Lacie Mills is a female human with black hair and blue eyes. She is trained as a dancer and it can be seen by even the casual observer in the way she moves. Her past experiences has left her with a jaded view on life, and as such, her mood can shift very quickly at any time.

Character History Edit

Early Life Edit

Growing up on Coruscant in a poor section of the Under city, Lacie was usually the bright spot running the corridors. Always keeping herself prim and clean, she attracted the attention of many admirers, some times to her own detriment. Never knowing her mother, who died giving birth to her, and a father who liked the cantana a little too much, Lacie was raised by her sister, who was 9 years older than Lacie. Her sister kept her fed and warm, but being a mere child herself, her answer to everything was fight back, don't back down and never quit. Lacie tried to learn this lesson well, until her sister left home when Lacie was only 8. By the age of 14 Lacie understood that she possessed something that men wanted, and she used that to get what she needed and wanted. Trained in dancing, she traveled the galaxy, getting what she needed and wanted.

Fending for herself Edit

Snapshot Manaan - Real SWRP Unified. Jedi, Galactic Continuum

Lacie performing for one of her employers

Once Lacie was old enough, and trained in dancing, she quickly found many willing to give her work, dancing in various bars and clubs. Her various employers included several notable figures, Hutts, Pirate lords, and Gangsters. Although this work had its drawbacks, such as the unpredictability and some times unwanted attention from certain men, it had an upside as well. The work was extremely lucrative for Lacie, and while employed, part of her contract stated that she be given a room to live in and expenses for food and clothes, on top of her pay. As such, Lacie amassed a very substantial amount of credits in a private bank account. One such employer, on the planet of Manaan lead to trouble for Lacie. Due to her association with the pirate group, a bounty was placed on her head and she was forced to flee in to hiding.

Reuniting with her sister Edit

During her employ on Manaan, Lacie's employer had been looking for hired guns. Trying to earn favor of her employer, Lacie contacted her sister, who had always been a fighter. Keiko was subsequently employed by the same group as Lacie, and the two were together again. Keiko, however, did not approve of Lacie's chosen profession as a dancer, seeing it as demeaning and belittling. Keiko often prodded Lacie to reconsider her chosen profession, even going so far as to verbally wound Lacie. Lacie, being a very stubborn girl, especially when it came to Keiko, refused. Keiko then insisted that Lacie wear a life monitor bracelet, which would give information about the whereabouts and life status to any who wore the bracelet and had it attuned to the specific person. Lacie resisted at first, but finally agreed to this, seeing the bracelet as a rather pretty piece of jewelry, and using it to attune to her various love interests.

Snapshot Imperial City - Coruscant - A St, Galactic Core (201

Lacie's life monitor bracelet

Adding to her skill set Edit

After many positions as a dancer turned in to a nightmare for both Lacie and her sister Keiko, Lacie was finally convinced to change professions, and tried her hand as a freighter aboard a cargo ship owned by Felica Boton. Lacie and Keiko acted as security as well as

Lacie in her heavier clothing and light armor, aboard Felica Boton's cargo ship.

companions to Felica. Although new to the profession, Lacie adapted, taking direction from her sister, so as to appear confident and well trained. Soon it became almost second nature for Lacie to wear heavier clothing and light armor. However, she maintained her wardrobe from her previous profession, and often opted for her lighter, sexier clothing, especially when on leave from her duties as a freighter.

Character Quirks Edit


Lacie in front of a small island outside her exotic beach home.

  • Lacie is trained as a dancer, both exotic and artistic.
  • Lacie, despite continuing to work, has a substantial amount of money saved, as well as investment properties, one notable location being a private beach front house on the Gold Coast of Corellia.
  • Lacie prefers skimpy clothing, showing as much skin as possible without earning the contempt of her sister, Keiko.
  • Lacie wears a life monitor bracelet, which was forced upon her by her sister, Keiko.
  • Lacie is some times very naive and unaware of potential danger, especially when it comes to the people around her, mostly men.