Lanya writting in her datapad

Lanya writting in her datapad

Lanya Windlow, a young Ferroan girl living in the Potentium Order settlement on Zonama Sekot started to write a journal, using a datapad offered by Flint Mokeev when she was nine. The journal was written in basic, and not Ferroan, Lanya trying to improve her knowledge.

The journal was illustrated by pictures took by the little girl.

Lanya's journal Edit

Day 1 Edit

Dear Journal,

I am happy to talk with you, I hope we'll become friend. I am Lanya, I come from the mountains, but live here now, at the sea... I don't know if you can hear the sea and the gulls. I love the gulls, but not when they eat my food, also...

Anyway, today I have spend time to learn how you work, Flint showed me a bit. I wanted to go with the Captain and Cobalt and Esper to the Ferroan village, but I was so busy with you I think they left without me. I hope I can go, because I like to help and I would like to see more Ferroans.

At the morning I had changed the flowers at the med lab for Sissy which is still sleeping, she is very wounded, I am very sad to see her unconscious. I hope she will recover quick and fast and we can have fun together. Salene is wounded too, she is on a little hover chair, I like the hover chairs, and it's too sad people have to be wounded to have one. She says she's feeling better but she still have a lot of bandages.

At the ends, a man with an armor came and wanted to see Flint or Salene but they were not here, but when walking I saw him attacking Flint, it was scary, but I stayed with Esper. The fight lasted long but Flint has nothing, I think the man is... dead. I don't like that.

Day 2 Edit

Dear Journal,
Lanya pic, Salene standing

I woke up at the small house at the Lake, and I picked new flowers for the med lab. When I entered, Salene was taking off her plaster and walked for the first time since long time. Freemont helped her. Freemont is a droid, but a nice one. He helps people at the med lab, I'll like to be like him, but not a droid.

I have seen the daddy of Raf, he's called Zafiy, Flint told it sounded like "Saphie", it's funny. But Zafiy is not funny at all, he's rather Grumpy. Aira was here too, she was intimidated by her grand daddy, I understand her. After, Flint, Salene and Kevu were doing plans about the big droid thugs.

After a Rodian jedi with a funny nose came and eat our fruits, he was visiting the flowers or something else. Also, when I asked what the Jedi eat, one told me "spirits". But they should say weird things and not walking straight if they do!

Flint and Salene went to bed and I when I was going to bed too, Aga came, he looked like so sad I tried to know why with Zepp, Zepp told he had a beskar'ad problem, and he taught me beskar'ad means droid in his language. Aga was telling us Tib took the brain of his son to put in the Cuyir bad droid. Yuck, it's dirty!

Day 3 Edit

Dear Journal,
Lanya pic, Minna Su

I've made nightmares about droids stealing people's brain, I don't like much the droid now, at least those able to steal people's brain. It was still night when I woke up and I go down at the counter to take my breakfast and talked with Emer. I big round droid came looking for Han, I hide behind the table, but he saw me, and he said "boo". Rafy came and told he went at the hill and I followed as the sky was soon clear.

I have seen a lot of people here chatting about the droid again, but I didn't say I made nightmares to not worry them more. The big round droid followed soon and I hide behind Flint. then he left, it was Han's droid, but I don't like it a lot, I mean the droid.

A woman with a looooong neck came, she said she was called Minna Su and is from Kamino. I already have visited it with Susa, it's so windy I was about to fly like a leaf. She left his world because she has not the eyes of the same colours. Salene and she tries to explain, but it's very bizzare. I followed her when she was parking her cone ship, even if it looked like an egg. She told her only family was her uncle but she couldn't see him anymore know because of their People. It's so terrible people can be like this.

After she left, I saw a flying droid and Salene hover, near the hill, I came closer but the droid was broken, and Salene again limping even more. Poor Salene. Flint was helping her and she tried to tickle me when I checked her wounds. After they went to bed and (...)

Silence, followed by a mechanical noise, and a faint male voice talking at long range. Then the sound of the datapad falling on the ground and Lanya's panicked voice saying loudly:
Help! Help!

