Larfleeze Okaara is a Mandalorian Warrior of Munit'kad Aliit in SWRP on SL.


Larfleeze was born on Zeltros to Zeltron parents. He lived a normal life of parties and clubs on Zeltros like most people of the world. But after a bad spice trip one night, he made some bad decisions that particualarly involved the daughter of a very powerful gang boss on Zeltros. Larfleeze was taken from a party by thugs on the night of his eighteenth birthday and beaten nearly to death, only surviving because of a thug forgetting to check for a pulse after Larfleeze stopped moving.

He was found beaten and bloodied in an alleyway by a wandering out of armor mandalorian named Alexia Okaara who had been at one of the clubs. She took him to the nearest hospital and watched over him throughout his recovery, eventually adopting him. After his recovery he accompanied Alexia offworld to her clan on mandalore.

It was during his time on Mandalore that Larfleeze joined up with a Mandalrian clan known as Munit'kad.

Behind the ScenesEdit

Larfleeze is based on Larfleeze the Orange Lantern from the DC Universe, he also wears an orange Lantern ring on his right hand.