Lewis Daehlie is a human being who is well-trained in the force and who has become associated with a number of groups and individuals through the course of his lifetime. More often than not, he emerges as a mercurial character who possesses no real consistency in his behaviour, actions and principles. He is believed to have taken on a number of identities and aliases throughout his life, the most prominent being Luc Adler. This repeated adoption of alternative identities has often led to repeated claims that he was actually dead and these various claims have been believed and rubbished to differing degrees.

Biography Edit

Early life Edit

The Beginning Edit

"We forge this city in the heat of twin suns, in memory of our forefathers, in honor of our living clans, and in hope for our children yet unborn"

-―Historical marker in Mos Espa (translated from [Rodese])

He was the first-born son to a young, married couple who resided in Mos Espa, Tatooine in the year of 187 ABY. The city had been free from the control of crime lord, Jabba the Hutt, since the start of the initial Imperial takeover and since then had become a bustling, law abiding, center of trade on the planet. But, behind each successful town or city, there are the working men who toil and sweat to make their living, and often, in the little spare time they have, these men drink. Their work and their drinking however cannot justify many of their actions.

Lewis' father was one of these working men, and his mother was that working man's wife. Their names were Mattias and Lena. Mattias, enjoyed a drink, it helped him relax, and occasionally forget. In his drunkenness he would beat Lewis' mother and all he could do was cower in the corner. This was the essence of family life for a time that seemed eternal to Lewis.

There came a day not long after Lewis' third birthday when he could look away no more, he decided that he would stop his father's abuse of his wife. He took a heavy knife (at least heavy to him) in his hand and taking a stance behind his father - who punched mercilessly at his wife - and thrust it into the small of his back. His father arched his back and howled in pain. Lewis jumped back, leaving the cold blade embedded in his father's flesh. His mother looked up and opened her eyes that had been shut tight beforehand, wondering what had been the reason for the halt in her beating. She seen Mattias wrench the knife from his back as he wept and behind him she seen Lewis peering out from under a table. "Go! Go now!" Mattias ordered them both, his voice wavering. Lena stood without hesitation and blinked away the tears which filled her eyes. She made her way to her bedroom, Lewis scuttled in after her. The thing he remembers most clearly about that day is what she said to him there in that bedroom. "Thank you son, you've shown courage but.. what you did was wrong, violence doesn't make things right." At that time, he could not properly comprehend those words, but he would never forget them. His mother sobbed as she packed their bags, constantly wiping tears from her eyes. They left the house and made straight for the Shuttleport, without turning back. Lewis' mother gripped his hand tight, with her chin held high, blinking back her tears while he had his head low watching the little dust clouds kicked up by his feet.

The New Beginning / The Bitter End Edit

Mos Espa itself was a busy enough place, but that could never have prepared Lewis for what he found in Mos Eisley. He was both intrigued by and wary of the bustling city. His mother had found them a house. It was smaller than the one they had in Mos Espa, but "That's just the way things are now" his mother explained to him. The credits which she had were running low, and so, she went out to look for a job. Work for women with kids was thin on the ground it has to be said, but, she did manage to find a job. She became a dancer at one of the many Cantinas around Mos Eisley. It wasn't what she, or Lewis would ever want. But, it payed.

Lewis had made friends around his local neighbourhood and could often be seen playing with them and in general being mischievous. There came a day, when Lewis at the age of eleven, just couldn't find his mother. She hadn't come home when she did usually. This had happened a few times before, but, not often. Lewis climbed into bed, his worry invading his dreams.

Lewis awoke in the middle of the night to the sound of his mother's weak voice. She stood there by his bedside speaking his name over and over. He looked at her. She was pale and her clothes were blood soaked and torn. Lewis could almost feel her life draining away. Nevertheless, he leapt from his bed and tried his best to halt the blood flowing from her countless wounds. He did all he could, but what he was able to do was just not enough. His mother died that in night on the cold floor of their small home from the sheer loss of blood she had experienced and Lewis was now completely alone.

Lewis left his home, with his mother's dead body inside. He just couldn't bring himself to touch her and he certainly couldn't stay there. He had taken what he could carry from the home: Food, Clothing and a Holo-image of him and his mother. When he was ready, he just set off into the night - without a word to anyone.

Underworld of Mos Eisley Edit

Debts Edit

It didn't take long for Lewis' food to run out and so eventually he was left with no choice but to steal. He mainly stole food, but occasionally he'd steal other things of value that he could sell to make money for food. Soon, he became an adept pickpocket and burglar and by the age of thirteen he could be near invisible under the cover of darkness.

