The LL-1200 is a luxury transport, originally produced by Corellian Engineering Corporation in 220ABY.


LL 2

The LL-1200 with port-side passenger door open

The LL-1200 is a small shuttle for safe, atmospheric and extraterrestrial cruising with small parties. It has a curved exterior with attention paid to aesthetic detail, and a comfortable, spacious interior that seats up to six passengers, plus the crew, which can enter from left or right boarding doors. A particularly robust shield generator protects the craft from threats, while competent engines swiftly accelerate and maneuver the vessel's relatively low mass. Combined with a sophisticated sensor array, the LL-1200 is capable of detecting hostility and escaping before falling prey to it. The ship is not intended for long trips, but can carry a generous cache of luggage and spare supplies.



The LL-1200 was designed to succeed the LL-1000, which was released in 200ABY. Only minor improvements to the original design were affected, in addition to a greater array of exterior and comfort options. The usual clientele which favored the LL line tended to prefer the most recent iteration of their shuttles, regardless of necessity or cost.


While the capabilities of the LL-1200's shields and engines were exaggerated in advertising, it nonetheless carried above-average components, and earned a positive reputation for its quality. It enjoyed modest sales, compensating for low quantities with a high price tag, which the targeted market easily afforded. The LL-1200 was favored by wealthy businesspeople, diplomats, politicians, and anyone else that wanted to combine a high profile with protection.

The People's Galactic AllianceEdit

LL 3

The passenger compartment of the LL-1200

Some PGA senators purchased LL-1200s for personal use in conducting their duties, although the PGA, tied exclusively to Velmoran Military Engineering Works for most purchases, never extended any official contracts to CEC.

Operational deploymentEdit

LL-1200s are still in use in some sectors, although their popularity has waned since the first decade of production, although ECE has not announced any plans for an LL-1400.

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