Day 4 Edit

Dear Journal,
Lanya pic, Riven

I am sorry I was so scared yesterday I left you fallen, the big and ugly Cuyir droid came to me and told he will kill me and my family...

... I have run away and hide in a cave....

... Flint and Aga came after and gave you to me back and brought me at my room and Saphie guarded me. Saphie is a droid, but she's nice and cute. I have dreamt she killed all the big droids and saved my family.

When I woke up, I was at the cantina to take my breakfast. Salene had another bandage at her arm, she said it was the droid, it's so sad. Also Cobalt was depressing, I tried to make her smiling, but I was not in a very good mood myself.

After, I have seen again the man with the rodian nose, he said he was studying the people. It recalled me Senselle, then I was looking at my Allutta to play Ferroans songs. People were happy to hear them, and this made me happy again. I have talked with Riven, I'll make for him another flower necklace tomorrow but pink. I took an image of him, he's so tall!

Day 5 Edit

Dear Journal,
Lanya pic, Vortav

Today at the landpad, I have seen a Doctor talking with everyone. It's the first time I see one, he's called Vortav and he has a glowing staff. We made a race to the cantina and I won! I am faster and faster.

I was helping at the cantina, when I saw bright glowing red light outside. It was a huge droid, Cobalt and the Captain went to see, followed by Salene. I staid with Flint, Aga and John, drawing flowers on the jam of my toast with a spoon. I would have been too frightened to go. I was relieved when they came back, saying the evil droid is no more.

Cobalt said the Captain was preparing a lecture to get rid of the droids. I went here; if I can beat the huge droids, I will be less scared. On the way, I saw Minna Su cone egg ship, but he was not here. The lecture was interesting, but I'm not confident enough and I think I will continue to flee if I see them.

Day 6 Edit

Dear Journal,
Lanya pic, Saphie

I slept so much today, Saphie, Flint's green droid, had to do a lot of noise to wake me up. I have talked to my parent by the comlink and visited the Med lab to change the flowers for my Sissy. My parent told they have a lot of snow at the village. I love them a lot.

I had seen a big spider droid at the cantina, and I applied the lesson of yesterday, I ran away when he was looking elsewhere.

Day 7 Edit

Dear Journal,
Lanya pic, Vortav and Pibla

I was writing to you on the pier when Vortav came and we talked about the villages. Vortav also has a journal like you, I think it has much more articles. He told he wanted to walk Pibla. Pibla is his big bird pet, it's so tall and cute we can we ride it. We made a fly over the island on night, I was a bit scared Pibla hit a big tree, but everything happened well. We saw the landscape it was beautiful and we landed on the library and I gave it a cookie and a petting to thanks it.

Kevin wanted to train with his master but he didn't had time, so I asked him to show me a Force trick, and he juggled with stones, it was funny. After we went at the hill to talk with everybody. Cobalt was talking about crystal. I like crystal it's pretty and shiny. Then the adult talked about the previous events. After we went to a meeting and Salene was talking. It was very interesting, but I slept during the flow, when I woke up someone put a blanket on me. I'll have to say "thank you" and "sorry".

Day 8 Edit

Dear Journal,
Lanya pic, Ash

I woke up at the library, the captain was training his new blaster on a target. That made a lot of noise, but he's a good gunner. He wouldn't be good, I would be scared. A Yuuzhan Vong lady came in, she was looking for something and was nervous about the droids. It was just a small droid nearby but she didn't liked it. She was not friendly anyway and left.

Ekevu came later, then we hear a lot of noise bellow, it was another of this droid thugs. They talked with him and I went down to see but eventually they fought and I tried to run away, because the fights are not for children. Esper bring me at the bridge and we looked at the flashes of the fight at a safe distance. Also the captain came after, and he said Cobalt was wounded, and returned to the battle.

I ran to the cantina to search for the spare med kit and came back, the fight was not over they just paused and the captain was frowning upon me. But I wanted to help. At the end Cobalt just had a broken tooth. I told her she can leave it under the cushion and the little Kybo will give her a surprise on morning.

