Few know this man by his real name. When he first appeared he was known only as the White Warrior. Through the years he infiltrated different organizations and becoming known by different names. Now he is commonly known as Shock Trooper Star I7002. But whether you know him as Leggo, Star, or Ulrek Eri, this is the story of the man behind the mask.


Leggo's early years were spent aboard a starship. As an infant, a droid cared for him and nurtured him. Through the years, Leggo learned the ship's control systems and educated himself by studying the ship's data logs. He learned his name was Leggo Silverstar and that his parents had been very wealthy, very intelligent, and extremely powerful in the Force. Near the time of his birth his father had been working on medical way to increase one's midichlorian count. Sadly, his experiment failed and resulted instead in a very deadly virus that targeted midichlorians. To save the galaxy and prevent an outbreak, his parents jumped into hyperspace to isolate their ship and locked their only son in a barometric chamber until they could erradicate the disease. As Leggo grew older he was able to learn enough about the ship to drop out of hyperspace and find a nearby planet. He was eight years old. The planet he found was home to a group of monks who looked after him and attempted to help him learn more about his origins. While there the monks were able to determine that he had no midichlorians at all. Whether his father had found a way to purge his son's body of midichlorians to save him from the disease or if this was some unknown side effect of extended hyperspace travel Leggo will never know, but he would never have the connection to the Force that his parents had. After spending a couple of years with them, Leggo felt it was time to find his way home. Climbing aboard his parent's ship he attempted to turn it in the opposite direction as best as he could before making the jump to lightspeed for the long journey home. He spent the next seven years studying extensively everything contained in the ship's archives as well as training his body in the different forms of combat he found recorded. In the seventh year of his travels, before completing his journey, the craft was pulled violently from lightspeed by a gravity well. Leggo fought to regain control of the ship but was unable to do so. The ship crash landed in the oceans of Naboo. Leggo managed to escape the wreckage before it was lost to the depths, but was left with nothing in a strange new world.

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Ulrek Eri

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I-7002 "Star"


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I-7001 "Star"

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