color changing blade
    • Set /99 pulseamount to 100 for a full rainbow spectrum

How To Get One Edit

The LCK TT + LGG is FREE and under the GNU license, so all modifications of it must remain open source.

You can get one from Xstreet here LCK-TT-202-LGG-v10-Lightsaber-BOX

or by sending a IM or notecard to LGG

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