Day 9 Edit

Dear Journal,
Lanya pic, Aga

I made a little tent in the library with the blanket and slept in. I was awakened by Salene Flint and Za talking. I though people were supposed to be silent in a library! I wondered why everybody wore a scarf, even Saphie the little droid and Flint told me I'll know if I go outside. On the way, I met a Rodian and above the library I saw a lot of snow. I was so happy, but with my sandals I was frozen already and ran inside again.

Salene sent a droid searching me clothes and for some reason everybody ran away quick when the droid came back. I couldn't follow in my summer dress and I changed myself under my little tent. I went at the cantina, but everything was burn. The rodian, Zepp, Salene and Flint were talking about serious things. I saw Aga too, and I supposed he was wanting to eat something but couldn't because the cantina was full of soot. I went inside and cleaned a fruit not too much burned and offered him the half so he was happy and allowed me to take an image.

After I was looking at the snow falling, it's so beautiful. I hope we will be able to do snow ball battles and skating on the lake like last year. When I was tired I returned at the library to sleep under my blanket tent, saying bye bye to everybody.

Day 10 Edit

Dear Journal,
Lanya pic, Zepp

I have slept well in my tent of blanked but I was eager to see outside how was the snow. All the island was covered, I walked carefully and even the lake was frozen. People were talking one. As I was frozen on the head, Esper warmed my ears and Nara gave me a fur band. I was almost too warm after.

Zepp came by too, and he hadn't his armour, it was amazing to see if face and to hear his voice directly, even if he doesn't speak a lot. I asked him for a picture for my journal. I'm sure he will get back his helmet when the snow will melt.

Salene and Flint were talking when a sort of droid walked from the forest. he was big so I hide behind them, and he shocked Saphie when she was trying to talk her. But he's not a thug, I don't think he is, at least, he need repear. Salene and Flint told me. As he had just a number and not a name, I asked him to find one for tomorrow, I'm eager to know which one he'll choose.

Day 11 Edit

Dear Journal,
Lanya pic, sd

I was awakened by the people talking in front of the cantina. It was the droid of yesterday. I asked if he found a name, but he said he was not programmed for. But as he doesn't know what he's programmed for, maybe he will. Salene eventually sent him to check if the tools were not to wet because of the snow to fix him.

After people talked about all sort of things until Raf throw a snow ball on me, taking profit I'm a defendless little girl. I tried to avenge, but he ran away. Then after the captain came and throw other snow balls, but I was able to hit him, with Nina, and to hit Nina has well.

Then they checked the ice was solid enough for skating and they sled on the lake. I was looking for my stakes, they were a bit too small since last year, I need to do something about that but they were just still ok. I have made a lot of loop in the lake and fell a lot, with Nina too, we learn again how skating. John came after, he had very long sort of skate he call "ski", but as they're skate for me, we eventually called it "skite".

When I was going to sleep, I saw Ford with his droid. it's a small one, like Flint's but he has no name. I wonder why people don't give names to the droids.

Day 12 Edit

Dear Journal,
Lanya pic, Flint playing music and people around

I woke up as I hear a noise outside, I took my warm clothes and turned around the cantina. A dark silhouette was here in the night, I tried to know who it was and I threw a small snow ball on her and she said something in the far outsiders language and left. I hope I don't have hurt her.

At day, I ran in the cantina. Salene finished to clean this up after it was burned and she stood on the counter. Other people came around and Flint started to play a tune with his mandolin. Riven started to tell a story about a little girl in a village, she was looking for the garden, but ventured in a cave and meet the Snow Monster. But it wasn't a bad monster, as he played with her. Maybe the Ice Monster, which leave in a pit in the ice is nice too?

Also Zepp came and gave me a nice card and after we went outside and started to throw snow balls with Nina and Riven. Salene walked bizzare and sat on a crate. She said she drank something from an unlabelled bottle to know what it was. Nina gave her a medicine and Flint brought her on the sofa where she falls asleep on his knees. I was so tired after all of this I dozed off on her own knees.