But, he had become too cocksure and arrogant. On one of his daily rounds of the market he tried to pickpocket one particularly handsomely dressed man. The man noticed, and so did his two bodyguards. Lewis was dragged kicking and screaming down a back alley and was beaten to within an inch of his life.

He awoke four days later in the cellar of a large lavish house in the centre of the city, free of injury and illness save the odd dark purple bruise. Standing at the bottom of the bed in which he had found himself was the man whom he'd tried to pickpocket. Lewis flinched at the sight of him after his last moments of consciousness played out in his head like a holovid. The man introduced himself as Tark Androles and the leader of a successful organisation that specialised in 'Very hard to come by things'. Tark told Lewis that the only reason he hadn't been killed was because Tark wanted him to be indebted to him, this being of far more value to Tark. To pay this debt back, Lewis would have to work for Tark, doing whatever jobs he should be asked to. Lewis had no choice but to agree and certainly wasn't going to knock down an offer from a man like Tark who radiated power and menace, this meant running wasn't much of an option either.

What Lewis found strange, was that he was doing much the same thing he had done when he was a street urchin. He was fed, watered and lodged while he undertook his duties and he had soon forgotten the circumstances that had introduced him to Tark and his newest form of employment.

The ChampionEdit

Now aged sixteen he had soon grown to become tall and strong, with a striking resemblance to the man in the picture his mother had kept: his grandfather. Tark one day offered Lewis the chance to take part in a city-wide event that was taking place. It was to be held in the centre of the city and hosted by the local hutt. All sorts of men, women and other races would be taking part, all chasing the grand prize of two hundred and fifty thousand galactic credits - payment enough to break his bond to Tark and then some, noted Lewis.

Lewis was given an exemption from the early stages on account of the sponsorship money that Tark had paid, as well as a few other discreet payments he made that day. While the no-hopers, chancers and less well-funded contestants battled it out, Lewis concentrated on relaxing himself as he had made a habit of doing. At this point he was unaware, but he had been practising a rough form of breathing exercise and meditation, allowing the buds of force sensitivity within him to bloom but only so that they existed on the edge of his consciousness - that was, up until this day. He cruised through his adversaries with relative ease, his battles peppered with only the odd dance with death until he came to find himself in the final, somehow alive and by and large unhurt. But, Lewis felt he'd had more than his fair share of luck up until that point and that in terms of the staying alive stakes, his fortunes seemed unreliable. Normally, this wouldn't have crossed his mind but these were quite the extraordinary set of circumstances. The adversary stood before him stood a whole head and shoulders higher - possibly even a few more inches. Before Lewis, stood a Wookie: Black matted hair, yellowed teeth and bloodied claws as well as a slave collar. It was a sight that at once inspired fear and pity in Lewis. Here was a being that could rip him to shreds with one fell swoop of it's muscle-rippled arm but one that would shame and disgrace itself in doing so, losing all of its grace, honour and pride but it had no choice.

The fight between them both was as close as any that had come before or would ever come after the event but ultimately Lewis was declared the victor. What clinched it was a matter of great debate amongst the spectators who had attended. All agreed that a magnificent blue light was emitted from Lewis' hands, while at the same time the Wookie was propelled backwards and crippled against the arena's cold, hard stoney ring. It was the source and cause for this that was argued. Some claimed it was a concealed weapon, others who were less savvy but surprisingly nearer the mark suggested a magic of some form. Unbeknownst to those assembled and even to Lewis, there was a force user in their midst. In his mind however, all that mattered was that he felt blood on his hands for the murder of a creature which, contrary to the stories he'd heard, he believed should never have been reduced to a pitiful circus act like this. Regardless, he had his battle wounds to remind him of his crime, as well as his victor's cash reward.

Emancipation Edit

Having already whittled away a portion of his debt, the bounty earned from the competition would be more than enough to see the balance paid. Tark was often domineering, controlling and greedy but he was a man of his word. Despite his desire to retain Lewis' services, especially since the glory he had brought him, he recognised the settling of the debt by Lewis and allowed him to go free.

Freedom's Fruit Edit

Leaving Home Edit

Despite Tark offering him employment with a healthy wage, Lewis was not to remain on Tatooine. Having pocketed a small portion of the winnings left to him by Tark, Lewis soon found himself aboard an old clunker of a vessel that was making its way to Coruscant. On account of the cheap fare he had paid the skipper, Lewis was not surprised at the company he was forced to keep on the ship. Deathsticks littered every corner and the harlots and vagabonds who populated the passenger deck lay amongst them carelessly. The stench that lingered malariously put Lewis in mind of the smell that would at times cling to his mothers clothes when she returned later than usual from her work. He refused in his mind to make any connection and instead spent his time avoiding the eyes that peered from shadow-casting hoods.