Levels and ranks, in roleplay, are progression indicators of a character during the game. On SWRP, they mostly affect the combat abilities through the Combat System. Some sims recognize ranks while some other doesn't. Rank earned on a sim may also not be recognized on other sims.

The means used to increase the character levels are many and are different from a system to another. System used one of many of the following methods:

  • Per time spent on the roleplay area. This can induce level camping, which can be allowed or not according the sim rules.
  • Working on their character development if noticed by a GM.
  • Supporting the sim or the used system.
  • Awarded by other players' votes.
  • Awarded by a more advanced player or by a GM.

Controversy Edit

No general consensus exists about the benefit of levelling systems on SWRP.

The earning methods are a way the sim staff to indicate what they would like the players do, but they can be perceived discretionary or tricked, partly due to the scripting limitations on Second Life.

If levelling systems emulate the character progression through their live, they almost exclusively focus on improving the metered combat skills

The players using another non-compatible system or no system at all and the newcomers are not encouraged to interact with this sim veterans, even if limiting the numbers of outsiders may be a desired effect on some sims.

Also, they add an extra level of management for sim staff.

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