Day 13 Edit

Dear Journal,
Lanya pic, Droid party

It started very quiet today, but Salene came back to me, holding her head and recalling me to not drink suspect liquid. After a while, she proposed me we visit Lily in the snowed forest. Lily is my Bantha, or at least a bantha, she's very young, her true name is Elisabeth, but we call her Lily for short.

Here Flint made us a surprise, he set up a fire and gathered his droids. It's funny he added clothes on his droids. The droids don't have cold? Do you my datapad? Maybe I should take care of you more.

Anyway, he also prepared gift for Salene and for me. That's so nice, I like gifts. For me I had a flute with several pipes. I don't know very much how to play it, but I'll try. It shouldn't be harder than an alluta,. After, he showed me how to make sounds with the flute, and when I was trying to play a tune, he was telling us the story of Sappa the Hutt.

Sappa was a very very greedy hutt, and a night, a droid showed him his greediness was against his former friends, and he decided to help them so being a little bit less greedy. It was a very moving story. Nara came when it was finished, I talked her about the Hutt, and she doesn't like them very much too. As it was cold, we returned in the cantina, and I made tea as Ekevu shown me. Nara wanted honey but I couldn't find them. We tried jam instead.

Day 14 Edit

Dear Journal,
Lanya pic, Floryan

Today, I have seen a man which walked from the Tampasi. He's very brave to walk so long. we talked about monster and planets. He knows some monsters very terrible. I'll like to visit the galaxy, but I think I'm not ready yet. Also Flint gave me a droid I can colour, it's a R2 and he beeps all the time. I have to find him a name... I can't leave him with a number in his name.

When skating, I have also seen a man called Floryan, he told he will come back tomorrow to skate and he will bring cookies. I have took a picture of him and he took one of me. He also said he will bring a surprise, but cookies would be good. Salene told she will prepare to lunch, I'm starting to be hungry.

Day 15 Edit

Dear Journal,
Lanya pic, Nara

I smelt good food and I walked down. Salene was preparing the breakfast to the people, including the man which know the monsters. He didn't want to tell his name and people were a bit nervous. After she finished to prepare the soup, Salene fixed flint's mandolin and he played a tune, it was nice. Nara came and they talked about other planet and the thugs living in.

After I was walking outside to see Lily, the little Bantha, she was very cold, I tried to warm her up, but she is not so small. Flint arrived and build her a little cabin while I was looking for blankets at the med lab. I hope she will not be sick before the warm season comes back.

When back to the cantina, people were outside, skating. Riven was doing it for the first time, he didn't fell but stayed close of the edge. I was too cold to skate for having being long time outside. Salene called us for the soup, she prepared a small tent and people sat around, except Cobalt which didn't want to eat vegetables and others wanting to prepare her food. The soup was very good but it was night and I spent a lot of time outside, I dozed off when they spoke about the rangers organisation.

I woke up a bit later awoken by Qarlo's voice. I suggested him to skate as he said the snow was slowing him, but he didn't want. It's too bad it would have been fun. Nina left to the Greenhouse and I followed her with Saphie enlightening the way. We controlled the flower good being and she said she will teach me how to make potions. She made potion since she's very young, so I should be able to do it too. I'm happy to learn something to help people.

After, we returned to the soup tent, people said they didn't liked the man in black as he gave gratuitous advices but I was too tired and went back to my bed.

Day 16 Edit

Dear Journal,
Lanya pic, Za'Rick

Salene was talking about the planet is was interesting and I listened eating a fruit. After they were talking about to make a ranger training, but they trained to snow ball battle, telling it's a good training as well. After, they made a training with blaster. I was charged to be the nurse, looking for a med kit. When they finished, they were trying their guns, it's an adult leisure, the lights are pretty but it does too much noise.

Fortunately, they were only training, and after they have played I made tea for everyone for they are warm. What would they do if the children would not be here?

Day 17 Edit

Dear Journal,
Lanya pic, Irrelevant

That's it, the snow is melting, and the ground is all muddy. I have talked with the man which doesn't want to say his name, he's bizarre, he used long words. He has no home but a ship and after he said I was noisy. I was sad, but he said it wasn't bad all time time ot be noisy, so I'm less sad now. He has no home, it's too bad for him, and he doesn't like the nature very much. To comfort him I played with my alluta, and sang a sweet ferroan song.

