"I'm a fighter. I've always been a fighter. The few times when I have been at leisure, I've been miserable. I want challenges, I crave them."

Mara Jade Skywalker

Laura Is a woman born on Dantooine, the daughter of Blade Kamala and Lavender. She has a twin sister named Melody. They both are very different in personality but get along to the point of inseparable.

Since childhood, Laura, wanted to follow in the footsteps of her father ven knowing what happened to her mother and brother. This desire came to drag her sister Melody.

Student and PadawanEdit

To enter the Jedi Order, Melody and Laura had to go through a stage as students, at this stage as students concentrated to a student who had come from Coruscant called Aura Silver. They became great friends.

Over time, Melody was taken as a Padawan for a knight Called Dardiel Spad, Aura and Laura were taken for her father, Blade.

Aura and Laura was very different as Laura's sister and her. Laura was brave and restless; Aura was adventurous and quiet.

When in training Aura and Laura about to end, Melody had to go on a mission.

Knight , Times hards and DarksEdit

Shortly after Laura and Aura graduated, the nightsister broke the alliance with DJE. This led to DJE members left the order, including also a Aura. Being a big sad for Laura, but she knew his true path is with the Lightside.

Were large dark times, the old group of friends called "the family" Dantooine was disappearing with very few members on Dantooine, remaining new members.

Melody returned to his great journey and father both take it as a Padawan and soon she too was changed in Knight.

Laura met a young student, he was very smart and laura choose take as her padawan, his name was Marcos. Soon he also graduated, name him as DJE Jedi knight and Laura is Name Master of DJE.


Laura Mastered

Laura Mastered


Padawan in TrainingEdit

Starshine NagyEdit

Starshine Nagy, she is my padawan, she is very smart has many talents, she has a peculiar vision of all. I know she may be good in whatever path she chooses. But I can see his real side is with the light.



Padawan Syn

Syn, She is my padawan , although she began as Sir Revan's Padawan,but some problems, he could'nt continue her training. Syn really is pure of heart and may be very stubborn , but She really her very loyal to her beliefs and has a very strong personality that will help her in her jedi life. I often have felt like to kill her when we discuss , but I learned to look at her and somehow to be proud of her , becouse she change a lot and change to good way , I know that in time will be very good sentinel , knight and sister to all my family on DJE ... I never regret having been your master.

Former PadawansEdit

Marcos SnowfieldEdit

Marcos Snowfield, he is my first padawan, to me is like a little brother, he is very skilled with the lightsaber, and a good leader. I will never forget. His heart is pure, is a great Jedi. But long ago he was on a mission and never returned.

Magno InglewoodEdit

Sir Magno
Magno Inglewood, he is my padawan, he has great patience, is very intelligent and a great consular to DJE. I am very proud of him because he has not had an easy path and although it is often tempted by the dark side, he knows the true side of the force, I Dont now More of he is missing.

Dacen BalcoEdit

Laura and Dacen

Laura And Dacen

Dacen Balco, He is my padawan Now is Jedi Knight , Dacen is very skilled in Lightsaber , Ships and knowledge i know that him will make me very proud in a near future.He has the ability to be a good sentinel, strong and brave as a guardian as at the same time is peaceful and diplomatic as a Consular with a bit mystery that characterizes in the sentinels . Dacen was full of curiosities like everyone else in training with desire to know more while always will show you a smile...Yes , i am sure, he will be a great Jedi that protec the galaxy against unfair. Dacen in this moments is a great Jedi Knight I am proud of him every day for having the honor of been him master.