People came around, Salene told Za to check the ice, it's still solid, but it's better to not walk on yet. Then Cobalt was going with a small group at the ugly place were Salene and Sissy were held. I wanted to come until I understood so I stayed with Salene at the cantina.

When they came back, they showed us a picture of a bizzare creature and patch of green poison everywhere. We don't know what is it. the captain took a datapad. Also Rafy was wounded, I tried to heal him but he made it alone.

At the end of the day, another big droid came by the window and he attacked Flint and Salene and Rafy too and he blasted a wall of the cantina with a lady in dark armour. It was very scary and we'll have plenty of thing to wipe. Sigh.

Day 18 Edit

Dear Journal,
Lanya pic, Desert Tauntaun

I talked with people at morning. Aga was showing us a little droid he caught. It looked like cute and suffering. They said it was the one the huge ugly thug droid told its daughter. It's hard to believe. They brought it at the med lab to heal it when I was finishing my breakfast.

After, Flint came and proposed us a trip to Tatooine to see the pod race, and we went by the hyperspace and saw the little star becoming a long trail or light and after a time we landed at night in the desert. It was still hot. We visited the arena and once one of the suns rose Flint landed a swoop from his ship and we climbed on to follow the track. It was funny, it has tunnels and valley all brown and yellow, not much vegetation but still okay. On a cliff I saw a couple of desert tauntaun looking at us and I took a picture.

After having finished the track, we climbed on the cliffs, it recalled me the mountain on Zonama Sekot. I was climbing very fast. We reached a building Flint told it was the palace of a Hutt before, but we couldn't enter. Then we get down and ride the swoop to a town and stopped at the cantina where I ordered a Jawa juice. We sit on a table and we talked with a lady called Solar. She was very nice, she told us stories about Tatooine and me about Zonama Sekot and I gave her a fruit I brought in my bag for the trip.

When we finished, we returned home by the hyperspace, but I was too tired to see the stars.

Salene sent John and Ily to another planet Dantooine for searching the library and meanwhile Zak was slicing the datapad found at Tib's lab by the captain. It was plenty of shiny light, I wonder if I don't want to be slicer when I'll grow up. John and Illy came back and gave me a holobook about medicine, that's wonderful. I will have plenty to read.

After I was changing a patch on Salene's side a flying droid showed up. Zak and Salene ran outside and Salene jumped on and she was shacked a lot as it didn't fly well. They headed to the med lab while the rangers and me followed them. Salene fell on a tree and I gave her an ointment I kept from the previous healing, she thanked me telling I'm like a mom for her and left. The rangers ran after the droid and I to the med lab.

Salene was here already with a cute child droid on her back. And Aga too, but on the med lab. The rangers came after telling the flying droid was destroyed. I was relieved. Salene brought the child droid back to the rest room when a scary huge droid came and shouted it wanted to burn everything, I was frightened and hide behind a wall. But the rangers forced him to leave, fortunately. I don't want the med lab is burned.

Day 19 Edit

Dear Journal,
Lanya pic, Sarin

I have seen the Yuuzhan Vong lady from the other day, she was talking with Aga, I was thinking she was his girlfriend but Flint told me no. We were visiting the droid child and gave her fruit. I think she prefer the red berries, because it's the colour of her eyes. She still has her leg broken, I'm eager to see her awake so we can play together.

But that doesn't have to happened well. The Evil droid showed up, Salene told me to go in the cantina which I did likely, while Ily and the black man where trying to talk him for he goes away and Salene pushed him further but he came back and hurt the dark lady with a pointy needle in her neck and plenty of blood. We brought her in the med lab and while but I hear noise in the rest room.

It was scary, The Evil droid was holding the child and Cayce and Zepp were cheering him while Flint and Raf were trying to calm them. I don't want they eat the child droid, but they left with him, I'm very worried. They also shot on Flint, but he's good, It's so terrible. Nina said they could want to kidnap me, but not to feed the evil droid. I ran in my room to hide and write on you.

Day 20 Edit

Dear Journal,
Lanya pic, Zak

On the morning I was going with Zak to see Lily. I was on the back of his bike and I took a picture before we left. I was bring her, Lily a bottle of water I brought from the Tatooine planet, this is the mummy planet of Lily. She liked it but as she was near the pond to drink she wasn't very thirsty. I stayed with Lily and Zak returned after he asked me if I had a comlink but I had the come Sissy gave me in my bag. I talked with Lily long time about what happens.

When I returned at the cantina Salene was playing with a suitcase, she pressed a button and the shiny number started to count and another and it stopped, then she left saying we'll not need a comlink to know something got wrong. People made a bizarre face. But she came back with a smile.

After I saw Shiguri aiming Riven with a blaster. Shiguri is the black lady but she's no more black but white now. I was scared, but Riven told me it was a training he wanted to test if she can think, he explained me. And after he told me a story at the Cantina. it was about a tribe of green giants brothers playing foodball with blood... I mean bloodball with food. then wanted to win, but they couldn't until their brother bob explained them. It was very interesting.

Then Cayce came but she only wanted a fight, it was not good at all, she provoked Riven and he was preparing his armour, then he went. I hope he's well. I went after with Nina to the little house to rest.

Day 21 Edit

Dear Journal,
Lanya pic, Prince Steve

After awakening, i headed to the cantina, and talked with Lilly on the way, also I picked flowers for doing another necklace for Riven for he heals better. I told Flint and Salene what happened and the black man tell it too. Aga was angry about Cayce also.

A group with a clone and a white furred Tallz approached, Salene knew the clone which is captain, she said his friend was a prince and I asked them to take a picture because he looked like cute even if he's tall. He doesn't talk Ferroan or Basic, but the captain explained us he was called Steve, he was very nice with me, I offered him the necklace flower I had on my neck for he make a bracelet, and he taped on my head gently. I was happy, it's the first prince I see, even if I didn't imagined them like that.

Cayce arrived after he left, I was a bit scared, but stayed with Esper so I was ok. She reconciliated with Salene and Flint and Nina and apologised about Riven and she said she didn't liked the evil droid anymore.

When they were reconciling, the child droid was coming, I saw her and I was trying to befriend with her. She didn't understood very well, but she's so cute. She was walking Sqweelee in her hach and made her a little nest with grass, but she left when she saw me. I gave her my jawa plushie, Mister Jawa, but she didn't know how to play with. I tried to show her how to jump with a rope, but she didn't do it. Maybe she's too small.

As she didn't talked Cayce gave her a Basic Vocabulator, and she asked plenty of questions, but she had still her legs wounded and Qarlo brought her to the med lab and teach her knowledge how to not misbehave. Then she rested after and i was visiting Riven to change his flowers, as he was awakening, I prepared him a tray with a breakfast and his flower necklace, he was so happy he stood. I knew the flower were good for healing.

Day 22 Edit

Dear Journal,
Lanya pic, John

Salene installed droid detectors at the cantina and Flint tested them on his droids, so it was a bit noisy. When they were playing, a little girl called Lya came. She's 13, almost a big girl, taller than me, and even than Salene. She is very shy, she comes from the Coruscant planet and was chased by thugs there. She's not used to Zonama Sekot. She doesn't have never seen a bantha before and though Lily was a monster. I showed her my room, she was so very tired, I gave her my plushies for she fills better. I'll have to prepare her a flower necklace for the she feels happier.

Nina saw a fight on the bridge and Aga told he saw Ford, but I felt safer to stay back until I was alone and I tried to find other people but once there told me to leave, because it was dangerous. So I left, and wait anxiously everything was good. John and some other joined me, I took a picture of him, but it was so late I was going to my bed, trying to find a little place aside of Lya.

Day 23 Edit

Dear Journal,
Lanya pic, Shiguri

Vortav is coming back, he was visiting Zonama Sekot on Pita, he's very lucky, I hope he'll have the time for telling me what he saw, but he was exhausted by his travel... I think.

John showed me how to use a broom, it's not difficult, I had seen my parent done when the cleaning biot was sick. It's funny, but a bit repetitive. Cayce passed when I was wiping the library but she was too fast for I propose to play with us.

I have also played with Sarin, the child cyborg, it's not a droid but a cyborg. She asked me what are the hair for, but Shigu and Hollie told it was to be pulled, it's not true. I have looked in you, but it's not written. So what are the hair for?

I have taken a picture of Shigu and I write this lines while she's talking with Salene. Shigu was a soldier since my age, it's amazing. I'll like to help people, but not be a soldier.

Day 24 Edit

Dear Journal,
Lanya pic, Nara2

Today, I have sailed a ship with Nara and Flint, we make the tour of the Lake on a boat, I like the boat, even if I don't feel very very comfortable because it's swaying. I was waving at the gulls even if Nara don't like the gulls too much. Salene was waiting for us at the pier and she told Faa was going here in holidays because it is snowing on her planet and she has very cold. They said the jedi may play with the weather too much. I'm warring of the Jedi.

The night fell and Flint showed us the sky, he told to make a wish if we see a shooting star. I saw one, and I make a wish, I hope very much it will realise but if tell it it wont, so I will not take the risk telling it to you. Nara told she could take me for her business, it can be fun, I'm sure I can do a lot of things useful. She brought crystal as present to Salene, and she told me I could have the one she doesn't need for doing necklaces.

Zak came from his patrol and told us the evil droid was in the med lab, but in part, I prefer that. They were going to see it, but it was too late, and I don't have a special envy to see it, it's too scary.

Day 25 Edit

Dear Journal,
Lanya pic, Flint

Today, I has searched Faa in the jungle, I have asked Lily, but she only replaied "Mooaa". It's too bad I don't speak the bantha. I headed at the beach where Flint and Salene were working on droids, I took a picture of Flint when he was resting.

We saw Sarin on the shore and used Flint's swoop to come back. Sarin was sad because she understood his daddy was not good. She doesn't know if she wants to see him again, and she's sad also become people wary of her. I tried to comfort her and teaching her what is music while she was talking me about hydrogen. I wanted to make her a flower necklace, but she doesn't know her favourite colour. I hope she will think about that, it's important.

Raf looked like in low health, but I was busy with Sarin to take care of him and Freemont was doing it. Also Leysha came back, but Salene was sad i don't know why. I tried to make them funny faces to comfort them, but it doesn't have worked very well.

Day 26 Edit

Dear Journal,
Lanya pic, Nina and Meggy

I have prepared a blue flower necklace for Sarin, but her head is so big, she can only wear wear it as headband. I explained her how to dance. But she is very worried about her daddy and also because she think people don't like them. I promised to do my best for she feels better.

After she left, I was fishing, I caught 3 good fishes and put them in a bucket. After, I was to the cantina and I have seen the rodian of the other days, but later they told me he was a thug, I didn't know, I would never approached him if I knew.

After Sarin awake again, she was going to see her daddy, but it was to scary for me, so I talked with Riven and the Captain. People came in and talked about the evil droid escaped again, I was very worried for Sarin, he would have kidnaped her, but she came back in good health. She talked with Salene and Zak but she was a bit rude, I wouldn't like she'll be scolded, but she wasn't.

Sarin told she'll ask her dad if he can do something to Sissy, but Zak told she was awakening. That's good the shooting star worked. Nina visited us with Meggy, the cyborg eel of her sister, and they played with Sarin a lot. It was funny and I took a picture of them.

Day 27 Edit

Dear Journal,
Lanya pic, Rodian

I'm sad because Sarin may not stay, she was a bit rude with the adults and they don't like her anymore. She say she will hide, she could hide in my room if she needs, but she said she has another hideout. She tried to sing me a song but it was a sad song and i think she's angry with me now.

I talked to Flint and he said he will try to talk her calmly to sort it, I hope everything will be good. We have also seen the thug rodian, but we didn't say him he was a thug, he looks like a bit bizarre, but still ok. I went at the library to help John with the broom, and he come back after, he said Salene and Flint are not good, but it's not true, I'm sure he's a very thug. I took a picture of him when he was not looking at me.

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